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Flea Facts

Flea Facts: Although it can seem overwhelming when trying to rid of fleas, you can do it successfully by knowing these flea facts and treating your pets, your home, and your outdoor environment at the same time. Fleas can travel quickly. Fleas can jump 4 – 5 feet horizontally due to having...

Should I give my dog rawhide bones?

Should I Give My Dog Rawhide Bones?

Rawhide Bones It makes sense that rawhide bones are such a popular dog chew. Dogs enjoy chewing them, and they can last for hours, keeping your dog busy and occupied. But the problem with rawhide bones is their toxicity and the effect these toxins can have on your dog’s health.  Once...

Why Do Dogs have Fleas ?

There are many reasons dogs have fleas.  But knowing how and why these pesky creatures bother your precious pup may help you to prevent it from happening in the first place. Photo Credit: Ikayama via Compfight cc Encounters with other animals: Dogs often become infested with fleas when they come in touch...

Probiotics for Pets’ Digestion

  Does your pet have digestion problems, diarrhea, skin problems, food intolerances, or other chronic health problems? Supplement with a high quality pet probiotic to restore your pet’s healthy gut, and chances are you’ll improve your pet’s health. A probiotic, sometimes referred to as good or friendly bacteria, is a microorganism...

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