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BioPreparation for Pets – the key to their health…

BioPreparation F2+ and F3+“Both my cat and I feel 100% better, stronger, happier, more
focused, and HEALTHIER than EVER. My 16-year-old cat
now acts and feels like a kitten again!”
— Signe D., Colorado, USA

BioPreparation is a unique combination of microalgae (microscopic species found in freshwater sources) that contains an abundance of incredible nutrients. After conducting extensive research for over 13 years and testing it on more than 20 animal species, scientists in the former Soviet Union discovered that BioPreparation can help regulate the body’s hormone system, which is crucial for any species’ overall health, especially your pet’s. With over 5,000 various nutrients in each capsule, BioPreparation is a natural vitamin powerhouse. It has even proven to be a lifesaver for pets when veterinarians were unable to identify the cause of their illnesses.

So why should I give BioPreparation to my pet?

Our animals mean the WORLD to us. If our pet’s body is under stress and not functioning properly, dis-ease occurs.  This results in an array of symptoms, from fatigue, scratching and itching, digestive problems, etc.  The longer the dis-ease remains in the body, the more serious health issues become, such as liver and kidney disease, cardiac problems, cancerous tumors, etc.

By giving your pets the full nutrition they need, they can live longer, healthier lives.  And this provides us with the comfort of knowing they’re living to their full potential.  BioPreparation provides all the nutrition needed for optimum health.  Just one capsule provides thousands of powerful vitamins and nutrients that can improve and sustain your animal’s health. It can help with joint health, immune health, hormone regulation, and so many other functions of the body that need to be operating at peak health each day. So, the next time you see your dog moping around the house and taking those big sighs we’re all familiar with, consider a quick, natural fix with BioPreparation.

And after reading this e-book, you’ll understand why all of our pets need BioPreparation:  Awakening The Genius Within.  This e-book tells  the incredible story of Dr. Michael Kiriac, the formulator of these extraordinary supplements.  After the Chernobyl incident in the USSR which led to so many deaths, including the death of his child and many loved ones, Dr. Kiriac spent years of research developing a formula that would bring back health and vitality to both people and animals.  (You can read more about Dr. Kiriac below.)

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Ingredients in BioPreparation – All the Nutrition Your Pet Needs

• Spirulina – both Spirulina Pacifica Microalgae and Spirulina Platensis Microalgae
• Dunaliella Salina
• Astaxanthin – Haematococcus Pluvialis Microalgae

The combination of these 3 ingredients provide:

• Vitamins A, B complex (with B12), C, D, E, & K
• Essential fatty acids (Omega 3, 6, and 9), and GLA*
• All essential minerals and 92 trace elements*
• Complete proteins with over 20 amino acids*
• Superior antioxidant power hundreds of times more powerful than beta-carotene in
carrots, vitamin E, or C*
• Thousands of enzymes – nature’s powerful digestive and metabolic agents*
• 100% natural. No pesticides or preservatives*

So you may be wondering…

What’s the difference between BioSuperfood and BioPreparation?

You may have heard of BioSuperfood as it has become a well known supplement that humans take.  Basically, there’s no difference between  BioSuperfood and BioPreparation as they both contain the four most nutritious algae on the planet. The only thing that sets them apart is that BioPreparation is freeze-dried at a lower temperature to make the powder finer, which is perfect for smaller animals with shorter digestive tracts, like  dogs, and cats. Whereas BioSuperfood is for animals with longer digestive tracts, such as humans, cattle, horses, and goats. But don’t worry, BioSuperfood and BioPreparation can be enjoyed by animals both big and small.   You would just give BioSuperfood to your human family members (including yourself!) and to your bigger fur babies, such as horses, goats, etc.  But for your smaller babies, it’s best to give BioPreparation.

For more information, please check out our BioSuperfood page or reach out to us directly!

Optimal Health – The Difference Between BioPreparation F2+ and F3+

BioPreparation F2+  (60 capsules per bottle):

BioPreparation F2+ - an exclusive blend of micro-algae that hold extraordinary nutritional properties.

BioPreparation F2+ is a rejuvenating concentration of nature’s best nutrients and phytonutrients.
F2+ is formulated for fairly healthy animals.  It supports health protection and maintenance.

• Provides daily essential nutrients*
• Immune system support*
• A great source of antioxidants*
• May maximize absorption of nutrients*
• Supports energy and promotes calmness*

(For cats and dogs, a pinch to 3 capsules daily**)

BioPreparation F3+  (60 capsules per bottle):

BioPreparation F3+ is formulated for pets with serious health issues.  It contains nature’s most powerfulBioPreparation F3+ is an exclusive blend of micro-algae that hold extraordinary nutritional properties.
blend of antioxidants
and supports greater protection and regeneration.

