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LAMININE TESTIMONIALS – How Laminine Has Helped People

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Laminine Whole Food Supplement for Pets and People
Laminine Whole Food Supplement for Pets and People

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‘… my mother is 90 and has been taking Laminine. The changes in her memory, speech, physical moving is beyond belief.  She actually remembered me by name. That has been years since she did that!’  She got up from the table and did her dinner dishes, started conversations, and overall acted much like she did 8-9 years ago before she had increased dementia … taking the Laminine is the only change she had made, and the improvement is incredible!    – Michael

My oncologist told me my blood work was EXCELLENT!

Since I was 14 years old I have had confirmed cases of YEARS of cancer cells in my blood work. Doctors first told my mother they suspected leukemia when I was in the hospital for 2 weeks with mono. I continued with Lyme disease and HORRID blood work, more cancer cells showing up but still nothing coming of it. They kept me on a watch of pap smears every 6 months and blood work being checked for the next 25 years. In 2000 I finally had a stage 4 breast cancer. The doctors told me then I would ALWAYS have to be under their care because of my HIGH RISK factor. Seven years out with my cancer my liver enzymes went through a stretch of going HIGH and then the next blood work it would be LOW! My doctors did not like that at all, preferred it at least stay one way, UP or DOWN.

In December 2011 I started on Laminine. Went for my check up in March. My oncologist told me my blood work was EXCELLENT! So much so that if it was that way in ONE YEAR, not 6 months, and I get a clean scan……he plans to release me from his care! I’ll be 59 in Aug. and I feel 20 years younger, not 30 years older like I have for the last 10 years!  It is the BEST balancer out there, I’m living and walking proof!!!! ~      Monnie

Severe Chronic Pain, IBS

… My husband has been taking Laminine since 10/8 and OMG!  Just a little bit of his background: He retired after 22 years in the Airforce as a paratrooper. Eight years ago he had back surgery for a ruptured disc which left him in even more pain than he was before the surgery. He’s dealt with debilitating pain from a groin injury as well as IBS on top of the back pain. We’ve been through so much. Back and forth to ER,taking hydrocodone, Aleeve,Nexium and whatever else the doc could shove into his body!

I’ve always been a “healthnut” and never believed in taking prescription drugs. I feel that if it didn’t come from God, it wasn’t intended to go into my body.

After my husband going to the ER and gastro doc 5-6 times in a matter of less than 2 months, I was over it and decided to take matters into my own hands and research natural ways to help him.

I just happened to receive the email from Cathy about the Laminine and was sceptical,but at the same time was ready to try anything as long as it wasn’t prescription!

It took a little while of me begging my husband to just trust in God first, then me, then the Laminine.

As I said he has been taking this since 10/8 and has noticed little by little how much better he feels.   No more Castor oil packs or prescription meds. Just Laminine.

 Well, Halloween night we were taking our 7 year old trick or treating, which we always drives around the neighborhood because of his back and groin. He parked our truck up the street while my son and I began walking to houses. I heard someone running behind me at top speed. It scared me to death! My husband wasn’t there and I thought I was about to be robbed. Just as I turned around I noticed it was my husband!! He hasn’t ran in 13 years!!!! I covered my mouth so the neighbors wouldn’t hear me scream! He said I forgot the flash light. I said,”you just ran top speed, down the street in boots”!!!  My son was yelling “Dad you were just running”! I burst into tears! I could not believe it!

We parked the truck and walked the neighborhood til my son became tired.

 When we went to bed that night my husband said, “tomorrow will tell if I’m “healed”.  Well tomorrow came, he bounced out of bed and just could not believe he felt no pain at all!!!

He called me this morning from work and said, “please be sure to order my pills”!

I have so many emotions that I can’t describe right now!   I was only writing to ask for assistance in getting my website going, but my fingers couldn’t stop typing!  I’m so blessed that God placed Cathy in my life!  If not, I would have never found out about Laminine!

WOW! I guess I just gave a testimony! 🙂   Love you much Mom and thanks Deena!!   -Jewel


In 2008 my dad was diagnosed as having Alzheimer’s. Since he started taking Laminine one year ago, his Alzheimer’s has diminished and today, we have our father back. Thank you Laminine.

 Weight Loss, Appetite Control & Refreshed Sleep

LAMININE IS NOT A WEIGHT LOSS PRODUCT…but…this guy Mike has lost over 17 lbs. in the past 3 weeks or so. He went from 49% down to 42% body fat.

