Overweight Pets

Is your cat or dog looking a bit pudgy?overweight pets

According to the Association for Pet Obesity, 58% of all cats and 54% of all dogs in the United States are overweight or obese.

Our pets are becoming increasingly overweight, and this excess weight can cause as much damage to a dog or cat as it does to a human’s body.

What are the risks of excess pet weight?

The risks associated with your dog or cat’s excess weight can vary from minor health problems to very serious ones.   Extra weight can cause damage to our pet’s bones, joints, and internal organs.  Some of the health issues of overweight pets can be reversed through exercise and dietary changes.  But, unfortunately, some of the damage can remain for the rest of your pet’s life.  Plus, the damage to your pet’s body will be more severe the longer your pet is overweight.

Overweight pets can suffer from the following conditions.

  • Difficult breathing (heart and respiratory problems)
  • Inability to exercise as much
  • High blood pressure
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Diabetes or insulin resistance
  • Kidney and/or liver disease
  • Cranial cruciate ligament injury
  • Intolerance to heat
  • Lowered immune system function
  • Increased risk of cancer

How can you tell if your pet is overweight?

If your dog or cat isn’t as active as he used to be, this may be due to weight gain.  To physically check to see if your pet is overweight, do the following.  While your dog or cat is standing, feel around his midsection.  There should be a slight hourglass shape to the waist, and it should be easy to feel his spine and ribs. If your pet has a more tubular shape and you can’t easily feel the spine or ribs, it’s time for Fluffy or Fido to lose some weight.

How can you help your pet lose weight?

If your dog or cat is overweight, you may be feeding the wrong food or too much food.  Inadequate exercise will make the problem worse.  Combining a healthy diet and exercise can help your pet trim down and get back in shape.

  •  Provide a balanced and healthy diet to your pet.

    Your dog or cat needs a diet high in animal protein and moisture.  Unfortunately, many weight loss foods are low in protein and are filled with grains that may actually add to a weight problem.  Also, since long term feeding of a low protein food can lead to health issues, it is important to feed a diet that provides adequate protein, but that is low in carbohydrates or grains.

  •  Control portions.

    Measure your pet’s food to ensure he is ingesting the number of calories that will provide a healthy weight loss, but that provides enough calories to maintain health.  Be sure to feed only low-fat healthy treats that enhance your pet’s health and count any calories that come from treats.

  • Provide daily exercise.

    Regular exercise will help increase your pet’s muscle tone and burn fat.  Try to include at least 20 minutes of aerobic exercise daily.  If you’re unable to provide your pet with this exercise, you could hire a dog or cat walker or join a pet sports club or a dog daycare that provides the needed activity.

Warning for cat owners!

Be sure that your cat loses weight slowly (generally no more than one-half pound per month). Fast weight loss can cause accumulated fat to mobilize too quickly.  This can overwhelm the liver and shut it down, leading to hepatic lipidosis or fatty liver disease.  This is a life-threatening disease, so please check with your veterinarian to determine a safe and healthy weight loss plan.

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