Ever wonder why your cat rubs against your leg?  Cats speak to us mainly through body language.  Each cat is different, but here are some basic cat  language signs and what they mean:

1. Eyes Half Closed – If you are talking to your cat and she looks back at you squinting her eyes, she is listening to you.

2. Tail Straight Up – This is a sign of a very happy cat.

3. Stiff Quick Upward Flick of the Tail – This is how cats say “hello” to both humans and other cats.

4. Lashing the Tail -You have a mad kitty on your hands!

5. Belly Up – This is a huge compliment from a cat, this means the cat trusts you completely.

6. Fur Standing Straight Up – This is a frightened cat, the fur standing on end is supposed to make the cat look larger and more tough.

7. Rubbing Against an Object – Cats have scent glands in their forehead, mouth and chin, they rub objects with their scent to mark it as theirs.

8. Flattened Ears – This is a sign of an annoyed cat or a frightened cat.

9. “Pawing” or “Kneading” At You- This is a sign of a very content happy kitty.

10. Clawing at Furniture or Cat scratching post- If your cat is de-clawed, she is leaving her scent on the object. If your cat has her claws, she is sharpening her claws. When this behavior is displayed in front of other cats, kitty is showing off and expressing self confidence.

If your cat is in a not so happy mood there are things you can do to snap her out of her funk. The first thing I like to try is giving her favorite cat toy. If this does not work then I will put her on her cat condo and let her get her frustration out. This usually does the trick.

Leigh Adams is an avid dog owner and trainer. She is a frequent contributor to this Online Pet Supply Store. When not outside with her dogs Mimmi and SoSo, she enjoys painting and raising Koi fish in her backyard pond.

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