Important Flea Facts and Pets:

Although it can seem overwhelming when trying to rid of fleas, you can do it successfully by knowing these flea facts and treating your pets, your home, and your outdoor environment at the same time.

  • Fleas can travel quickly.
  • Fleas can jump 4 – 5 feet horizontally due to having very powerful muscles in their back legs.
  • Fleas are masters at reproducing. During the lifetime of an adult female, she may lay hundreds or thousands of eggs, generally laying around 20 eggs each time.   Fleas prefer to lay their eggs in dark, damp places.  When laying eggs on your pet, the eggs can fall off anywhere your pet goes.  Of course, this includes your home!  In ideal conditions, eggs will hatch in about a week.  Eggs become larvae that then develop into pupae by spinning into cocoons. This process generally takes a week, but flea pupae can remain alive in their cocoons for over six months.
  • Fleas are great at hiding. If you see one flea, there are probably at least ten cocoons, 35 larvae, and 50 eggs hiding in your home and yard. You must treat your home to get rid of fleas and their life cycle.  This includes treating pet bedding, carpets, furniture, corners, dark areas such as the backs of cabinets and closets, and anywhere else where fleas may be hiding.  Also, treating your lawn and garden will help to get rid of outdoor fleas.
  • Like roaches, fleas are incredible survivors. When you bomb and spray your home with chemicals, the living fleas, and potential larvae are killed.  But bombs and sprays will not get rid of eggs and pupae cocoons.  These end up hatching in the future, and a few weeks after you have bombed or sprayed, you end up with another flea infestation! We know the frustration that this brings all too well.  We had a flea infestation in our guest house, and we bombed the house three different times trying to rid of it.  After the bombing, there would be no fleas.  But a few weeks later when the eggs hatched, we would have another infestation.  We learned about the Fleas Away Carpet Treatment and treated the guest house, hoping this would solve the problem.  It took about five weeks to completely rid of the infestation because the batches of fleas first had to hatch and then they died after ingesting the carpet treatment powder.  But this solved the problem, and we no longer had a flea problem.

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