StemEnhance Ultra: Client Testimonials and Reviews

"Roxy" - Ear Infection

Sara participated trialled stem cell nutrition with her two horses and her 80‐pound mixed‐breed dog. She noted significant improvement in the health and quality of life for all three animals during the time of the trials.

Sara gave the product to her dog Roxy, who had suffered for two years with ear problems that led to scratching, often until her skin was raw. Vet recommended remedies had been “temporary, quick‐fixes,” Sara says, but the discomfort always returned “with a vengeance.”

Sara says, “Roxy’s problem with her ears definitely improved, the hair has grown back on her head and ears, and the ear problem has not recurred,” adding that Roxy is “happier and engaging, more playful,” thanks to stem cell nutrition.

Sarah Vaughan, California, USA

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"Kel" - Trauma

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Our Kelpie is called “Kel” which we got from a dog rescue place 5 years ago. He had been severely abused and it took much work with this beautiful boy to get him over his trauma experiences.

Unfortunately he developed arthritis and it became more and more difficult for him to walk and jump.

Many vet visits and injections which helped but not totally satisfactory. Then I came across stem cell nutrition and it made such a difference. No more injections and expensive regular vet visits, instead the morning tablet and I got a happy dog again who can walk and jump and appeared to be pain free. What else can you wish for.

Keith W., Queensland, Australia.


"Sneezy" - Slow Heartbeat

healthy food for dogs
healthy food for dogs

Little Sneezy, born 25th May 2000, my male Pekingese doggie is 10 years old. He had a very slow heartbeat ~his medication was Fortekor 5. He just use to lie in a quiet spot in the house or outside under his favorite tree. It always looked as though he had stopped breathing. I would call his name and hold my breath until he slowly responded. He walked very slowly, just like a little old man. He hardly ate any food, and I was slowly saying “goodbye” to my little Sneezy.

April 2009 ~ I gave him ½ capsule of Stem Enhance everyday which released additional stem cells from his bone marrow and thus, his body’s miraculously started responding to the product ~ 3 days later he was full of bounce and life. He started eating like a horse and started barking at every movement around him Again, I could not believe his remarkable improvement ~ in just 3 days!

22nd March 2010 ~ Sneezy went to the Vet, for a check-up and the Vet told us that his little heart is normal again! We have weaned him off his heart medication. Wow! I have my little Sneezy back! Sneezy also had large cataracts on his eyes. The cataracts are now very small, not to mention how beautiful his coat is looking.

If Sneezy could speak he would like to thank Dr. Christian Drapeau and his team for the amazing discov-ery of Stem Enhance.

Christine, South Africa


"Storm" - Arthritis and Fall

Marita, yes as an animal lover myself, if it wasn’t for Storm (my female Rottweiler) I would not have pursued stem cell nutrition. . Storm is a 14 year old Rotti, weighs 60kg (overweight as she had been spade). She fell in to our empty pool chasing a rat on the 8ft deep side – as she already had bad arthritis in her hind legs and hips, she was walking with great difficulty, and when this happened she could not even get up by herself with this tremendous weight she had on top of it. After an hour struggling we hoisted her with a carpet underneath her belly up to the top. She was totally immobile as she had now hurt the right front and left hind leg. Off to the vet we went.

I then remembered that they said our best friends can also use the product, as we are all mammals and I knew very little about stem cells let alone Adult Stem cells. I told the vet I was giving Storm StemEnhance as now it was a way for me to be convinced that these tablets actually do work. Within 2 days she could help herself up with difficulty but she could at least go outside to do her thing – from there it took 2 weeks before she could walk about 20mtrs to our front gate. Slowly, slowly she started walking with less effort; her cataracts disappeared; her eyes started shining and her coat began to shine beautifully. This accident happened in February 2009. By November she was like a little puppy again – she was playful and very thankful every time she saw me as if she knew whatever I’ve been giving her was working.

If this was a calling, you will not regret it, as our pets cannot speak back and give us any excuses. They just eat foods and meds that we give them without complaining.

Much love, Susan – South Africa


"Djapana" - Slow and Lazy

Hi Marita.

My dog is a kelpie cross, now 11 years old (getting on for the breed). However she runs around like a 2-year old, racing down to the gate (a distance of about 500M) when we come home and then racing the car back up to the house. This has only happened since we have been giving her stem cell nutrition starting in mid May this year.

Before that she was getting a bit lazy and waiting for us near the house.