My doctor recommended that I try these Laminine capsules, so I started taking 2 in the am and 2 in the early evening. I just went about my day as normal and a noticed that when it was time to eat, I wasn’t hungry. The second weekend, I visited my cousin and forgot to bring them and I noticed that I wanted to eat the whole day.  On Monday, I started taking them again and the cravings went away almost instantly. I also noticed that I wanted to go to bed early and woke up refreshed in the morning.  I told my friend about them and after one week, she was raving about the appetite control and how good she was sleeping. She ordered another months worth already and brings them up in conversation and tells people about how good they work while we are with friends. If I am seeing results and my friend is seeing results, then I have no doubt that others will too. I am very excited about the business opportunity this may bring to me, as I can confidently tell my friends about something that I think will genuinely help them and make them feel better and promote overall health. This should be easy to “share,” thereby easy to make money at since it works so well and my friends already seem to be excited about it.    -Kristen

Sleep Disorder

I have suffered from a chronic and severe sleep disorder for over 20 years. It is a miracle I am alive as for over these 20 years I slept an average of 1-2 hours every 2-3 days! I went many nights in a row without sleeping at all.  I have tried virtually everything in my desperate and unsuccessful attempts to sleep. I do not take prescription drugs so sleeping pills were out of the question…I did try over the counter and natural formulas with little success…still no sleep! Just when I have given up…Dr. Kim called me to tell me about Laminine, the science and the amazing results people are getting. But the one thing you mentioned that really captured my interest was that some people were sleeping better. Well you can imagine my skepticism with all these years of trying everything…but, you sounded so excited about these results that I thought..“why not?”  Well, frankly I still cannot believe my experience since I began taking Laminine just a few short weeks ago. The first night I actually slept a solid hour without waking up. Although promising, I thought it was just my night to get a little sleep.  Well after 3 weeks I am already averaging between 3-5 hours of wonderful, restful sleep every night and it is continuing to get better. What a difference this has made not only in helping my sleep disorder…but in my quality of life!     -Carol M

Diabetic with Neuropathy

I have been a Diabetic for maybe 15 yrs. I have had Neuropathy, as a result in my feet for about 10yrs. My feet have been completely numb for most of that time. I have not been able to feel my feet. I have had no circulation, in my feet or my legs. At night my feet would be ice cold to the touch. My feet were a constant concern as people with Diabetes sometimes lose their leg or foot. Maybe both!! I have been waking up at 3 or 4 am, several times a week with cramps in my leg or either foot. Also Diabetes affected my vision. My vision is blurred of course without glasses.

I started taking Laminine about 2 1/2 weeks ago. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!  First thing I noticed was the feeling in my feet. I could feel the carpet under my feet. Strange feeling. I can feel my feet inside my shoes.  Another unusual feeling. I sometimes lose my balance because I’m not  used to feeling my feet. I’m getting used to it though. My legs are not getting tired like they use too. I have not had any leg, or foot cramps since I started on Laminine.

A couple of days ago, I took my socks off to rub my feet, as a habit.  They would normally be cold & have no circulation. To my surprise my feet were warmer than they have been in yrs. They were not cold!!  Plus I can see better, & without glasses. Something I have to get used too.

Thanks, Steve

Allergies & Immune System

I hope you will find value in this, but I have always had SEVERE allergies to springtime! Severe Hay fever…this is the first year I did not get a ‘steroid shot’..I would like to think..I am on the mend..Next Spring will be the test!  I have only used an over the counter antihistamine 2 that is huge..feel the signals to strengthen my immune system are definitely taking flight. Laminine is busy working in me!  Kim

Diabetes, Blood Sugar, Back Pain & Depression

I am in the construction business and three weeks ago Larry Kilby gave me some Laminine to try.  He knew about my serious health issues. I was diagnosed with diabetes one year ago and hospitalized. I am a type II insulin dependent diabetic. Within 3 days my blood sugar tested the lowest that it ever was since I was diagnosed with diabetes. My blood sugars were averaging 162-180…and now I am testing 111-130.  I also noticed a willingness to eat better (I lost 7lb. through this 3 week process of being on the product), I have also suffered from a low grade depression for several years. DEPRESSION IS NO LONGER AN ISSUE.

Through taking the Laminine product, I have been able to endure stressful situations way better than I have ever been able to. Several days ago I was hospitalized with a severe lumbar strain and the doctors told me it would take a minimum of three weeks to return to work. On Laminine I was back to work within 3 days of being released from the hospital.  Out of all of the products I have taken over the past several years that have come and gone, Laminine is the only product that has shown viable results. I really feel that this is only the beginning for what this product will do for me. IT WORKS!     -Steve E.

Chronic Nerve Pain, Vision & Blood Pressure

I am a landscape contractor in CA. One of my associates I subcontract with shared Laminine with me four weeks ago. He just wanted to see if it would make me feel any better. Although I am one of the world’s biggest skeptics, I decided to give it a try. I have suffered from severe nerve pain for the past eight years. The pain is spread throughout my entire body. Even after six surgeries, the pain has not subsided (even increased). The second day on Laminine, the pain went away some 80%. It stayed at that level until I stopped taking the Laminine (just to see if it was the Lamnine getting rid of my pain). The next day the pain shot back up. I immediately started back on the product and the pain subsided again.

I also noticed that my vision started clearing up.  My eyes are great but I just cannot read fine print. By the second or third day I could actually read the fine print.  My blood pressure, however, has been a SERIOUS health issue for me. It ususally runs 233/117. After being on Laminine just a few days, my blood pressure dropped 10-15 points, which is major to me. Out of all the medications I have taken, Laminine has done the most for me. I don’t know how it does it, BUT IT DOES.   Laminine has truly transformed my life.     -Gene H.

