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Just amazing! It works!

For years now, I have been struggling with severe bloating and gas after every meal. I tried to discuss this with my doctor, but he dismissed it as over-eating (even though I am only 130 pounds and 5ft. 6 inches). After doing an elimination diet, I discovered I had a problem with gluten. I know I most likely have celiacs, after reading up on all of the symptoms, but I decided to not go through being tested and just change my diet. A gluten free diet eased some of my symptoms, but my digestion was still off, no matter how healthy I ate.

I started taking Restore three days ago. The first day I took half a teaspoon, and after about two hours, I realized my stomach was calmer. When it was time for my second dose, I poured too much, so I took almost a full teaspoon. It didn’t take long and I had a bad case of diarrhea. It went away quickly, but I decided to stick with half a teaspoon (per dose) for a while to get used to it. I read on the website that some people with extreme gut problems may experience some symptoms and should start very slowly. I have now developed a white coated tongue and a yeast infection, so why rate this stuff five stars, right?

First off, my stomach is not a rumbling, gassy mess. It feels calm and finally normal, even after I eat. That alone is a miracle for me. No idea why, but my joints feel better. I am not as stiff and achy in my fingers, toes, neck and back like I used to be constantly. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my early twenties. My mood feels much better already. I am not anxious and irritable. I just feel happier. I guess that could be from less pain and uncomfortable stomach issues. I will update this later after trying restore for a longer period.

By the way, I paid full price for this product. I received no discounts for a review, like others have.

* Update – I am just about done with my 32 oz bottle of Restore. I have been taking it for almost two months, so you can see it does last a while. I did find out very fast that I have a candida problem when I started this product. I also noticed falling asleep much faster and better quality of sleep. I have decided to take a soil-based probiotic for a month, and then buy another 32 oz bottle of Restore to use. I highly recommend this product for anyone having serious digestion issues, but start with a low dose!
Sierra D.

This is an amazing product. Basically protects us from round-up. Yes, round-up in our food supply causes many chronic diseases. If you look at the CDC ( Center For Disease Control) for the most common chronic diseases in the US; you’ll find that the upward rise of ALL the diseases ( ex. Diabetes, Alzheimers, Obesity) match the exposure of our food supply to round-up ( or glyphosate). Monsanto ( the makers of round-up) buried the data that shows that it causes cancer- and they got away with it. What happens is round-up( that also kills weeds) doesn’t interact with humans. BUT it does kill the bacteria that are responsible for keeping bad stuff in our food from getting through our intestines into us. Round-up is used in farming practices to create weed free environments for many of our foods; and the farmers use round-up ready GMO ( man-made Genetically Modified Organisms) crops that don’t die when sprayed with round-up. And it’s everywhere- even in our water and it takes a long time to get it out of the soil! Anyway, once those bacterial connections to our intestines are ruined by round-up all the bad stuff gets into our system and these toxins are like pin-balls colliding in our bodies and brains. This is what causes the inflammation which, in turn, causes the disease.

The reason I know all this is that my daughter was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 2 1/2 years ago and I am a physician (M.D.) and I have researched the data constantly since then. Basically when I started my daughter on Restore ( since the meds didn’t really work) within 30 MINUTES after taking it she wasn’t dizzy- which was her main symptom- and nothing had touched it for 2 years. She has now been on it for 5 months and her symptoms of diizziness have gone from an 85 on a scale of 100 to a 5!!

Absolutely proving that her MS is from intestinal abnormalities. The medical community is behind on this information. I definitely would have pooh-poohed it had I not researched it for my daughter’s sake. Start off slowly if you have an autoimmune disease or intestinal abnormalities. This stuff protects those who don’t have any disease and it is EXTREMELY safe. BTW round-up probably is the reason for the exponential rise in Autism. Read the research by Dr. Zach Bush, the founder of Restore- absolutely amazing that Restore (which is really just prehistoric dirt water- before glyphosate hit us)-blocks the effects by recreating those tight junctions in our intestines that are created by the interactions of many strains of good bacteria that had been lost b/c of round-up and the other herbicides in it. FYI once you start taking Restore you will no longer need probiotics b/c Restore brings back up to 20,000 strains of good bacteria to our intestinal tract.Probiotics create a mono culture which is nowhere near what we need. Dr. Thomas M. Reynolds, M.D.,FACS. BTW I am in no way associated with this product.
I found out about it on the internet.