We have great plans for the future!!! thanks for caring.

xxx Gloria, Perth, WA


"Buster" - Anxiety

Buster, my Staffy/Healer, used to slobber all night – sort of anxiety, as he wanted to be close to us. He also used to bark at 5am for a wee break, and 6.30am for another. He is 9 years old and was a little stiff in his joints. Since taking the StemEnhance and StemFlo, he has stopped all of these symptoms. This took 7 days to kick in.

We give him 1 StemEnhance and 1 StemFlo daily mixed in with his rice and raw meat/sardines and pellets in the even-ing. He weighs about 19 kgs.

Susan Rennie, Perth WA

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Stem Cell Nutrition Saved My Cat's Life

Jan Ault. I had such severe back problems that at times I could not stand up straight. I suffered from five degenerated disks, arthritis in my spine, chronic sciatic nerve problems, and frequent muscle spasms. A friend gave me some stem cell nutrition. Within an hour of taking a capsule, I felt a remarka-ble difference in my back. I was amazed at how fast it had worked. I used to have floaters in my eyes, but not anymore. After taking stem cell nutrition, I can now concentrate better. My hair is coming in darker and my overall focus, stamina, and mobility have improved. It has enhanced my quality of life.

Charlie Love is my twenty-one year old cat, has a heart murmur. One day he went into congestive heart failure. Nobody expected him to survive. Charlie’s breathing was laboured, and he had no energy or appetite. Stem cell nutrition started a remarkable turn-around for Charlie. Four months later, he is active, jumping and playing. His joint stiffness is much improved. His fur has become soft and fluffy; his eyes bright and alert like a young cat. Stem cell nutrition saved my cat’s life.


"Rama" - Attacked by pig hunting dogs

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2 weeks after attack

Rama is a 40kg mastiff dog. At 18mnths old a bitch was on heat and he was attacked by two pig hunting dogs who were also interested in the bitch. Rama came out pretty badly. Many puncture wounds all over his body, right ear torn, a hole in his head and a piece of his ankle bone was shaved off. He was in terrible shock. Straight after the attack I gave him 2 SEU and 2 Cyactiv. Within half an hour he had calmed down and stopped shaking.

Rama had 2 SEU three times a day and 2 Cyactiv two times a day for a few weeks. Then 2 SEU and Cyactiv twice a day for three months.

The tissue injuries repaired with a couple of weeks and the bone has now nearly completely repaired itself. X-rays have been taken as proof. Rama never had conventional medicine at all.

Joss Martin New Zealand


"Bob" - Sprayed with CRC for Fleas

Bob is a cream Labrador cross 2 yrs old and approx.30kgs. His owner decided to spray him with CRC because he had fleas. When Craig went to this man’s property to pick up a pig hunting dog, he noticed Bob curled up in a ball and asked what was wrong with him. The owner told him what he had done and said the dog was sulking. Craig quickly picked up Bob and brought him home. Bobs eyes were recessed in his head, he was very lethargic and his skin was all burn and inflamed.

We gave Bob 6 Stem Enhance over a few hours before putting him to bed. We were expecting him to pass away during the night. In the morning there was Bob standing up in his kennel wagging his tail happy to see us. Bob then went on to have 4 Stem Enhance a day for the next week. His fur was growing back nicely. We then re-homed Bob to a grateful new owner who continued giving Bob his capsules for the next month.

Joss Martin New Zealand

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Before StemEnhance
healthy food for dogs


healthy food for dogs
healthy food for dogs

Dear Marita, I have a miniature black poodle called Snuffy, who is 6 years old and weighs 6kg. Orig-inally his fur was jet black, but when he was about 2 years old his fur changed to a blackish grey colour. I have been giving him StemEnhance for 9 months. Initially I was giving him ¼ of a capsule per day, and I have gradually increased this to 1 capsule per day. I added 1 capsule of Stemflo a week ago after going to Trish McCagh’s talk. I often forget to give him his capsules, so he probably has been getting them on average 2 to 3 times per week.

For about the last 2 weeks we have noticed a black line on Snuffy’s back, and we thought one of the kids must have accidentally spilt a drink on him. On Friday, I took Snuffy to his dog groomer to have his 2 monthly haircut and shampoo, expecting the line to wash off. But when I picked him up, his dog groomer told me that Snuffy was growing back his black “puppy fur” and showed me the black line on his back (and tail) that was still there! (See photos above).