Headaches, Neck & Back Pain, Sleep, Night Sweats, Skin Tags, Achilles Pain

Last Wed Dec 23rd you gave me some Laminine and I took it right away, In an hour I felt better, euphoric. In the next few hours less of a headache, less hungry feeling good. Thursday took the pills (2) in the AM and just going along with my day and thinking my neck is not sore 2 bad disc and rested slept. Over the week of taking Laminine I had better sleep (have sleep apnea), less hungry, no neck issue’s, no night sweats (great to help with sleep too), have skin tags on my body and after 2 days I realize they are gone (30 plus) I have them removed at least yearly. A bump on my hip that has been there for 15 years almost gone, I have had 13 surgeries and some pain discomfort from some of them and that is gone I have 2 bad Achilles and that pain and swelling is gone, for the first time in many years I can walk up and down stairs normal (had to lead with my right leg and drag my left up). I am looking forward to having Laminine as a part of my life so I can enjoy living every day.   -Bob M.

 Lost Urge to Smoke

I have been a smoker for 38 years, and my habit has grown to 1 pack a day. I have recently developed a “smoker’s cough” and I realize that the cigarettes are literally killing me. As you know I am not much for taking anything and certainly was not interested in what you had to offer (at first). But you convinced me to “at least try” the product. Deep down I knew I needed a miracle as I hadn’t up to that point been able to quit this habit.  Anyway, even though you weren’t promoting these capsules as a stop smoking product, but rather something that might be able to change my mood and give me the power to make life changes, something miraculous happened to me. After just 3 days on the capsules taking 2, twice a day, I LOST MY URGE TO SMOKE! I am currently smoking only 8 cigarettes a day and I believe the only reason I smoke even that amount is because of the “habit” of having something in my mouth.

I can honestly say that I feel more active and alert than I ever have before, I already got a friend of mine on the capsules who has some issues.     -Paul B. M.

High Blood Pressure and Weight Loss

Recently in the past several years I’ve had high blood pressure issues that were affecting me passing the physical for work, and my Commercial Driver’s License. So high blood pressure has been a serious health speed bump.  I was a border line patient for medication. I needed to understand that hypertension is not an inevitable part of aging or genetic destiny.

Nor is a lifetime of medication the only course of action! The truth is that this is one area of my health that is fully modifiable if I were are willing to commit to some positive changes in my diet and lifestyle.  I took the Laminine capsules for the last couple of months even thru a severe cold that lasted a little over two weeks. I was on many road trips eating away from a normal diet and proper rest. I was called up for an annual physical and to my astonishment I still lost 21lbs. and the best of all my BP is PERFECT from the doctor!  Neighbors have been noticing my weight loss (transformation) and asking what diet was I on.  I can foresee that this product definitely being a HUGE HIT!    -Mike M.


Weight Loss, More Energy, Improved Sleep & Libido, Increased Work Performance & Feel Better

I have to admit, I approached the idea of taking Laminine very skeptical, and didn’t have big expectations, but I liked what I saw in the youtube video and the specifics you shared with me so I figured it couldn’t hurt. I started to noticed many positive things that have happened which I’m not sure if they are a direct reflection of the capsules, or if the capsules are enhancing my mood which causes these good things to happen. So here are some details I’ve encountered…….

1. In one month I have lost 14lbs now. I’m not giving the credit directly to the capsules, however, I have noticed my discipline in my eating habits and motivation to exercise increase to keep my change and lifestyle on the correct path.

2. When exercising, I feel like I can go longer and push myself harder which again helps in my weight loss as I am exerting more energy.

3. Small things, like doing work around the house, or taking the dogs for a walk I do more frequently because I normally wouldn’t have the energy to do these things especially after work.

4. I SLEEP BETTER THAN I EVER HAVE!!! When I wake up in the morning I don’t feel tired.  I have been taking the Laminine capsules and it gave me ever since January 18, 2009. I not only have been having great results, but have been able to help a lot of people already by sharing the capsules with them. I have received some amazing stories on how the product has benefited them. I decided to stop taking the capsules for a while, just to see what would happen. Believe it or not, I almost immediately started waking up at 3:30 in the morning (I used to always have trouble sleeping). It was then that I realized that the capsules had been allowing me to sleep all the way up to 6:00 a.m. (my usual time to get up and go to work). WHAT AN ACCOMPLISHMENT, to actually be able to get a good night’s sleep. I am back on the capsules and loving them.

5. Without going into details, the libido enhancement does work.

6. Generally overall, I feel better, and by eating well, exercising, and sleeping well, the biggest noticeable difference I can tell is my life as a whole, my relationship with my fiance, friends and family have improved, my work performance has increased, and all around, I’m a more pleasant person to be around (Not that I wasn’t before or anything). 7. I also missed 2 days of capsules about two weeks ago and I had the worse day ever, it seemed like everything went wrong.