Ok. This stuff is truly amazing. If you’re not familiar go to YouTube and watch Dr Zach Bush’s videos about glyphosate and Restore. I’m on my third bottle and I am feeling better than I have for about 8 years. There is something to this stuff! Immediately my tummy flattened out, over time my digestion became regular, and my energy is way up, I can think again. If you have any health issues, try this please.
Tracy C.

I’ve got a typical profile of a person with gut problems–was a C-section, a lot of infections as a baby. As a teen/young adult, if I didn’t take very good care of myself, I got chronic sore throats and lung infections. In middle age, autoimmune disease and Lyme. Constantly struggling with diet and treatments, very low energy and lots of bad patches where I was basically bedridden. Have eaten a bazillion probiotics over the years along with a bazillion antibiotics.

But WOW! Restore has changed everything! That underlying feeling of fragility–like my health is about to go wrong in a really bad way–is gone. I feel strong, I’m sleeping well, losing weight, exercising, getting stuff done! I feel like I have my life back. Incredible product and I’m so so grateful.

The first improvement for me was better sleep. I started dreaming for the first time in years and stopped waking up to pee. That was in the first month, and the energy etc. has come later. For me the improvements have been slowish but very powerful. Life-changing!

Thank you!

This is very powerful. You have to be careful not to take it with probiotics, start slow and may even have to do a week on week off cycle. That is how I have had to do it otherwise the die off reaction is too severe.
Bethany J.

With the zillions of supplements out there, it is hard to figure out what to choose. This is a keeper. I heard about this product from Dr Joe Mercola who mentioned it in one of his podcasts. When it started helping me, I then I did a deep dive into why it was working. It was formulated by a triple board certified physician Zach Bush M.D. who is brilliant. It is endorsed by Moms of America and people like Gary Gordon M.D., the father of chelation.

What does it do? It relieves the inflammation that is the cause of all our chronic diseases – such as diabetes, autoimmunity, fibromyalgia, ADD, autism, etc. It is a great antidote to the herbicides and pesticides in our environment and it is an antidote to the gluten (glyphosate) sensitivity we are all experiencing whether we know we are sensitive or not.  It is modified prehistoric dirt water, no kidding, which tightens the junctions in our gastrointestinal tract and provides a communication system to help proliferate the good bacteria which will crowd out the bad bacteria. Probiotics are so yesterday and should not be taken with this product to achieve a better balance.

Do your own search through google and youtube for more confirmation about all of this. Oh yes, my bowels, narcolepsy, spaciness are all improving. Start slow, like a drop at a time at first. The only downside, if there is one, is that it needs to be taken indefinitely since our environment is so toxic.

I originally hear about this product during a podcast by the product’s creator. It sounded AWESOME, well aware that it was slightly pitchy (but also very moderate and honest in tone and with information) I ordered my first bottle with a mixture of curiosity, skepticism, and hope. The price is actually quite fair considering the amount of time a large bottle will last (even with multiple users) and the likelihood that you will not need to continue buying this product for a long time.

As a person that has had chronic, long-term digestion irregularities (erring on the side of slow movements, bloating, and sluggishness) I find this product to be quite amazing. I started on a low dose, 1/4 teaspoon 2-3 times a day. The effects were debatable and after a week I increased to 1/2 teaspoon once daily. BOOM the results were in – I feel super energized and my core feels tight and clean (can anyone else relate to my n=1, unscientific language, lol). At this dose, I have regular and best yet, comfortable movements in the morning. I noticed a bit of mucus leaving as well, it is consistently in the same place of the stool – I wonder if this is the dreaded candida?  My mind is razor sharp, I wake up super zoomy, focused and ready for the day. At times I feel a little too energized, like I have to catch up with myself. This product is fun to play around and use in different doses with depending on what the day entails. I can see how for some, it would be very life changing. Digestive issues are no fun. I know for me, it is a great comfort to know I have some on hand. Actually, I like it so much I bought a second large bottle.

I would recommend this product to anyone with brain fog, slow digestion, fatigue and lethargy as well as anyone with a demanding mental job.

If you or your child has to take strong antibiotics and they upset your stomach, take this as directed and it makes all the difference immediately! Helped our daughter SO much! Couldn’t be happier! She calls it her “magic dirt water”!

Danah H.

After being on antibiotics for over two years, because of lymes disease, my doctor recommended that I start taking Restore. I have started to notice a difference after one month!
I’m excited to get back to my old self!
Nick E.

I could feel the difference within two days and yes it is hard to get into the routine of using it but my gut feels better , even though I take care of myself and use only organic vitamins I can tell the difference . Hope it does what they say it does.
Arnold J.

