Here are some tips that may help with litter training an adopted kitten:

Have the litter box set up before you bring your kitten home.  The box should be in a quiet place away from the eating area.Litter Training an Adopted Kitty

When arriving home with your new kitty, show her where the litter box is by gently placing her in it.

When you see your kitten squat to go to the bathroom in a place other than the litter box, immediately pick her up and place her
in the litter box.

Since cats do not like dirty litter boxes, be sure to clean the litter box frequently. This preventative step may save you from having
to clean up a mess somewhere in your home.

Punishment should never be associated with the litter box. So if your kitty has an accident, do not punich her.   Instead, use a
paper towel to clean up the mess.   Then put the kitten and the soiled paper towel into the litter box. This should help your kitten
to associate her “bathroom behavior” with the litter box.



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