8. I’ve been exposed two times to people who have been sick, once at home and once in the office, in fact I have an office in which I share with 3 other people, everyone was sick except for me, and I always get sick when I’m exposed.

I’ve talked to so many people about this product and a lot of people are interested in knowing more, but it speaks for itself when they can see me and my new form mentally and physically.    -Brian C.

No Longer Need Glasses

I have 15 issued patents and 12 pending patent applications, all in the field of chemistry and catalysis. I am 50 and I have been very frustrated with my need to wear reading glasses for the last 4 years. I have taken the recommended dosage for just 4 days and I am shocked to find out I DO NOT NEED my reading glasses anymore!! There is something in the Laminine which goes straight to the health of your eyes. I don’t know what it is, but as scientific and data oriented as I am, I don’t care! I am just enjoying my ability to read without the stupid glasses!!!  -J.J.

More Relaxed, Focused, a lot More Energy, Lost Desire to Smoke

My name is Carlos Andrianzen and I am owner of the Newport Driving School. I first started taking the capsules you gave me on January 18, 2009. You had mentioned that some people initially feel an effect within the first ten minutes. For me, however, it was 22 minutes. I started experiencing tingling. Over the course of the next several days I felt more relaxed and more focused and had a lot more energy. I also noticed that I was not hungry. Yesterday I worked from 6 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. without eating anything. As of today I have been on the product for 4 days and I can honestly say that the capsules are great. I call them “Magic Capsules”.

The first day I started taking the product I gave some to my wife, Norma. She began to feel a lot more focus and so far she is still taking the product everyday and she likes it a lot.  BUT WHAT IS REALLY EXCITING IS………..last week I gave the capsule to my friend Paul. He is the type of guy that never wants to try anything.  I told him, why not give it a try. Well he started taking it and within 2 days he lost his desire to smoke. He was a chain smoker who smoked over a pack of cigarettes everyday for the past 38 yrs. and he was never able to quit.  He realizes that the habit was killing him (he developed a smoker’s cough). He told me that just 2 days into taking the capsules, he was down to just 8 cigarettes a day. He said he really has no desire to smoke but that he feels that the “habit” of smoking something is all that is left.

As a result, I am telling EVERYONE about this and getting as many people on the product as possible. I have a lot of experience in network marketing and have in the past sold as much as $90,000 in one month. I feel I am qualified to know a good thing when see it and I am looking forward to being a part of this company with all it has to offer and getting in on the ground floor of something I feel will be the next BIG THING to hit the market.    -Carlos A

Weight Loss, Keen Sense of Focus, Feel Good, Feelings of Elation & Confidence

Dr. Kim Gebrosky, a very good family friend came by the house and asked me to watch a video on this 8 or 9 day old egg, or whatever it was. After watching the Video my curiosity was stimulated a bit but still very cautious as to giving a thumbs up approval. Dr. Kim gave me two capsules that I took and then we started to talk for bout 5-10 min. when I felt a tingle feeling in my face around the sinus area where I was developing another congestion issue. I shared this with Dr. Kim and he explained to me that he had taken a few earlier and he felt that same thing. I felt a few  pos of relief around the pressure areas of my sinuses and felt really good. Dr. Kim gave me a packet of capsules only if I promised to take them and not set them to the side,” He knows me oh to well”.  The next morning I took the pills as directed by Dr. Kim and had a good feeling not a caffeine high but a, want to do something good for myself high. I had good self esteem that wasn’t a here one moment gone the next. The best word for it is: Euphoria, a state of very intense happiness and feelings of well-being. This is something that has been lacking for a long time in my life.

I’m back at the gym everyday and I can’t get enough, I feel good about myself, and I’m on a hard core diet. The pill has not stopped my craving to eat , but it has built up my desire to be a better, healthier person. I approach my physical situation with a positive and meaningful outlook. I have more self-awareness as to how I treat me and what is better for me. Foods don’t comfort me, I comfort me.  After just more than a week and losing 12 lbs.  I have now entered a contest with Max Muscle, it’s a body transformation contest that will last until June 31 of this year. You can follow my success on line. I will be using some of Max Muscle products such as protein drinks, and glutamine.

Without a doubt, I have to contribute 1000% of my success to this incredible Laminine. I’m experiencing a positive mood and gained a better sense of mental soundness and contentedness.  I have always had daunting emotions about working-out, unhappiness over my weight, overwhelming waves of jittery gloom or, worst case, had no emotional sensations at all – I now have the ability to feel good, a keen sense of focus, and the ability to see past what I am today, and images of what I will be tomorrow.  Feelings of elation, confidence and overall real, raw emotion has found its way back into my life once again.    -Mike M.

