Pet Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes

Introducing Premium Pet Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes

Premium Pet ProbioticsTo keep your pet as healthy as possible, try this natural solution:

***Increases energy
***Aids in recovery from stress, illness, or
***Reduces food allergies and improves
digestion and assimilation
***Activates the immune system so your pet
can fight off infections, viruses, etc…

 Premium Pet Probiotics are Scientifically Formulated to Enhance and Restore Your Pet’s Health and Vitality.

For all the unconditional love and loyalty that our pets offer us, it is important that we keep them as healthy as possible. One of the major contributors to diminishing health and degenerative disease among domesticated animals is poor intestinal and digestive health. This is due, in part, to an imbalance of beneficial bacteria that is caused by poor digestion and environmental toxins found in food, cleaning products, insecticides, etc.

Healthy Food For Pets is pleased to offer premium pet probiotics and digestive enzyme food supplements. These all-natural supplements are formulated to work directly with your pet’s digestive system to strengthen natural processes and aid recovery from stress, illness, or trauma.

 Made in the U.S.A. and Free Shipping Within the U.S.A.!

Cultures used in Natur’s Way Probiotics were naturally obtained over 20 years ago from animals that were raised organically.  Cultures are grown in a sterile laboratory where there are absolutely NO GMOs (genetically modified organisms) used.

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“MSE Probiotics … have gotten our very sick Irish Wolfhound back on track!!!”
 Nicole S.

MSE probiotic - Healthy Food for Pets“Deena, …I’ve included a picture of Bugsby, our Irish Wolfhound, and his sidekick, Finley, a rescue. Bugsby was sick from a puppy with an inability to digest protein and as he grew, various symptoms manifested into what looked like auto-immune-related problems elsewhere. I didn’t want him on medications for life so I set about finding natural remedies and supplements. I never miss 2 daily doses of the MSE probiotic with his meals. Both Bugsby’s vet and the breeder said that most people would have given up on him but with due diligence, he’s perfect now – very happy and healthy.

I can’t say enough about your website, the products you offer, and the customer service. Simply wonderful!  Your site has been a lifeline for the MSE Probiotics that have gotten our very sick Irish Wolfhound back on track!!! Now I am so excited for an alternative to the chemical-laden flea and tick topicals.

Have a great day!
Thank you again.
Nicole S.


 These are two “before” and one “after” pictures of Jenna, a beautiful Pitbull who was severely
mistreated and was quite malnourished.  Bill C. adopted Jenna from the Hope for the Paws rescue organization.

Bill’s love and care, along with the MSE Liquid Rescue Supplement, helped Jenna to regain her health.   She is now a very healthy and happy dog as you can see by watching this U-tube video whose link was sent to us by Bill.  Jenna is a very fortunate dog to have someone who cares so much about her!

Healthy Food for Pets natural food for dogs and cats

“What A Fabulous Product.”
Renee G., NJ

“Hi, Deena!
Just wanted you to know that I have been giving Kayla the Soluble with no problems.  It mixes well with her canned food and I’ve noticed that she is urinating more which is great.  What a fabulous product.

Happy Easter!

“…what a relief when you find something that really really helps.”
Kate K.

“Bunny was vomiting quite often ad I gave her clay for a while and she stopped, but started again in a couple of months.  Since I’ve been giving her MSE every other day with the Essential Greens mixed into the wet food she has completely stopped.  …So many people have problems with pukey cats and what a relief when you find something that really really helps.”  Kate K.

“The probiotic has turned Sawyer’s life around.”

“Hi Deena,

The probiotic has turned Sawyer’s life around.  No more diarrhea and he is a food hound now and he loves to eat which he never did before.  Thank you so much for your recommendation, your suggestion worked miracles.  I was getting nowhere with traditional treatments and suggestions from my vet.”  Marian

Probiotics, known as the “good bacteria”, are a natural solution for good health as they are absolutely vital to helping:

  • Produce natural antibiotics, which can fight harmful bacteria!
  • Regulate and increase hormone levels!
  • Manufacture B group vitamins, biotin, and folic acid!
  • Stimulate the immune system so your pet’s system can fight off infections, viruses, etc…
  • Reduce food intolerance/allergies.
  • Increase energy levels!
  • Inhibit the growth of some yeast.
  • Absorb nutrients, antioxidants, and iron from food that is eaten.
  • Reduce inflammation and increase the digestibility of food!

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 Nature’s Way supplements vary in strength for various applications:

Nature’s Way began developing pet probiotics and digestive enzymes over 50 years ago for use on their working ranch. Since then they have continued extensive research and development of probiotics, and their products are well-received in the agricultural market. It is well-known that probiotics have beneficial properties, but it takes a great deal of research to determine the appropriate combinations and proportions necessary for various situations.  Natur’s Way spent many years developing these products, and they have been very successful in maintaining very healthy cats, dogs, bovines, alpacas, and other ranch animals, as well as aiding recovery in extremely sick animals.

Natur’s Way produces probiotic products under the brand ‘MSE’ (Multiple Stabilized Enzymes).

MSE contains various digestive enzymes, numerous strains of yeast, fungi, and bacteria, and crucial vitamins, minerals, and detoxifiers.  Dogs and cats, being carnivores by nature, depend on natural enzymes in the food they eat to maintain digestive health. The problem is that most pet foods regardless of quality are typically cooked or processed.  This renders them void of natural enzymes.  Enzyme deficiency can lead to a digestive breakdown, resulting in illness and degenerative disease.

