If you are tired of the smell that emanates from your dog, you are not alone. Dogs which have a thicker coat have a tendency to smell bad. Often careful washing and scrubbing may not lead to a complete cure for foul smells. If you are wondering how to get fleas off your dog, then read on. You do not have to give your dog a complete bath to make it look tidy and clean.

1. Try cleaning your dog with a baby wipe. Baby wipes are very well scented and have anti bacterial properties that can also be very good for your dog. Each of these very thick wipes contain a high quantity of moisture and conditioners that cure skin of rashes and itching. Cleansers and deodorizers keep a dog’s skin breathing easily. Also, baby wipes help to keep your dog’s back and paws clean as well. If you want your dog to smell good and keep tidy, use a baby wipe to freshen it up.

Photo Credit: Finger Food via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Finger Food via Compfight cc

2. You can clean the insides of your dog’s ears just in case they have a foul odor.  Mineral oil can be used with a dripper to get the wax and dirt out6 of your dog’s ear.s Be careful when you clean the lobes of the ears. Dogs have very sensitive ears, so you have to be watchful of the ear mites that typically cause bad odor in dogs.

3. Include plenty of vegetables and fruit to your dog’s diet. There are many dog friendly vegetables and fruit that enhance a dog’s health. Initially, many dogs may not eat the vegetables and fruit, but gradually they develop a taste for them. A good mixture of foods in the diet is actually good for warding off foul smells in dogs, and it helps to keep them tidy and clean.

4. Applying corn starch and baking soda are very good for curing dry skin in dogs. Cornstarch can be generously sprinkled in the affected areas and will result in less itching in dogs. You can sprinkle the powders in the dog’s coat and then brush well. This works as a dry shampoo and cleans your dog fully.

5. You can also use lavender as a body deodorizer that keeps your dog healthy and smelling fresh. You can mix lavender along with a few drops of vinegar and water. Spray this mixture on the dog’s body and keep the dog smelling wonderful naturally.

6. Maintain a good brushing routine more than 5 times a day. Your dog needs to be brushed well with a long comb almost 4 to 5 times a day, everyday.

7. Clean your dog’s bedding as many times as possible during the week. Dogs love to roll in the outdoors and then enter the home. By cleaning the bedding, you’re ensuring that your dog’s environment is kept spotlessly clean as much as possible.

Photo Credit: .melanie via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: .melanie via Compfight cc

8. It is always best to brush your dog’s teeth as many times as possible. A lot of plaque builds up on the gums of the dog’s mouth and that can cause problems for the overall health of your dog. Use dog toothpaste whenever possible to brush your dog’s teeth. This is an excellent  way to start good dog dental hygiene.

9. Try dusting a dog’s coat whenever possible. Make this into a habit whenever you and your dog are together.

10. Finally, give your dog a bath.  But place a rubber mat on the bath or shower floor so that your dog does not slip on any slick surfaces.  Baths are good for dogs.  Just remember to be careful about the bath products you use to ensure your dog is kept clean and tidy for a long period of time.

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