Life’s Abundance pet business: The ideal business for pet lovers!

You’re already recommending the products– so why not get paid for it?
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Perfect for breeders, pet professionals, and animal health enthusiasts who want an additional source of income for years to come!

And the best part? With a Life’s Abundance pet business, you’re in business for yourself, with our support. When you join our team of dedicated, pet-loving folks, we’re always here for you, just a call or email away.

The global pet food market is worth around $150 billion– and is expected to grow to $180 billion by 2028. Start growing with it today.

Are you passionate about the health and wellness of your pets, like we are? This is your chance to earn more money every single month by
teaching others about the benefits of the holistic products you’re already using. 

What Becoming a Life’s Abundance Field Rep Looks Like:

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Choose Premium, Holistically-Formulated Pet Products for a Longer, Healthier Life

Those are just some of the reasons we decided to become distributors for Life’s Abundance.

We were shocked to learn the truth about what we had been feeding our fur babies, and what was included in the pet foods manufactured
by large corporations (even the expensive ones). By-products that would never be fed to humans, toxic chemical preservatives, moldy or
contaminated grains, and poor quality proteins, including diseased and euthanized animal protein sources!

This horrible discovery led us on a journey to seek out high-quality pet care products that actually enhance the health of our
animals– and Life’s Abundance pet business was one of those hidden gems.





Like you, we rave over healthy pet products.  We were already recommending them to our friends and family– so being able to
also make a living sharing them with everyone was life-changing.

Plus we’ve made some amazing friends along the way– like our fellow field rep Debbie, who makes the trip from Michigan to Orlando 2-3 times a year to visit her son & his family that live here.  While she’s here, we spend a fun day together.  (Plus we talk a little business during our visits, so that means tax write-offs!)

And we want you to experience the fun, freedom, community, and excitement of building an income stream you’re proud of too!

But What Makes OUR Team Special?

Our team is one of the largest teams in Life’s Abundance- and that’s because of the excellent ongoing training and support we receive.

One thing is for sure: You will ALWAYS have our support, and an upline to help you thrive because your success is our success too. This isn’t a competition; it’s a collaboration.

In order to help make your experience an exciting and successful one, you’ll receive:

With Life’s Abundance – you are never alone on this journey!

Here’s what some of the reps on our team are saying:

"3 months after I quit my job, my husband lost his job. So all we had was my 401k, his unemployment, and we had the small Life's Abundance business that was growing. And then 22 months later he passed away. Today. I can honestly say that it has grown five times since he passed away."

"I joined Life's Abundance in 2001 (formerly HealthyPetNet), and was soon to become a single parent of 3 young children. Because of my deep love for animals & my life mission to educate pet parents everywhere on the importance of feeding healthy pet foods, my part-time income quickly became a full-time income. This afforded me the luxury of being able to stay at home with my children & spoil my pups in the process. If you love animals, & you'd like to make some extra money, then please take a closer look at Life's Abundance. You won't regret it.”

“Five years ago we moved across the country – from CA to FL. It was a huge undertaking, and I didn’t have much time to devote to my Life’s Abundance business. But the business continued to grow and so did my monthly income. I am very thankful to be a rep for a company that continues paying you even though there are timed in life when you’re not able to put much effort into your business.

We don’t have children, so our pets are treated like children, and we only want to give them the healthiest food so they live as long as possible. We’ve seen them thrive throughout the years by feeding the Life’s Abundance food and giving the healthy treats. So it’s very easy to recommend these great products to people.”
“Pets have always been my passion! I have shared my life and my home with animals since childhood, and I can’t imagine having it any other way. So it’s no wonder I opened one of the most successful dog and cat boarding, grooming and daycare shops on Long Island and loved every minute of it. I made a wonderful income and was planning on expanding to do dog training.

I was introduced to Life’s Abundance in 2001 and thought it could be a wonderful compliment to what I was already doing. Introducing healthy, safe foods, treats and supplements to pet parents became an easy extension to what I was already doing. I watched so many animals discontinue medications, stop itching and scratching and many who had chronic ear infections never did again! I was more excited than ever and started introducing the business to pet parents and other pet professionals.

I closed my shop one year after I joined Life’s Abundance. I love what I do and work from the comfort of my home full-time, surrounded by the animals I love so dearly. I recommend what I feel are the greatest products in the world and help people all over the country to earn an income that can change their lives forever. I work (if you can call it work!) with the best people in the world, I meet wonderful new people every day and teach them how to have fun in this business. If you love animals, it’s so easy to talk to other animal lovers, so join Life’s Abundance today and build an ongoing income that could change your life forever as it did mine.”

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But What Makes OUR Team Special?

1. Field Representative

For only $29.95, you can become a Life’s Abundance Field Representative. To remain a representative, there is NO minimum amount of products that you are required to purchase.

After joining, Reps will receive:

2. Executive Field Representative

Our statistics show that Executive Field Reps are more successful than Field Reps– but that success comes with a higher investment and more time commitment.
Executive packs include products to help familiarize yourself with the line and share samples with potential customers.
The packs come in 3 options ranging from $200-220. The Executive pack will provide you with:

Choose one of the following Discounted Pet Executive Packs at sign-up:

Pet Executive Pack


It’s raining cats and dogs with this pack, which
was created with both dogs and cats in mind.

Dog Executive Pack:


Dogs rule when it comes to this pack, which
was created specifically with canines in mind.

Cat Executive Pack


It’s a feline frenzy with this pack, which was
designed expressly with cats in mind.

Advantages Of Joining At The Exec Rep Level

Both Basic and Executive Field Reps receive training and support from us, from other team members, and from the company.

However, when joining as an Executive Rep, you receive everything you need to help your business thrive – an Executive Field Rep Pack. The Pack contains a wide variety of full-size products and sales aids, such as product samples, all at a discounted, lower than wholesale price.

You are then able to use the products and experience first-hand how wonderful the products are. You become a “product of the product” and can share your experience with others. It’s difficult to recommend something when you haven’t used it yourself, and that’s why we’ve found that Executive Reps are more successful than Basic Reps.

However, we completely understand if you’re not ready to make the time and monetary commitment to becoming an Executive Field Rep just yet!

If you get started and later decide you’re ready to expand your business, you can always invest in the upgrade.

So, Are You Ready To Build Your Life's Abundance Pet Business?

As a Life’s Abundance distributor, you have a decisive competitive advantage because you have the opportunity to offer products originally formulated
by Dr. Jane Bicks, a highly respected and nationally recognized holistic veterinarian. Let Dr. Jane’s reputation open the door for you. The
excellence of each and every product will speak for itself.

You owe it to yourself to find out more information.

Do you want to learn how to supplement or replace your current or lost income? To really understand this opportunity and how it can work for
you, please contact us by calling us toll-free at 877/877-0665 or by filling out the form below to discuss it further. This is an opportunity for you to work part-time or full-time to grow a home business. If you pursue this opportunity, our successful and supportive team will help you get off to a fast start with full and professional training. You need no previous experience, just integrity, and enthusiasm! We look forward to hearing from you-

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Best wishes,
Deena & Bob Caruso

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