Flint River Ranch representatives received an email from Flint River Ranch announcing a change in their business structure.  Effective January 1, 2016, Flint River Ranch will no longer follow a multi-level marketing (direct sales) structure.

Since the MLM structure has existed since the inception of Flint River Ranch, this news was quite a shock to all of the distributors who have worked so very hard for so many years.

Below is part of the letter sent to FRR Distributors dated December 2015:

“The Flint River Ranch Multi-Level Marketing plan has proven unpalatable in its current form and it is time for Flint River Ranch to eliminate the Multi-Level Marketing structure and simplify the commission plan. Effective midnight December 31, 2015 EST, Flint River Ranch will no longer support the existing Multi-Level Marketing structure and will withdraw the Flint River Ranch marketing plan, commission and bonus program. All commissions and/or bonus earned by Qualified FRR ID’s on production prior to start of business January 1, 2016 will be paid as per the existing compensation rate. Starting January 1st, 206, Flint River Ranch will not enroll or renew any Independent Distributors into the old MLM structure nor will Flint River Ranch recognize a “sponsor/distributor” relationship from that date.”

This news is also shocking and upsetting because we began our pet business 14 years ago after seeing the difference that the  Flint River Ranch food made in our pets!    Our pet business journey led to meeting so many delightful “animal” people and discovering the great benefits of internet marketing.

Although we remained Flint River Ranch distributors for so many years, in 2004 we also became representatives for another holistic pet food company,  Life’s Abundance.  We didn’t want to rely solely on the income we received from Flint River Ranch, so we looked into other multi-level  marketing companies.    A friend introduced us to  Life’s Abundance, and the more we learned about the company, its holistic veterinarian formulator, and the incredible pet products it offered, the more excited we became.

The integrity of Life’s Abundance  is beyond reproach.  They provide an incredible amount of distributor support and provide an outstanding product line of pet foods, treats, and a variety of pet care products and supplements.    Dr. Jane Bicks,  is the product formulator.  She has written several books about pet health and has appeared on various television programs.  There has never been a recall on any of the Life’s Abundance products, and this is due to their strict quality control and their use of only fresh, high-quality ingredients. Customers only receive the freshest food possible since it is shipped directly to them within 4-6 weeks after being made!

If you were a Flint River Ranch distributor, we know and understand how sad and frustrated you must feel.  We have no doubt that you would love the Life’s Abundance products and company support as much as we do.  So we would love to get to know you and talk with you about continuing your passion of sharing holistic nutrition with pet parents.   Of course, if you join our Life’s Abundance team, you will  have the support and training that is so necessary for any successful business.

Please call or email us. Our toll free number is 877-877-0665, and our cell number is 760-310-9149. Or if you prefer emailing, the address is healthyfoodforpets@cox.net.

If you’d like to learn more about the Life’s Abundance Distributor program by visiting the website, please click here.

You may also join Life’s Abundance by calling the company.  Please use  ID# 40004015 (Bob and Deena Caruso) as your referral to ensure you are placed on our team.  As soon as we see your enrollment, we will contact you to provide training and to help you succeed.

Best wishes,
Deena and Bob Caruso

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