Absolutely wonderful!! I got relief from the first day. I got diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2010, and had to go into the hospital and received high doses of steroids.
Since then, my stomach has given me so much problems. I began a vegan to do better for my body but all roughage made my tummy feel so unstable. NOT ANYMORE…..RESTORE
has made all the difference in the world. Thank you!!
Erin N.

I noticed improvement after only four days ! And, I am still advancing my daily dose as recommended so I look forward to even more progress. I had to put the liquid in a small
amount of vitamin water as taking it straight on an empty stomach caused nausea. Would highly recommend this product to treat leaky gut issues. Well worth the price.

UPDATE : after several weeks I am enjoying a terrific improvement in my gut function! I admit I was a little sceptical but now I am a true believer. My gut has been damaged by ongoing medical issues for 3 years so, full recovery will take more time. I am glad to have Restore. Try it. You won’t regret it.
S. Link

It has only been about 2 weeks but I really LOVE this stuff so far. I first heard about it on a Lyme Ninja Radio podcast in 2015 where Mackay Rippey interviewed the creator Dr. Zach Bush. I put it in the back of my mind as something interesting to try but never got around to it. This year, my dad had recurrent bouts of MRSA and he took numerous antibiotics and I wanted to get him something to help clean up his gut so I bought Restore. After a few weeks, he mentioned that he was sleeping better than he has in decades so I figured I would give it a try. I’m not exactly sure what my health issue is — I have been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue and Lyme Disease and I got significantly worse after a round of Ciprofloxacin (Fluoroquinolone antibiotic …. Fluoroquinolone Toxicity). I’ve been through various dietary changes and treatments over the years that have helped but nothing quite returned me to normal yet. However, after trying Restore I noticed that I was getting glimpses of my former level of expression and level of energy … like my personality was able to better express in full whereas before it was always hampered by fatigue and a low level of brain fog. Even though it has only been about 2 weeks,
I was able to have a busier week than I’ve had in years. I’m only able to take 1/2 teaspoon so far … if I take too much I get some symptoms, so I am going slow and building my way there over time. I’m truly impressed with my response to this product so far and plan on continuing with it and building up to the full dose! Thanks for creating a helpful product!  Note: I take really good care of myself (diet & lifestyle), so that may factor into my quick and positive response.

UPDATE: Still going strong 4 months out! I’m up to 3 teaspoons a day and my abilities continue to increase. I also added some mitochondrial support and changed a few other things in my regimen that added additional benefit. I’m the most functional that I have been in about 3 years (!!!) Restore has been one of my game-changing products. Hope it works for other people as well!
Erin M.

I’ve been giving this to my 7 yr old who has severe seasonal allergies, food sensitivities and bad eczema. Knowing that her gut had to be out of balance I started giving her this, 2-3 times daily, at least 15-30 min before meals. It has been nothing short of miraculous. Her skin cleared up, allergies vastly improved and dark circles under her eyes are gone. Honestly a wonderful product and I’ve begun to give to the rest of my family
Laura W.

Start with small dose and build up

If you are healthy, you can probably just start this on the full dose. If you are not healthy, you probably want to build up to a full dose. I have chronic fatigue and multiple chemical sensitivity. To begin, I put ONE DROP in a large glass of water, then I drank the water. And got a bad headache. I waited a day, then put one drop in a glass of water and took ONE SIP and tossed the rest of the glass. That dose worked. If you are super sensitive like me, build up slowly. I am up to one whole drop after two weeks. I plan to build up to the regular dose.

I watched a few youtube video interviews with Dr. Zach Bush and this product sounds really promising. He does mention that people who are really sensitive should start much slower
than 3 teaspoons per day. Each person may have a different reaction. I am glad I used caution when starting this.
Norcal R.

Immediately helped with years of chronic pain, stomachaches, headaches.

I cannot even begin to describe what a difference this product has made for me in just the last 5 days since starting. I have autoimmune disease, struggle with abdominal discomfort all day everyday, foggy head, forgetful, crave sweets all the time, chronic pain, and more. A friend has been taking Restore for a little over a month and told me how much it helped, so I decided to give it a shot. I am never too hopeful with anything because I’ve tried everything from gluten free to the elimination diet with no improvement. I woke up after day one and had no stomach ache, which is the first time in over 8 months. Throughout the day I noticed I wasn’t wanting sugar, which is very rare for me. I also now on day 5 have noticed I am more regular but definitely not rushing to the bathroom, I am not in horrible pain all day. I ABSOLUTELY cannot wait to see how I am doing in another week or month. It is expensive, but so worth trying. And with the money I was spending on trying everything else that never worked, this is so worth it. One more thing I forgot to mention, typically when I try a product that is for gut health, I experience a “die-off” of candida which causes flu like symptoms.
I have not felt one bit of that with this product 🙂
Lindsey L.

