Cats love plants the way dogs love chocolate, which is strange because cats are mainly carnivores. However, though most animal species learn to stay away from things that make them sick, cats will eat plants over and over with the same results. Does this sound familiar, you lactose-intolerant people out there? Below is a list of potentially harmful flowers and plants along with their levels of toxicity from poisonous, dangerous to downright deadly.


Flower or Plant Level of Harm
Iris dangerous
Castor Bean especially deadly, one seed can kill
Azalea dangerous
Foxglove dangerous
Hydrangea dangerous
Amaryllis poisonous
Japanese Yew dangerous
Daffodil poisonous
Mistletoe deadly
Hyacinth poisonous
Honeysuckle poisonous
Poinsettia can induce vomiting
Pine Tree (aka Christmas Tree) Ingesting needles or drinking tree water can induce vomiting and
gastrointestinal irritation.
Lily of the Valley dangerous
Other Lily (Easter, Tiger, Star-Gazer) dangerous – can cause acute kidney failure
Oleander dangerous
Rhododendron dangerous


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