• Supports immunity toxin shield*
• Supports rejuvenation and repair*
• Promotes strength and vitality*
• A great source of antioxidants*
• May maximize absorption of nutrients*
• Liver and kidney support*

(For cats and dogs, a pinch to 3 capsules daily**)

How to Give BioPreparation to Your Pets:

Most pets find the algae highly palatable.  Twist open the capsules and the powder inside can be mixed in water or wet foods.  Or you can give it in capsule form.   The best way to support an animal is to give small amounts frequently throughout the day. While this may not always be possible, do the best you can for optimum results.  Also, at least split the daily intake into two feedings.  Always be sure that your pet has plenty of pure clean water available too! This will help flush out and carry toxins away from the body, as well as supply good hydration which is critical for good health.

Always remember that the best way to give BioPreparation to your pet is to introduce it slowly, and give it in small increments, at least 2-3 times/daily, rather than all at once.  AND remember that  it is better to get some BioPreparation into your pet rather than none at all.

Let your pet’s body be your guide and watch for signs of digestive upset or other indications that you have reached a “tipping point” for your animal.  C


Cats & Small Dogs (up to 25 lbs.):

Start cats and small dogs with just a pinch to ¼ -capsule twice daily for the first week or so. After that, we recommend gradually increasing the frequency of this portion to 2 to 4 times daily and, depending on the overall health of the animal and how s/he is responding, possibly up to 6 times daily. If an animal is otherwise young and healthy, ¼ – 1/3-capsule given 2-3 times daily would be the average for maintenance of optimal results.


Medium to Large Dogs:

Start medium to large dogs out with just ¼ or ½ capsule twice daily for the first week or so.  After that, gradually increase the frequency of this portion to 2 to 4 times daily and, depending on the overall health of the dog and how s/he is responding, possibly up to 6 times daily. If the animal is otherwise young and healthy, 1 capsule given 2-3 times daily would be the average for maintenance of optimal results.

In general, younger, healthy animals with no acute or chronic health concerns or toxicity exposure should do well with a healthy diet & lifestyle and the addition of F2+ to their daily regimen.


For Sick, Debilitated and/or Senior Pets:

For senior animals and/or those with various manifestations of dis-ease, F3+ may be the better choice in many cases. There are cases, however, when it may be best to START on F2+ and gradually transition to F3+ once the body has become acclimated to BAC. Animals with high blood pressure, thyroid, cardiac, and some other fragile health issues may fall into this category.

In cases of debilitated health and/or advanced dis-ease, F3+ might be the better choice, and it may be advisable to accelerate the intake to the animal’s tolerance.  Remember, frequency trumps quantity, so for optimal results, give smaller intakes more frequently throughout the day.

Intake recommendations and duration of program may vary, depending on circumstances and the unique biochemistry of each animal. Degenerative conditions that took several months or years to manifest into symptoms will require a minimum of 6 months on the initial program suggested.  Following that period, we recommend a lifetime commitment to a healthy diet and lifestyle supported by a reduced maintenance regimen of BioPreparation  consumption. We suggest that the body is the “doctor” and will do everything possible to get and stay healthy when provided with the proper “fuel”.

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The Incredible History of How Dr. Kiriak’s Success in Chernobyl Led to the

In 1986, I still remember hearing the news about the horrific explosion about the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in the Ukraine. One of the most devastating nuclear incidents in history, it is one of only two nuclear energy accidents classified as a Level 7 event.  (The other one was the 2011
Fukushima explosion in Japan.)  Moldovan scientist, Dr. Michael Kiriac, lived just 300 miles (483 km) away from the explosion at the time.

Dr. Kiriak’s work and research were motivated by the cancer-related deaths of many of his own family members, including both of his parents,
and his own infant son. Kiriac then decided to devote his life to finding and applying natural and supplemental nutrition as a solution to overall health and vitality, as well as the prevention of diseases such as cancer.

Through the success of his findings and creations, he came to gain a plethora of accolades with his native country’s Academy of Science. His findings? Dr. Kiriak discovered the use of algae to treat cancers and other diseases in livestock. Particularly, his ability to achieve 100% healing and eradication of Marek disease, a cancer that was ravaging his country’s poultry population at the time of his research. Which is, obviously, no easy feat!

Kiriac was summoned to nearby Belarus to determine whether he could use his proven success with animals to help a population that was experiencing intense suffering.  Belarus had received 70% of the radioactive fallout from the Chernobyl explosion.  It was found that, “More than 160,000 children and 146,000 cleanup workers were victims of radiation poisoning that resulted in birth defects, leukemia, cancer, thyroid disease, degeneration of spinal fluids, liver, and bone marrow, as well as anemia, loss of vision and appetite, and severely compromised immunity.”