For me, this is a miracle. Sometimes I feel like these kinds of things always seem to happen to other people but not to me. For something like this to happen in my own family, makes it all feel so much more real. I am inspired now to make sure he gets his capsule of StemEnhance and Stemflo every day, to see how quickly all his black fur grows back. Perhaps his dislocating knee caps in his back legs will start to get better too!

Fiona Foster, Perth WA


Dog with bad eye

The last two photos belong to our neighbour’s dog. Judy, the dog owner, always has 3 dogs. One of the dogs died so now she felt she needed a replacement so she went to the Humane Society to see if they had a dog she might like. Well, when she saw this little dog that had one eye ball almost hanging out of its head she immediately asked one of the care takers: what happened to that little puppy? They said the best thing they could guess is that it was abused likely by its owner. They probably kicked it with their shoe and the tip of the shoe hit the dog in the eye and nearly pulled it out of its head. My wife and I saw the dog shortly after she got it. She felt so sorry for the puppy she decided she would doctor the little thing back to normal if she could. She knew we had stem cell nutrition so she called our home first to see if we were home and then asked if she could bring her puppy up to us and see if our stuff might help her little puppy. We told Judy that very likely the stem cell nutrition would correct the problem in a short period of time.

She asked how long I thought it would take for the stuff to work. I said, Judy, if it takes 6 months to get the eye back to normal would that make you happy? She said, YES!! Well, in one month the dog was NORMAL!!!!!!!!!!!

healthiest food for my dog
healthiest food for my dog

"Ginger" - new lease on life

Healthy Foods for Pets

Sonya had originally planned to use only her six-year-old Doberman Pinscher, Ginger, as a test subject for stem cell nutrition to see if the product could help with discomfort in her hips that had limited her mobility. That was until the day when Sonya’s 14-year-old Irish Setter/Lab, Rowdy, took it upon himself to scarf up some large crumbs from Ginger’s dose of the pet product.

Before dining on Ginger’s leftovers, Rowdy was best characterized as the “lazy dog” type, very lethargic, “and he never left my side,” Sonya reports. The first day with the product, Rowdy “found the puppy in himself again,” says Sonya, “and wanted to stay out all night, tracking who-knows-what, but having a great time.”

Sonya added Rowdy to her regimen, and says that made the difference in Rowdy’s energy level, returning him to youthful activity.

Meanwhile, the original trial subject, Ginger, has new life, and is able to keep up with 2-year-old Norwich Terrier mix Scrappy for the first time ever. Ginger has regained her ability to run at top speeds, and is able to dig for hours with Scrappy.

Previously unable to get up from a prone position without some difficulty, Ginger now leaps to standing or chasing positions without a moment’s hesitation.

Stem cell nutrition has helped both of my big dogs to have their youth back,” Sonya reports, adding, “I am a real believer in the product, as it has provided a spectacular change in both Ginger and Rowdy.”

Sonya Jennings, Indiana


Rescue Animals

Jan Ault is one of those people who takes in animals who need rescuing, and gives them a safe, comforta-ble place to live out very long lives. In 2006, she was “Mom” to 21-year-old Yuppie Love (a Water Spaniel/Collie mix), 21-year-old Charlie (a Persian cat), 6-year-old Gweedie Baby (fox terrier), 6-year-old Lucky “U” Love (Chow/German shepherd mix), Cyber Sauce Love (a severely overweight male cat) and Baby Love (a black kitty Jan rescued when he weighed only 4 1/2 ounces). Since each of her rescue animals had some serious health challenges, Jan decided to use all six as test subjects for the pet product.

The results were quick and dramatic. Yuppie Love “seemed to come to life,” Jan says, pointing out that her best friend had many age-related physical problems that made his daily life one filled mainly with sleeping. His mobility increased after only three weeks on the product, and “he was standing up, barking, jumping off the bed and wanting to walk,” Jan says. “He had so much more pep!” He no longer seemed to have trouble hearing commands, either. Her vet said, “He seems to be getting younger,” and Jan had to agree.

The large swelling on Lucky “U” Love’s neck disappeared almost completely within a short time on the product. For normally hyper Gweedie Baby, the product had a calming effect: “She’s settled down,” Jan reports, “but she’s still energetic. Now she’s more focused. She’ll play dashing from one thing to another, like before.”

Tubby cat Cyber Sauce Love lost some weight on the product, “and he’s very contented,” Jan reports. To “always complacent, reserved” Charlie, the product brought a new vitality. A cat whose congenital heart problems had led to a very immobile lifestyle, Charlie on stem cell nutrition was a brand-new animal. His usually dull coat and his eyes shone, his appetite increased, and he took on a daily regimen of stretches and mobility that Jan had never seen in him before. “I had an all-new Charlie!” she says.

