Gets rid of fleas, roaches, silverfish, ants and many other insects. One application is guaranteed to last more than a year!

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Fleas Away Boric Acid Carpet Treatment

Get rid of fleas and other insects in your home!  Fleas Away Boric Acid Carpet Treatment contains Boric Acid Granules, not a boric acid powder. There is a vast difference, and this is why our product is so effective!   The Boric Acid Granules adhere to the deep down carpet fibers and STAY there for at least 1 full year!  Also, this granule form is easy to use and won’t clump like powder products.  Fleas Away Boric Acid Carpet Treatment gets rid of fleas, roaches, silverfish, ants and many other insects. And one application lasts more than a year!

Apply directly on carpets, in corners, behind stove, in closets, storage areas and under sinks.

Vacuum first, then sprinkle lightly on carpet and sweep or brush in and around furniture cushions until powder disappears. Powder will work deep down into the carpet and adhere to the carpet fibers.  Try not to vacuum for a few days after treatment.

When ingested, bugs become dehydrated and die. As the flea eggs hatch, they will ingest it and also die. Flea eggs hatch at different intervals and can live up to 200 days before hatching. Allow up to 6 weeks for total flea control.

Money Back Guarantee for One Full Year!

Available in 1 lb. and 3 lb. containers. 1 lb. covers an area of 500 square feet. 3 lbs. covers an area of 1500 square feet.

Detailed Instructions for using the Fleas Away Boric Acid Carpet Treatment:

1.     Remove items in the infected room or around the infected area.  This includes shoes, toys, and any other items on the carpet.  Once the area is free of obstructions, aside from furniture, vacuum the entire area.  You do need to vacuum under the furniture as well so you might have to move it around. This also includes vacuuming the walls and furniture cushions.  This will help the boric acid work more effectively.

2.   Sprinkle infected carpet areas with the boric acid powder.   Make sure you sprinkle under the furniture and in closets also.   Sprinkle extra powder around your pet’s favorite lounging spots in the room.

3.  Use a push broom or brush to distribute the boric acid evenly.    Slowly push the powder down and into the carpet using the push broom or brush.  Be sure you go in only one direction to get an even spread.  Now use a front-to-back sweeping movement to get the powder even deeper into the carpet.  Do this until you no longer see the powder on the carpet’s surface.  Leave the powder on overnight, and then vacuum the carpets the next day.

4.  To get rid of the fleas on furniture, sprinkle the boric acid lightly on the furniture and especially the hidden areas.  Take a hand brush and use it like you would the broom, getting the powder deep into the crevices until you can no longer see the powder. Once you are done, just vacuum the rest of the powder off the furniture.

Manufactured by Natural Pet Products, an industry-leading and family-owned company.  Natural Pet Products has been providing pet owners with safe and non-toxic pet products since 1985.  You can see other products they offer by clicking here.

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