No Longer Needing Prescription Medication, Improved Eyesight, End to OCD, Mood Swings, Migraines, Insomnia, &  Dental Abscess

Hi! .. I’ve been taking Laminine since September 27th, 2012. Two in the morning and two at night. I can only say good things that have been happening to me ever since. I was on a cocktail of medication. Wellbutrin, Clonazapam, Topomax, Spirolactalone, Furosemide and my Levothyroxine… all tolled I was taking 9 pills a day. I’m happy to report that I completely off of my meds., save the Levothyroxine. Laminine has helped wean off of them. That was my goal – to be drug-free!

Being off of my medication was priority, the rest is gravy! I’m happy! Happier than I have in years. Even my Mom commented that I’m not ‘nasty’ anymore. I do have a mood disorder, but there are no signs of it. Even my OCD is gone. For the most part. My eating disorder still in check. My eye sight is changing. I am near sighted, and my ‘script is -1.00 in both eyes and has been since I was 14 (almost 30 years) I’m beginning to see well without them. My far sightedness has improved, too and I do not require my reading glasses. I was taking Topomax for migraines and I haven’t had one since being off of that. Migraines were a daily occurance for me. I still take my thyroid medication, I need to see my doctor and have my blood tested to see if I’m still needing it. The Clanazapam was for taking at bedtime. I’m an extremely anxiety ridden person and my brain will not shut off when I go to bed. Not anymore!! I’ve been sleeping so soundly .. that alone is a miracle! Being an insomniac stinks… I’ve been this way since I was very young. Now, I lay my head down and fall fast asleep! On November 9th, I had surgery on my foot. I was given heavy pain medication and only had to take it for two days. There is NO PAIN .. I was able to start walking on my casted foot the day after. I’ve never had surgery before, so I’m not sure if it’s my high tolerance to pain that makes me oblivious to it or I would like to think it was the Laminine that helped me through, too. I had a tiny abscess from a root canal. It’s not there anymore. I was at the dentist 4 days ago and there’s no sign of it. I’m even noticing a change in my hair and nails. My hair, which grew fast anyway, has started grown even faster! Nails, too and stronger! I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2005, and have had a few nasty flares. I do get the odd ache .. but that’s about it .. it’s gone within a day. Usually the weather affects me .. so far so good! There are so many pluses. The first two weeks were yukky – I went through detox. Coming off of those toxic meds.! It wasn’t pleasant, but I knew it was just a matter of time and I’d be free! My Mom was so impressed, she’s now ordered. I’m excited to see what gifts are opened up for her. She should get her order today. For those just starting or thinking about it – just do it! The benefits certainly out way the alternative. I look forward to waking up and finding out what else ‘feels better’. There is always something new.    -Sharon


‘… my mother is 90 and has been taking Laminine. The changes in her memory, speech, physical moving is beyond belief.  She actually remembered me by name. That has been years since she did that!’  She got up from the table and did her dinner dishes, started conversations, and overall acted much like she did 8-9 years ago before she had increased dementia … taking the Laminine is the only change she had made, and the improvement is incredible!    -Kelly


Laminine has made a tremendous difference in my life in the last couple of weeks. First, let me tell you that I was hesitant about trying it because I had been on anti-depressants for about 6 months due to my mother’s death last year that affected me greatly. However, once I started taking the Laminine, I felt almost immediately the same balance and sense of well being that I had originally experienced once I was on my other medication.  For the last couple of weeks, I started to change my whole health routine with diet and exercise and to include the Laminine on a regular basis. I am now going off of the anti-depressants and am happy to be using a product that is organic and could produce such great results in the way I feel.

My whole well being is balanced. I feel contentment and my emotional levels are all in sync. I wish I had started on the Laminine six months ago as I believe that if I had…I would never have needed the anti-depressant medication at all.   -Renee H

Extreme Chronic Pain, Body Healing Naturally

I am suffering from a upper back injury due to stress and over lifting. My injury has put my day to day routine into a standstill. When you gave me the Laminine capsules on the first day you treated me, I was in extreme pain and was agitated, distracted, frustrated and fidgety due to that pain. I noticed within 30-45 minutes after taking the capsules that even though I was still in pain, I could sit still, watch a movie, move around the house, stay focused on what I wanted to accomplish and did not have the feeling of aggravation and depression.  It is likened to a state of  “euphoria” without the feeling of being under the influence of a drug.

I ran out of the Laminine before my third visit with you and the agitation returned. I am very thankful that you suggested these capsules, as I do not take any muscle relaxers or anti-inflammatories.  The Laminine capsules have made it easier to have the patience to let my body heal naturally.  I am extremely thankful.   -Michelle

High Blood Pressure & Chronic Fatigue

Every mother knows that raising a child can be a stressful situation.  I had four of my own to look after. I devoted all my time to the four kids that I loved, and because of this, regular exercise and nutritional meals were hard to come by. Consequently, I started displaying symptoms of high blood pressure, which had run its course in my family’s history.  I was constantly lethargic and weary, and gradually felt the energy being drained from me as the months of keeping up with my kids went by. Because of the perpetual fatigue, the drive to workout was not there for me. The day of my annual checkup was the day the doctor finally told me that I had a problem with high blood pressure, and I vowed for a change in my life henceforth, simply because of the ones I loved.  I started taking Laminine and within four weeks I was a whole different person. My energy has blossomed, my motivation to work out has improved, and my blood pressure has dropped from 155 to 130. Most importantly,  however, is the fact that I am getting to fully enjoy the days I’m spending with my loved ones.    -Linda S.