The “new Charlie” has not gone unnoticed by little Baby Love, and the interest seems mutual. “Baby Love has always been a scaredy cat,” Jan says, noting that the little cat always wanted to be around the “completely disinterested” Charlie. With both cats on the product, a new feline friendship has blossomed. Jan says, “Now I find them curled up together, sleeping and purring most of the day. “There aren’t words beautiful enough to express how I feel on behalf of your contributions,” she wrote to Christian Drapeau recently. “You have given my animal friends a new lease on life!”

Jan Ault, Indiana


Dog's Hip Pain Gone

I have two dogs, each six years old, with chronic health issues. The female, Chocolate Chip, is a lab mix with severe edema, cataracts, and arthritis in her hips. She looked like a large black sausage with legs. Hip pain kept her from enjoying a run in the yard.

The male, Raybear, is a chow mix, whose left back leg was badly maimed by a car. For most of his life, he has used only one back leg to get around. He had become weak, listless, and showed little interest in getting up and participating in life. Now, eight weeks after beginning both of my dogs on stem cell nutrition, their lives have taken on new meaning.

Chocolate Chip’s bloating has gone down, she runs in the yard like a puppy, and her cataracts are almost gone. Raybear has stronger muscles, increased endurance, and seems excited about being alive. I am so appreciative for what the stem cell nutrition has done for my dogs.

Suzanne Wright.

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Nunu's Story as told to “Mommy

healthy food for dogs
most nutritious dog food

Hello Everyone. My name is Nuno and I am a 10 year old Chihuahua, my mommy’s only baby. I have never felt like a healthy doggy, even though Mommy always takes extra special care of me (I think it may be because I am so small). I always struggled to breathe and I always coughed a lot.

About three years ago, my back started doing these twitching things too. All this made me feel sad and lifeless, so I just slept most of the time. Mommy was so sad! She had tried all sorts of things with help from the White Coat Man, but nothing helped much or for very Long. Then about a year ago, Mommy started giving me stem cell nutrition. Within 2 weeks I started to feel a lot better, happier and more ener-getic – almost like a puppy again! I haven’t coughed or wheezed and that twitch in my back is gone.

My mommy is very happy and relieved, and that helps my mood too. Now my mommy is helping some of her friends and their pet children to try this yummy stuff, as we all need quality of life.

I am so thankful that Mommy is giving me these nice sweeties, because we don’t get any younger, you know. Now I love to go for short walks in the garden and enjoy my life again.

Wilma van Reenen, Brittania Bay- Cape West Coast, South Africa


“Harry” and “Bonita”

Hi everyone…here is a wonderful testimonial from a lovely lady I have met though sharing these awesome products… Testimonial…”my pussy cat Harry had been sneezing for several days and my ginger cat Bonita picked up Harry’s cold a few days later. I didn’t necessarily want to go to the vet as our finances are presently a bit stretched. And, anyway I wanted to first try out stem cell nutrition. Didn’t want to bother Raelene last Sunday as she had been working so hard all week long, thus I just followed my intuition, opened a capsule, sprinkled a quarter on the yellow of an egg, whisked it all up and gave it to Harry. To my surprise, he ate everything.

On Monday his coat was looking shiny again as were his eyes. His appetite was back to normal, though Harry still slept more than usual which sped up the healing process. The sneezing became less frequent and now it’s gone altogether. The treatment for Bonita showed the same results. I am a total believer in the stem cell nutrition products. Not only are they helping me improve and restore my health but, thanks to this revolutionary product we’ve got healthy and happy pets again. It’s absolutely miraculous.” 🙂 She feels it is good to give both cats a sprinkling on their meals for about a week as it has been very wet and cold here with little sun which is unusual for a Queensland winter.

Raelene Jury, Queensland


"Dina” – Collapsing Knees

healthy food for dogs

She has settled in so well, she was quite unwell for a few days a couple of weeks ago and so miserable, so much heartache and con-fusion as to why her family left her. It was lunch time the other day and the whirlwind which leapt from the step and raced into the kitchen for her food was a far cry from the little old lady who couldn’t get down the step without her knees collapsing! (she is long gone!) She really is a darling, I always wanted to give an older pet a home and it is one of the loveliest things we have ever done.

20/10/2014 She is so excited to feel so great, it’s such a joy. From the sad little old lady that arrived two weeks ago to the bouncing, vibrant ‘tinker bell’ that we have now…astonishing!!