Natur’s Way pet probiotics and digestive enzyme products are a perfect solution for your pet’s digestive dilemma. They are designed specifically for dogs and cats to offset the deficiency in natural enzymes that would usually be supplied by food.  Once animals have the necessary enzymes, they digest food more easily and absorb more vitamins and minerals.  Less waste is produced, and there is consequently less stool matter and less underrated material in the stools. That means fewer odors!

To ensure maximum freshness and effectiveness, these products will be shipped directly from Natur’s Way to your door.

Free Shipping Within the U.S. on all Natur’s Way MSE products!

Any pet starting on MSE Probiotic Supplements should initially be given a lower dosage, 1/3 to 1/4 of the recommended level, to see how the pet reacts to the product.  MSE Paste, Liquid Rescue, and Natural Defense are concentrated and quite powerful products that can reorganize gut microflora. If these products are given at the recommended dose right from the start, they can cause diarrhea. For this reason, we strongly recommend a lower dose for at least two weeks, and then a gradual step up to the recommended level.

“…Riley has now been cured of diabetes.”
Pam B.

“Hi Deena,

I just wanted to let you know the MSE Natural Defense Soluble has cleared up my cat’s chronic bowel problems (IFB) and his diabetes.

Riley was given rounds of prednisone to lessen the inflammation in his bowels.  But the prednisone led to diabetes.   I didn’t want Riley to continue receiving prednisone due to the side effects, so I was hoping to find something more natural that would lessen the inflammation and lessen the need for prednisone.  Well, Riley’s health has improved so much since taking the MSE that I have been able to gradually reduce the dosage of prednisone.  And remarkably, Riley has now been cured of diabetes.

I have told my vet about your product and am hoping that he will carry it or at least recommend it to help other animals that have chronic health problems.  Thank you for recommending it.

Best regards, Pam B.

Click on the links below for detailed information about each product:

  • MSE Daily Boost Probiotic Supplement – Use for healthy pets – to keep them healthy.
  • MSE Natural Defense Probiotic Supplement  For pets with chronic digestive issues.  Improves the immune system, reduces allergy symptoms, and reduces litter box odor.
  • MSE Natural Defense Soluble Probiotic Supplement- For pets with chronic digestive issues.  Improves the immune system, reduces allergy symptoms, and reduces litter box odor.  Developed for finicky cats, but can also be given to dogs.
  • MSE Liquid Rescue Probiotic Supplement – For sick or stressed pets.  Contains a high concentration of probiotics, along with essential vitamins in a liquid form.
  • MSE Microbial Paste Probiotic Supplement  – For sick or stressed pets.  Contains a high concentration of probiotics, along with essential vitamins, in a paste form that is easily wiped on the food or directly in the pet’s mouth if the pet is not eating.

  • Scour-aid- Natural treatment of diarrhea in cats and dogs.   Should be used with MSE Natural Defense or MSE Natural Defense Soluble.

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Probiotics Information:

Nutrition is a cooperative effort between cells of the body and the microorganisms that inhabit the healthy gastrointestinal tract.  All mammals are dependent on these beneficial organisms.  They even secrete substances to entice them to take up residence. Processed foods and a stressful environment deprive pets of these valuable organisms and the nutrients they metabolize.

Probiotics “recharge” your pet by supplying/repopulating these essential organisms.

Stress and the role of gastrointestinal tract microflora:

The gastrointestinal tract (GIT) of all healthy mammals contains over 400 species of microorganisms (bacteria, yeast, fungi, and protozoa). These microorganisms form a natural protective barrier that keeps opportunistic pathogens from growing.

When a pet experiences some form of stress such as birth, lactation, weaning, new household members (human and pet), new diet, being left alone during the day, transportation, vet visits, competitions, etc., changes occur in the GIT that kills many of these protective organisms. Without the protection provided by these microorganisms, pathogens are able to grow. These pathogens can cause all sorts of problems, from stealing valuable nutrients and excreting toxins, to penetrating of vital organs.

Antibiotics also kill many of these protective organisms.

The natural solution:

Probiotics are concentrated mixtures of beneficial bacteria that can temporarily replace the devastated endogenous microflora.  The probiotic bacteria perform the same protective functions and have some other beneficial effects, as discussed below.

There are two general types of probiotics:

  • Feed-additive forms (granulated or powders) – for everyday stresses
  • More concentrated forms (paste, gel, or drench) – for major stresses

The main differences between these two types of probiotics are in the concentration of microorganisms, and the way they are fed. Generally speaking, there are as many microorganisms in a pound of the feed-additive form as there are in a single dose of the more concentrated forms. The feed-additive types are designed to be fed on a daily basis.  For pets that are about to, or are, experiencing major stresses, or to treat sick animals, use the more concentrated forms which must be given orally.

Stress opens the door to disease:

The extent of the damage to the protective barrier depends on the nature of the stress experienced by the animal. Major (birth, lactation, weaning, surgery) or chronic stresses (being left alone often,  pain, itching/biting insects) do more damage than minor, everyday stresses (occasionally being left alone or a vet visit). Pet probiotics and digestive enzymes can be used preventatively in either case by simply choosing the correct concentration.

If an animal does get sick, the more concentrated forms can help the animal recover.  How?  When an animal becomes ill, the digestive tract shuts down and all available resources are directed to the immune system. Probiotics can support the animal by:

  • Providing easily-absorbable energy
  • Keeping pathogens from proliferating in the GIT
  • Activating the immune system


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