Worth every penny

I tried Restore for about 8 months, did well during that time, but could not honestly say the improvement was from Restore due to other things I was doing to treat my SIBO/IBS-C during that time. So I gave it up for about 5 months, in that time I have continued with my other efforts for said maladies, however I continued to slip.

So on a hunch, I started up with the Restore again. Within 3 days I am noticing an improvement in my bowel movements as well as my systemic fibromyalgia that is connected to said maladies. All this said, this stuff is legit by my own personal trials and I cannot recommend it highly enough.
Jennifer B.

Improvements observed in eleven days.

I purchased this product after hearing Zach Bush MD on a GMO documentary (the information presented in the documentary infuriated me due to apparent collusion by mega corporations and the US government to HIDE THE DANGERS OF GMOs and glyphosate). I’m on Day 11 of using Restore. Here are my results so far:

1. I have a 50% flatter abdomen after 11 days of use. This is a welcome change! I have been bloated for 10 years and 5 months. (After eating GMO sugar and GMO corn in 2006/2007, I developed a myriad of chronic gut and brain issues, including autism symptoms–ate age 42!!!! Not fun!)

2. Nasal passages/sinuses are the same. I’m using the Restore nasal spray as well. No noticeable change there. However, I’ll keep using the spray until it’s used up.

3. Clearer mind by 25%. I’m going for 95% improvement.

4. 25% more energy. Goal is 95%.

5. 50% more positivity. Unexpected result but I’ll take it!

I will update my results. This NOT A PAID REVIEW. Paid reviews aren’t reviews.
Cassandra B.

This stuff is the miracle cure!!!!!

I have been struggling with adrenal fatigue for close to a year. I was never tested for leaky gut but my naturopath said she was certain I had it. I had SEVERE skin issues that left me really depressed and unhappy. I also had food sensitivities that would cause my hands to swell up. I was taking so many supplements I needed a spreadsheet to manage them all. I was introduced to this supplement by an alternative medicine practitioner. Within 2 or 3 weeks of taking it, my skin is clear and I have little to no inflammation in my hands.
I read a blog post by a woman who suffered from Hashimotos that claimed she cured herself and was able to eliminate all of her supplements and replace it with just Restore. I am a
believer. I’ve referred it to all of my friends suffering immune issues. A healthy gut is where it starts and this stuff was god send for me.
Debra F.

Note: This review is based upon my personal experience and those of family and friends who’ve tried this supplement. I am not making any medical claims here, just describing those experiences.


For GI issues (bloating, pain, gas) I’ve tried dozens of probiotic and prebiotic supplements for years, with inconsistent or only temporary effects. Restore is one of the most beneficial and fast-acting health supplements I’ve ever used, with unexpected positive outcomes for non-GI health issues.


After decades of using probiotics for GI issues, this supplement fully rebalanced my gut health in about three weeks. I’ve been using Restore for about seven months now, and also “guinea pigging” it on five family members and friends with similar digestive challenges.

How does it work?

Glyphosate (used in the ubiquitous Ready Roundup herbicide) and gluten are demonstrated to cause “leaky brain-blood barrier” as well as “leaky gut” syndromes. Glyphosate is in virtually all U.S. and European grown food—both vegetable and animal, organic or conventionally grown. Glyphosate and gluten both compromise the tight junctions between intestinal cells and blood vessel linings. These “smart” one-cell-thick barriers keep out macro-molecules that can trigger inflammatory responses. For research on Restore and other lignites (natural carbon-ring groups found in pre-industrial era soils and healthy digestive tracts), search for: “protective-effects-of-lignite-extract-supplement-on-intestinal-barrier-function-in-glyphosatemediated-tight-junction-injury.”

* GI ISSUES: Bloating, IBS pain, gluten/glyphosate/lactose sensitivity: greatly improved for myself and my mother, who has struggled with these issues for decades, despite avoiding gluten and dairy.

* FOOD POISONING PREVENTION: I used to get the “stomach flu” several times per year, usually from eating at restaurants. So far, I’ve had ZERO occurrences. Example: I was recently in NYC and some of my family companions got sick from a food cart. However, my sister-and-law and I both use Restore, and had no issues whatsoever.