Euphoric Feeling, Chronic Neck Pain, Increased Energy

I am compelled to tell you how wonderful I feel after just 3 days on the laminine. I honestly took this believing it would do nothing for me. I literally expected to feel nothing from this. However, to my complete surprise, I feel almost euphoric. I have been suffering with neck pain from 2 bulging discs for over one year now. In fact just this past week I was up in the middle of the night in tears from pain in my neck. My pain now while it is not completely gone is so much better that I have not thought about it all day like I usually do. I have worked out for over 1 hour yesterday and today with very little pain in my neck. This is amazing considering I have only been able to work out once a week for the past year due to pain. I have awakened these past few days feeling great with energy I have not felt for a very long time. This is really a miracle. Thank you for sharing this with me. I believe God has used you to give people such as myself a new lease on life. God bless you and your work.  -Jill H.


ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), Insomnia, Reduced Food Cravings

I initially decided to try it to see if it would have any effect on my ADD. I had tried prescription medications for it in the past and wanted to try something new in an effort to get away from the side effects I had previously experienced. Boy, was I in for a surprise. Although I did see some increase in my attention span, where I really saw the most difference was in dealing with my insomnia.  Due to a recent family tragedy, I had been experiencing persistant moderate to severe insomnia. I had tried over the counter and prescription medications. Neither provided more than a few days of relief from my sleeplessness and often had side effects that were worse than being tired. I would often survive on 2-3 hours of sleep per night for many nights in a row. At times I was often cranky, short tempered, unable to concentrate and more than once became delusional.

This all changed on the evening I began taking Laminine. I immediately became able to “turn my brain off – something I hadn’t been able to do before no matter how hard I tried. I can’t describe the relief in being able to lay down and know that you will actually be able to sleep instead of laying in bed tossing and tuning, eventually getting up exhausted and emotionally unfit to handle my day.

As an added bonus I also saw a reduced intensity in food cravings and a greater ability to make proper food choices despite the fact that it was the week before I was due to start my period.  Overall, I would say I had an extremely positive experience and will continue to use your product to combat my insomnia. I know this works as 3 days after I ran out of my first order of product, my insomnia started coming back. I am now as of tonight back on the product with my new supply.

-Stephanie F. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

More Energy & Focus and Over All Good Feeling of Well Being

I did notice a burst of energy after taking Laminine for 3 weeks. I was extremely tired during a conference and noticed a difference when I added Laminine to my Juice Plus system.  I am a pretty high energy person anyway and have been on Juice Plus for 8 years, but adding Laminine gave me more energy. Just the other day, I did 3 workouts in one day. So, taking Laminine with my already existing nutrition program added more energy, more focus, and an over all good feeling of well being, which we all need during stressful times.  The longer I take it the better I feel.    -Teresa H. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Sharcoma Retooth, Bilateral Fibular Neuropathies, Intense Pain, Stiff Feet

I Can Walk Again!!

My name is Thayne Beck.  I want to share with you what Laminine has done for me.  I will start off by telling you about two major diseases that I have.  The first is called Sharcoma retooth, my tendons and ligaments in my feet were deformed at birth.  My toes stuck straight up and my whole life had to walk on my heals. Because of this I have an unusual high arch in my feet and it is very painful.  Second is a type of neuropathy, I was told that having one of these diseases is bad but to have both is rare and very bad.  It’s called Bilateral Fibular neuropathies in my ankles and legs.  My doctor explained it to me saying, my nerves travel through cartilage tunnels and these tunnels are dying off and crushing the nerves.  This is extremely painful and had never known a pain free day in my life.

It makes the most basic things like walking or running hard.  Shopping for food or doing anything that requires me to stand for more than just a few minutes were hard to do because the pain was so intense.  I always had assistance of some kind such as my cane, walker or wheelchair.  My feet were very stiff with almost no rotation.  It was as though my feet were actually fused.  I also had pain surge through my legs which made my wheelchair a comfortable place to be.

I am married, and had to quit working several years ago because my feet would no longer work because I was a truck driver.

My doctors told me that no matter what I did I would end up in a wheelchair permanently.  They recommended I do surgery to slow down the diseases but also let me know that even surgery only had a small chance of slowing it down.  After much thought and prayers I decided against having surgery.

I first tried Laminine in the second week of January 2012.  I prayed about it first and felt like this could be something that would really help me.  On my first day of taking Laminine I noticed that I had more rotation in my feet.  At the end of my first week my pain was reduced by half and I continued to have more rotation in my feet.   At the end of the second week all my pain was gone. It’s been six weeks now and I can walk without any assistance and can play church basketball. The most exciting thing is that my unusually high arch is now a normal sized arch.  My toes actually touch the floor for the first time ever.


