UCARI Pet Intolerance Test Kit


UCARI Pet Intolerance Test Kit

Digestive issues, gastrointestinal problems, excessive scratching, looking sluggish and tired, hot spots, and paw biting are just some of the most common symptoms of an intolerance.

UCARI Tests for 1000+ possible intolerances and nutritional imbalances.  It is the most comprehensive and all-inclusive intolerance test on the market and is like getting 4 tests all in one test:

  • Food Intolerances – Identify food items & ingredients that could be causing symptoms.
  • Environmental Intolerances – Determine how your pet’s body reacts when exposed to common environmental items.
  • Skin Sensitivities – Determine if your pet is sensitive to ingredients found in pet care products.
  • Nutritional Imbalances – Find out if your pet is eating a proper diet and getting the correct nutrients.

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Do you wonder what your pet is trying to tell you?

Give your pet a voice with UCARI and pinpoint the exact food and non-food items that may be causing them to experience these unpleasant symptoms.

Within 2 business days of receiving your pet’s hair sample at a company-owned, USA-based lab, you will receive easy to read, comprehensive results posted digitally to your account. This includes personalized insights and actionable next steps – all included with the cost of your kit. You also will have the option of printing and saving the results direct to your computer.

  • Non-Invasive
  • No Needles or Paw Pricks
  • No Vet Visit
  • No Waiting Rooms
  • No Additional Costs

The UCARI intolerance test kit for pets is suitable for both dogs and cats. Help your furry friend live their happiest, most active lifestyle today.


UCARI Pet Intolerance Test Kit tests for food and environmental sensitivities, as well as nutritional imbalances and skin sensitivities.

How Does Ucari Pet Sensitivity and Intolerance Testing Work?

Ucari Pet Intolerance Test uses bioresonance, a machine that measures the electromagnet signals coming from a hair sample.  It compares the signals to the frequencies of items within the machine’s database.

Ucari uses a hair sample instead of blood or saliva because it is non-invasive and very easy to collect the sample.
In addition, a hair sample is not affected by recently consumed foods, medications, etc.  Plus, it is very easy to ship and store.

The hair sample covers over 1000 potential offenders.  It shows more than 350 potential food intolerances, over 300 environmental intolerances, more than 400 potential nutritional imbalances, and over 100 pet care product ingredient intolerances.

The food intolerance test results include dairy, proteins, grains, vegetables and fruits, and food additives. Environmental intolerance test results include grass and plants, chemicals, and heavy metals. To find nutritional imbalances,  vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and fatty acids are tested.  And ingredients found in products such as shampoos and conditioners are tested in the skin sensitivities area.

  •   Cutting-edge testing technology
  •   Free and fast test shipping
  •   Non-invasive sample collection
  •   No vet bills, lab or vet visits
  •   Covers over 1000 offenders
  •   Test performed in a USA-based lab
  •   Fast turnaround time (24-48 hours)
  •   Personalized, color-coded results
  •   Actionable nutrition reboot
  •   Budget-friendly price tag
  •   No additional fees and costs
  •   Access to lifelong wellness tools