Remove Ticks – Easily and Completely With Tick Key!

Remove Ticks – Easily and Completely

With Tick Key!

  • Remove ticks with Tick Key Tick RemoverThe only tick removal device on the planet that uses natural forward leverage to remove the entire tick, head, and all, quickly and safely without touching or squishing even the toughest engorged ticks!

  • 99.9% effective on all sizes and types of ticks!

  • Secures and removes ticks very quickly so your pet does not have time to “squirm”!

  • Makes a great gift or stocking stuffer!

  • Free shipping!

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Ticks carry many diseases, including Lyme Disease.  So it is extremely important to remove ticks as soon as possible. Traditional methods of removing ticks can cause problems if the tick head is not removed or if during the removal process, toxins are expelled onto your pet.

To prevent possible problems during tick removal, try Tick Key!

It removes ticks quickly and completely and is so easy to use!


The Tick Key®  Is The Easiest-To-Use Tick Remover On Earth!

 Place the key over the tick in the slot. Pull the key away from the tick sliding along the skin.
The Tick is removed easily, head and all!

 This patent-pending design has been perfected and tested for over five years and is
responsible for the removal of thousands of ticks of all sizes including deer ticks and dog

The Tick Key®  is fabricated from high-strength anodized aluminum…this is not a weak piece of plastic.

The Tick Key®  is flat and is easily stored in a wallet, pocket, on a key chain, collar, saddle, or leash.

The Tick Key was invented in Watertown, Connecticut in 2003 after several years of designing & redesigning. Since then it has been tested over and over again and has proven to be the premier tick-removal device on the market.

We are excited to offer you this unique US Patent Pending Design, constructed of sturdy machined anodized aluminum, at all levels of the consumer market.  This product is proudly manufactured in Connecticut (USA).

 ** Comes in assorted 7 bright metallic colors: 

Green, Light Green, Magenta, Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple, Raspberry, Red, Gold, Navy, Sandstone, Silver, Yellow, Brown, Seafoam, Pewter, Copper Penny, & Black

Please allow us to choose for you or in the “Comment” section of the order form website page, you can tell us which color(s) you would like.  We will send your preferred color as long as we have it in stock. 

Tick Key:  $7.99  –  Free Shipping!!!

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Tick Key Demonstration

How Not To Remove Ticks

Don’t Remove Ticks With Your Fingers.

In many cases, a tick is likely to be carrying pathogens such as Lyme disease, ehrlichiosis, and others that are harmful to humans and pets. Pulling on a tick, even with tweezers, can tear the mouth parts from the body of the tick.

Don’t Apply Substances To A Tick.

Applying any substances, such as petroleum jelly, fingernail polish remover, repellents, or a lighted match that upset or harm the tick almost always causes the tick to vomit the contents of its stomach back into the host.

No matter how badly a tick may want to remove itself, it is not capable of doing so quickly.  Ticks can live without air for long periods; attempts to smother them can allow disease transmission for hours.

Don’t Squeeze, Crush or Squash A Tick.

This can force spirochete and other infective body fluids through the mouth parts of the tick.


The TICK KEY®  is the only tick-removal device on the planet that uses

natural forward leverage to remove the entire tick, head, and all, quickly and safely without touching or squishing even the toughest engorged ticks.

The Tick Key is 99.9% effective on all sizes and types of ticks.



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