In reaction to this, Kiriac administered bio-algae concentrates (what became known as BioSuperfood) in therapeutic doses to adults and children suffering from radiation exposure. Several health improvements were noted:

• Dangerously low white blood cell counts were corrected and healed in less than 20 days.  This lead to rapid improvements in the health of treated
children compared to others who did not receive BioPreparation or BioSuperfood.

• Regeneration of bone marrow, spinal fluids, blood, and the liver.

• More than 40% reduction in urine radioactivity levels in less than 20 days.

Incredibly, there was complete health restoration, even when the disease in children had become so advanced that their eyeballs were bulging out of their sockets.

It is important to note that the healing co-occurred during the continuous presence of radiation in the area, as well as an abundance of contaminated food and water sources.

Dr. Kiriac continued to help animals wherever disease and devastation was occurring.  One of his many triumphs was between 1989 – 1990.  Mink and Northern fox farms had epidemics of various cancers in Northern Russia.  Dr. Kiriac and his team added the microalgae to the minks’ diet, and within a year the cancers subsided on the selected farms.  The epidemics are under control.  The microalgae led to greater productivity, increased newborn survival rates, larger litters, and superior fur.

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Real Client Testimonials – The Results Are In!

“We had a cat that came to our hospital that had not eaten in 4 days. All lab tests and blood work were negative. Further examination found absolutely nothing wrong with the cat but it was still dying. I never figured out what was wrong with the cat but the owner was very thankful that
BioPreparation literally saved his cat’s life.”
– Dr. Michael King, DVM Canyon Animal Hospital

“My Anya had IMHA or AIHA – yesterday we got excellent results with her PCV/Hematocrit back in the normal range. She is currently doing extremely well after a very rocky road at times. We have used the f2+ & f3+ capsules with great results. It only took a low dose for Anya (weight
25+ kgs / 55+ lbs) of 1/2 capsule 4 times daily to bring Anya’s red blood cells to a reasonable level. She had been down to 7% and yesterday she was at 39%!”
– Jeanna & Anya, U.K.

“As an Animal Wellness Consultant, I cannot tell you how many animals I have seen improve their health on the BioPreparation products. Time and time again I’ve seen animals with issues ranging from Immune Mediated Anemia to cloudy eyes, digestion issues, to tumors and
allergies, the animals get healthier. I have watched coats change within a week, arthritic animals move with greater ease, older animals perk up, and a renewed vitality emerges. Kudos to BioPrep!”
– Alecia Evans, Owner, Walk In Sync, Basalt, Colorado

“Snowpea was supposed to have $2,000 surgery for his hind legs/arthritis. We gave him one
capsule of the BP F3+ each day and in DAYS he was doing better with more demonstration of
flexibility, jumping up on the bed and up into my lap, etc. Snowpea lived another 2 years
PAIN-FREE and best of all, no surgery!
– C.B., Denver, Colorado

“Our dog’s body was no longer naturally creating red blood cells and he was being kept alive
through blood transfusion. Thankfully, we came across your product and after giving it to him
over time, he got stronger and ended up making a complete recovery! In fact, he has so much
energy now that we laugh at all the trouble he’s able to get into these days!”
– Sandy & Ted Mason, Ontario, Canada.

“My two year old standard poodle, Hubie, started to develop fatty tumors under the skin. As Hubie got older, they continued to develop and they peaked in numbers at more than ten. Giving BioPreparation over three months was enough to cause this final reduction in fatty tumors from over ten at its peak to just one small one now.”
– G. J. , USA

“Just wanted to let you know that Abby had her semi-annual blood work done last week and the results were fantastic! She had been diagnosed with chronic renal failure (CRF), and the vet told me that she saw no evidence of kidney disease in the current blood work. She said that on paper it looked like the results of a young cat (Abby is 17). I attribute this to BioPreparation.”
– B. K

“Our Cairn Terrier was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma and had surgery to remove the cancer tumor and spleen. He was given an estimate of 2 – 4 months to live (if lucky) after surgery. He is getting BioPreparation and is enjoying life now, more than 46 months (as of September 2008) after the procedure and still doing well. He has outlived the vet’s prognosis by over 11 times. Thank you for helping Macintosh beat the cancer odds and giving him a new lease on life.”
– N. A.

“…a revolutionary concept of cellular nutrition… From personal experience I have seen many health benefits for humans and animals.”
– Dr. Michael Lemmon, DVM, cofounder, past president of AHVMA ( American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association)

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