Asthma, Severe Cramping, Eyelid Twitching, Headaches, Hair Growing Back

The rest of the story:  It has now been 90 days since I first took Laminine. I am back to work and doing wonderful.  Here are the little things that I have noticed:

I have always had a twitch with my eye lids. For as long as I can remember my eye lids would twitch all the time, almost non-stop. That has completely stopped.  I also use to get severe cramping and it would wake me up (and my wife) in the middle of the night.  That has stopped.

I had problems sleeping before, I have struggled with asthma all my life, I was told two years ago I needed to use a c-pap machine to help me breath at night.  The machine helped a lot.  However, I no longer need that machine.

All my headaches have disappeared.

When I was 18 I started to lose my hair and went bald. I have noticed that my hair is starting to grow back on the top of my head.  My fingernails are growing back faster and thicker than ever before.  The same goes for my toenails. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


I offer my observations of my husband’s continued recovery from a debilitating Ischemic stroke in May 2011 while we were employed abroad so that others may know that there is hope for their recovery.

We have included several methods we consider beneficial in his progress so far, First is prayer. Then Acupuncture has assisted in the waking up of various nerves affected which kept him from being able to move normally, eat and drink without choking, regain balance for walking, getting out of bed and is now focusing on better vision. Other methods are the Dean Ornish MD reversal diet of no cholesterol or oil, Qi Gong exercises, music almost 24 hrs a day, Tachyon blue-green algae and B complex from Wachters and he also sleeps on a Tachyon mattress. All of which has helped him in his recovery process so far. As of this time he still takes Aspirin daily.

But Now I really want to talk about the amazing progress he has made in the 20 days he has taken Laminine.

After 20 days, the last 2 days(12/19 and 20) were exceptionally good.

Last 2 days – Jim’s balance was perfect, he is walking around the house, picking up and helping with whatever I ask, and sometimes doing things on his own initiative, getting fruit for himself from the fruit bowl when he is hungry, remembering the DVD we saw the previous night, moving at normal speed, his vision seems better at times. Yesterday he was able to stand while exercising with good balance. He can express a complete thought as he speaks. He speaks in his normal voice tone. He has more energy and appetite and sleeps less. Shows concern for me. Feeds and plays with our dog.

In the first 24 hrs. after taking a total of 4 LpN9 he awoke in the morning and sang with the DVD that was playing. He never did this before. His recall improved and he answered questions quickly , not forgetting key words.

48 hrs. . He made decisions between 2 things.

72 hrs. more focus/perception – able to convey what he saw close up

5th day – Better memory -He remembered where we had dinner the night before.

7th day – making decisions on what to wear

10th day – We had guests that nite and he welcomed them, enjoyed the time with them, helped prepare the refreshments

12th day – says he wants to do more for himself, better phone communication

13th day -able to do 2 things at once

16th day – gathered dry laundry helped fold and put away(his initiative) Before going out he remembered where he left his hat the day before.  After walk he took off hat, scarf, gloves and coat and put them away.

 I have been reminded by my husband, who is a doctor of chiropractic and my good friend, that healing takes time and sometimes it will seem like maybe things are going backwards, but then in the next few days we see more progress. That’s the way people heal. My son reminds me “not to ride the rollercoaster”, and to continue with the plan.

 I am convinced that Laminine is an essential part of the plan for my husband’s healing and we will continue it for as long as it takes. There are no words to thank Janis enough for introducing us to Laminine.     -Linda and Jim

Chronic Pain, Arthro Gyposis Multiplex Congenital, Scar Tissue

I was introduced to Laminine about two weeks ago, still in pain after 12 months of healing after my 55th surgery. I was born with Arthro Gyposis Multiplex Congenital, 55 surgeries trying to make me normal. All they did was cause scar tissue which in turn has caused pain. Pain caused from SCAR TISSUE, JUST CHRONIC PAIN! I met Kimberly Payne at Idaho Ballroom Dance Studio, when she shared Laminine with me and thought it could help me. I was very skeptical, after all, I do have a huge box of prescription meds that have NEVER worked, so it was worth a try. I couldn’t get off the morphine without constant pain. I am a mother of 4, with a therapy ranch and hundreds of animals to take care of. Within two weeks I’m off the morphine, sleeping through the night, and feeling great! I’m back to being the wife, mom, and friend I used to be. Helping with the ranch once again. It’s only been two weeks, I know all my cells aren’t regenerated as of yet, but if I feel this great only after two weeks, I can’t wait to see what happens after being on it longer. After teaching biology to the kids, I know it’s real, it makes sense! Scientifically and humanly it makes sense. My husband has seen such a difference in me he asked me what I’m doing, I told him, and now he is on the product. My friend Diana asked the same thing, now she is on it and sleeping through the night and her knee pain has improved, she is also a breast cancer survivor from a double mastectomy and has lived with constant pain also. Only after one week on Laminine she is feeling a huge difference. Thank you. Britt Christiansen


Arthritis, Improved Sleep

I have only been taking LAMININE for about a week. I’ve had this ARTHRITIS on my fingers for sometime now. I could not bend my fingers in the mornings without any pain. I can’t take any conventional medicine because of the side effects. I have been taking natural herbs, which has been helping me some.  But the morning after I took first two capsules of LAMININE, I could get out of bed more pleasantly and I could use all my fingers without any pain.

