5 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Fleas on Pets

When trying to get rid of fleas, keep in mind that pets can be sensitive to certain products.  If fleas infest on pets, they feel uncomfortable due to both the fleas and to any products to which they are sensitive. Prevention here is key as prevention makes it less likely pet owners would have to deal with flea infestations and the problems these infestations cause.  But even the best preventative measures do not always work.  So here are some easy ways to get rid of fleas on pets:

Photo Credit: Nottingham Vet School via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Nottingham Vet School via Compfight cc

If you haven’t thought about a flea collar, then think again. These collars can be customized at home and then tied around the neck of your dog or cat.  Apply topical solutions, such as cedar and lavender oil, to keep fleas away.  Use an eye dropper that oozes out drops of oil on your pet’s collar.  After applying the drops, wrap the collar around your pet’s neck. The smell keeps fleas away without negatively affecting your pet’s health.

Use a flea deterring drink such as apple cider vinegar. One teaspoon of vinegar can be mixed with a quarter ounce of water. This should be given to your dog or cat to drink. This mixture keeps fleas away and also helps in keeping a healthy shine on your pet’s coat of fur.

Use a flea comb that contains drops of lemon. The lemon has a substance called limonene that repels fleas from settling in your dog’s mane. When you comb your dog’s hair, you should dip the comb into the limonene and then brush the hair. This is a very effective strategy that wards off fleas.

Giving a flea bath is also very effective in reducing chances of flea infection in your dog. You can use drops of vinegar or even lemon juice and mix it well with water and special washing soap made for pets. If your dog is large, you should double the amount of lemon juice in the cleaning mixture. If you can repeat this routine twice a week, your dog should be free from flea attacks.

Photo Credit: rox sm via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: rox sm via Compfight cc

You can create a flea bag that will keep fleas at bay.  Mix two teaspoons full of lavender oil, cedar chips and dried lemon peel. When the mixture is ready, you can then pour it in a muslin bag and sew it shut. The ingredients are potent and can be placed under your dog’s bed or even keep it near the dog’s environment.

Maintaining a clean hygiene is a must for your pet to remain healthy and flea free. You need to clean or shower your pet more than once a week.  Also, feed healthy and nutritious food to ensure optimum health since fleas are less likely to go after healthy animals. You should also be careful of the places your dog is taken during the entire day.  Try to stay away from any flea infested areas.

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