* INFLAMMATORY & AUTO-IMMUNE ISSUES: asthma, eczema, rheumatoid arthritis improved among specific family members, friends, and myself.

* BRAIN FOG, A.D.D., AND IRRITABILITY: Within three days, I noticed much better ability to focus and less irritability. Reason: your blood brain barrier is similar to your intestinal lining: both depend upon tight cell junction integrity to keep out foreign molecules that can stimulate unhealthy auto-immune responses. Restore blocks an enzyme called zonulin that breaks these barriers, causing “leaky gut” and “leaky brain”

* NASAL CONGESTION & ALLERGIES: I tried using this supplement in a nasal spray, mixed with saline solution and found no significant benefit. Perhaps this company’s nasal spray product has a better “carrier” solution which would work better. I haven’t tried it.

* KIDNEY FUNCTION: This is only an “n=1” example, but noteworthy: My 66-year-old friend recently experienced 99% loss of kidney function caused by urethral blockage and pressure build-up in the kidneys. His creatinine blood levels were at 10-11 (0.5 or less is normal). After four weeks on Restore, those levels improved to 6.7. His nephrologist called him in excitement late at night to tell him the good news. This is an improvement from nearly 0% kidney function to 15%. Unfortunately, his numbers have plateaued, so there was a limit to this supplement’s effects here.


From Biomic’s FAQ page, and also my own experiences. Pardon the “bathroom language”—inescapable when discussing a GI health supplement:

* CONSTIPATION? My family, friends, and myself all noticed mild constipation and a “rabbit-pellet-like” change in stool composition, some of us more than others. THIS MEANS IT’S WORKING. What to “doo” about it: a) Start with just 1/8 teaspoon per meal and double the dose daily until you’re at 1 tsp per day. b) Drink plenty of water. c) Take some Miralax laxative powder or magnesium maleate (or citrate) with each meal.

* DON’T SKIP TAKING THIS WITH ANY MEALS. Two of my friends used this supplement only sporadically, and found no benefit until they started using it consistently.

* PUT IT IN YOUR BAG: Get a little travel bottle for portable use. Most drug storeshave them in the “travel-sized toiletries” aisle. I use the screw-top cap as a dosing cup.

* EXPOSE YOURSELF TO NATURE’S “MICROBIOME DATABASE”: Open your windows, do some gardening, go for outdoor walks every day, and let your dogs and cats go outside. To get your microbiome diversified (from the typical 100-1000 count to an ideal of 20,000-30,000 species of bacteria, viruses, and fungi), you want to expose yourself to lots of natural SBO’s (soil based organisms). When you breathe natural air, your respiratory tract will “capture” all of them—then Restore’s natural cell-signaling carbon ring substrate will pick and choose the beneficial strains. I wasn’t perceiving much benefit from this product until a few days after getting outside daily for 30 minute walks.

* FOR REALLY BAD IBS, TRY A “PRE-BOOST” COURSE OF SACCHYROMYCES BOULARDII. Biomic recommends stopping all probiotics (to prevent a “monoculture takeover” by the small selection of bacteria used in most all probiotics). But I found that taking this natural sourdough yeast strain for a two weeks helped eliminate a lot of bloating and gas right away (it gobbles up many strains of “bad” bacteria and fungi). I used the Jarrow brand to good effect.

* PRE-BIOTICS WORK WELL WITH THIS STUFF. By pre-biotics I mean things like fiber supplements that good bacteria and fungi eat. I added “Triple Fiber” and it accelerated health improvements. But with a couple of friends, this caused excessive gas and bloating, so experiment, but listen to your body.

Disclaimer: I am not associated in any way with the manufacturer Biomic LLC, it’s primary researcher Zachary Bush MD, or Amazon—just very grateful to have learned about this stuff (from a video on the Moms Across America autism website). I consider myself fairly knowledgeable about GI health, but I am NOT a medical professional. If you have concerns or uncertainty about any self-treatment strategies (this one included), do consult with a trusted medical care practitioner first.

Hope this helps, and best wishes on improving your health in any and every way that works for you!
— Andrew Y.

This product is already helping me immensely after one week. Start the product slowly !! Start with half a teaspoon and build up .. I’m wondering if the people with issues
are taking too much .. Really has helped with sleep,mood, stomach bloating and mental clarity . I was not invited to review this product ! I paid full price ! No advertising perks
Sydney D.

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