I thought it was nice but I did not realize what helped me. I didn’t sleep well on the 3rd night so I had to get up in the middle of the night to take LAMININE capsules. I don’t want to forget to take capsules before I go bed again! I am giving Laminine to my daughters and my sisters and I can wait to share with many other people. I give thanks to our God all mighty and all the people whom are working toward to help people like me.  -Misuk

 Stomach Pain Gone, Improved Sleep

 I just have to share this, as my Aunt Lana Boyd-Good would say I have had a few “Aha” moments since on Laminine.  I have a number of stomach issues and was down to eating barely anything without horrible pain and frequent trips to the bathroom.  I have had many tests and colonoscopy’s since I turned 24, they cant seem to find out whats wrong with my poor tummy. So I have been taking Laminine  since September 15, I am on day 1.  I have been able to eat anything without getting sick!!!! I noticed it on Day 1 to be honest and thought it was a coincidence, but for all 12 days I have not been sick or had pain at all!!!! I have had Chinese, Mexican, Italian all sorts of stuff I haven’t had in forever, even fried chicken!!!

Then this morning I was in a rush to get out of the house and realised on my way to work I forgot to take my Laminine, I figured Ah whats one day I will take it tonight, I was sick at lunch time instantly after eatting my lunch.  I have been in pain since then. So I cant wait to get home and take my LPN9 because this just proved to me what a miracle it is!! Not only is my tummy straightening out so I can become the social butterfly I once was again, but my sleeping is so great now, I never in my 30 years have been a morning person, I now have woke up the last 12 days before my alarm clock goes off and I am fully rested, and even better news I was a monster drink addict some days having as many as 3, I have not needed not 1 in 12 days!!! Thank you LPN9 for getting me on the track to my new healthy life that I can enjoy living!!!


I want to share the success I have already had with this wonderful pill- I have been taking it for a little over a week, I saw my doc Monday, she took me off my diabetes meds because my blood sugar is controlling itself. I have more energy this week, than I have had in the last 6 months. It feels really good to feel like myself again- only better! Thank you 🙂

Kidney Disease, No Longer Needs Dialysis

I want to share with everybody a quick testimony that my friend who lives in the Philippines shared with me about what Laminine has done and continues to do for her husband who was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease, with her permission of course….It will blow you away!!

“He was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease  last February. We first heard about Laminine last March and I put him on it right away. His nephrologist said at that point that his kidney function is only 12% and he needs Dialysis (last Feb). But I insisted not to give into Dialysis cause it’s costly and instead try Laminine.  Now two weeks ago we went to his doctor with his blood chem result. This was after many months of not going to the doctor and taking the medications she prescribed and she prescribed many for him and injections of epotein twice a week and that was going to be very costly. But I did not give him the injections, instead gave him ferrous sulfate (iron) twice a day for his hemoglobin. You know what happened? The results were amazing and the doctor was all smiles!  His creatinine levels went from 441.90 to now 3.16!  His Kidney function went  from 12 % up to 21%! The doctor said she will not give him any meds now with these results! She said his blood sugar is normal despite of the months we did not see each other. She said to continue the ferrous sulfate and the Laminine (my friend told the Doctor about LpN9 from the start, what she didn’t tell the doctor is that she didn’t plan on giving her husband the medications, injections, or dialysis!) Now the doctor is seeing for herself what this product is doing and she is just smiling about it. The doctor said “No more Dialysis in your future!” Imagine, just Laminine is recovering my husband from the fate of kidney failure! I had to see for myself if Laminine really works. It needed faith and work. That’s how faith works, with action on its side and Laminine.”

I was totally humbled and stunned after she told me her testimony night before last. I am rejoicing too in what a powerful, unique and special product we all have in our hands right now. And Tony I do not think it is by accident you came on today and asked for a testimony about Kidney failure. The power of just asking! Here’s to good health for your Mother! Everyone please share this powerful testimony to all you know, that is my friend’s wish too!|    -Lisa

Cancerous Tumor and Colon Pain Disappear

I was in St. George over the weekend for a family wedding.  While there I had the opportunity to visit with my friend Sherry.  She has been using Laminine for about 3 months now and has a wonderful story:

For two and half years she has been suffering with pain from a cancerous tumor in her colon. She has done everything she could think of, and all the wonderful products she incorporated in her diet were short lasting.  When a friend gave her Laminine she jumped on it because she understood the value of both amino acids and the fibroblast growth factor.  Her horrific pain went away after the first day and has never came back.  She found out after two months that the tumor was no longer there.  (She took & still takes 4 a day).  Have a good day. Rebecca

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