Fleas Away Boric Acid Carpet Treatment – Gets Rid of Fleas in Your Home!

Fleas Away Boric Acid Carpet Treatment

Money back guarantee – for one FULL YEAR!

Fleas Away Boric Acid Carpet Treatment for Pets in Home

Get rid of fleas and other insects in your home!

This product is a Boric Acid Granule, not a boric acid powder.  There is a vast difference, and this is why our product is so effective.  Fleas Away Boric

Acid Carpet Treatment gets rid of fleas, roaches, silverfish, ants and many other unwanted pesky insects.   Effectively eliminates fleas in all stages, from adult to larvae.


One application lasts more than a year!

Plus, this product is safe to use around small children
and pets.

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How to apply Fleas Away Boric Acid Carpet Treatment:

Apply directly on carpets, in corners, behind stove, in closets, storage areas and under sinks.  Sprinkle lightly on carpet and sweep or brush in and around furniture cushions until powder disappears.  Powder  will work deep down into the carpet and adhere to the carpet fibers.

Because this carpet treatment is formulated with a Boric Acid Granule, NOT Boric Acid Powder , it is easy to use, and it won’t clump like powder products.  An amazing product that works!

When ingested, bugs become dehydrated and die.  As the flea eggs hatch, they will ingest it and also die.  Flea eggs hatch at different intervals and can live up to 200 days before hatching.  Allow up to 6  weeks for total flea control.

Our Personal Experience:

We found out how well it works when we had a horrible flea infestation in our guest house.  We used the chemical “bombing” method.  But it only killed the living fleas.  The eggs that were laid in the guest house later hatched, and we once again had baby fleas.  We “bombed” the guest house three more times, and we still had a flea infestation due to those batches of eggs hatching after the chemicals killed the existing live fleas.  After being extremely frustrated and not knowing what to do, we found out about the Fleas Away Boric Acid Carpet Treatment.  Within a few weeks after applying Fleas Away, the infestation cleared up, and we no longer had any fleas.  So we saw first hand how well this product works!

Available in 1 lb. and 3 lb. containers. 

  • 1 lb. covers an area of 500 square feet.

  • 3 lbs. covers an area of 1500 square feet.

1 lb. Boric Acid Carpet Treatment – $16.99
3 lbs. Boric Acid Carpet Treatment – $39.99

Click Here to Order Fleas Away Boric Acid Carpet Treatment!


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