She has a great appetite, loves her food (thank you Aunty Dy) and is absolutely thriving!!! A week ago she couldn’t manage a single step, she is now going up and down a whole flight of stairs and is loving her walks three times daily with the other village dogs.

Yvette Wilson, Hong Kong.



A female Labrador, has chronic Osteoarthritis with suspected cranial cruciate rupture of her right knee. We did not x-ray her after she became 10/10’s lame. She was weight bearing after 1 week of stem cell enhancer. When we decreased the dose, she became stiff, but is fine when we put her back on the initial dose.
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7-year-old male CKCS has had recurrent vomiting and diarrhoea since a puppy. Since he has been on a natural stem enhancer and FortiFlora for the last 6 months, he has had no more vomiting or diarrhoea. He also suffers from Cerebellar Hypoplasia which meant that he could not walk properly.

Now he can run around for the first time in years. His owner said “After he takes stem cell nutrition, his energy level increases. It has given him a new lease of life”

most nutritious dog food


11-year-old female Aire-dale Terrier with chronic diarrhea and ear infections for the last 4 years. Both complaints cleared up within 1 week of taking a natural stem cell enhancer and she has been fine for the last 6 months.

Her owner said “Her overall demeanor has improved. She is great in herself.

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New Hope for Animals with Stem Cell Nutrition

I have been a veterinarian for nineteen years and have 26 years of research experience. For the last 11 years, I have been learning, practicing, and doing research in alternative therapies, such as homeopathy, acupuncture, bodywork and nutrition.

In researching stem cell nutrition, I use it on both myself and on the animals in my care. I noticed a lighter, happier frame of mind and increased energy within two days of starting the product myself. I am currently treating a dozen or so dogs, and several horses with stem cell nutrition.

One of my canine patients, around 14 years of age, had gone into a mental decline. She was lethargic, antisocial, and incontinent.

After 3 days of taking stem cell nutrition, the dog became perkier and her general attitude improved markedly. She stopped having “accidents” in the house. After a month, the owner commented that the dog seemed several years younger. The stem cell nutrition had a positive effect on every level – mental, physical and emotional.

I treated one horse five months after it had been bitten by a poisonous insect, possibly a brown recluse spider, on the right hind leg. The leg was still swollen to three times its normal size and was covered by open wounds and granulation tissue. Various treatments brought some improvement, but the healing seemed to accelerate when we introduced stem cell nutrition. I am enthusiastic about the early results of my experiments with stem cell nutrition.

Lynn Peck, DVM


"Zelda" - Pain in legs

My poor Zelda had injuries on both back legs, and being a blue heeler, she’s used to running around a lot, but had too much pain to run, and her legs went all crooked. and were swollen, and she was acting strange and neurotic. (actually she’s always been a little strange and neurotic) :-anyway after 3 days, of one Stem Enhance Ultra daily (sprinkled on butter) she loves it, she is much calmer, running around again, happier, and looking stronger every day. I’m thrilled to have her back.

Robyn Smartt, Qld. Australia

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"Stumpy" - Bad Attitude

healthy food for dogs

This is the terrible but true story of 11 year old Stumpy who used to be the farm dog before I retired from my farm outside Toowoomba

Stumpy has always had a bad attitude and was good on the farm especially at keeping unwanted visitors at bay. I could not put her down when I sold the farm four years ago and decided to bring her with me to Noosaville where I have retired.

She has caused many problems since we arrived here and late last year we were out walking when she bit someone. The person complained to council and I had to appear in the Noosa court where I had to pay a fine and costs of almost $1000.00. Of course I was delighted and was wondering where Stumpy and I were going from here.

I decided to try stem cell nutrition, and couldn’t believe the change in her attitude. I am told there is something in the animal and human products that have a very calming effect.

Brilliant, just brilliant!

Keith Wilkins., Qld., Australia


"Wilson" - Hip Problems

Wilson has been a member of Ross and Ellie’s family for 11 years. He has been keeping good health until in recent years when he damaged his ACL joint on his right knee; from jumping in and out the car. He had precisely the same opera-tion when he was younger, on his left knee.

The Vet suggested that he can operate on Wilson. Ross and Ellie decided that he was too old to handle another operation that would cost approximately $2,000.

Ron who stayed at the Cambridge Mews motel introduced stem cell nutrition to Elle as an alternative solution. It is an all natural product. It releases the stem cells from the bone marrow so that it can repair the cells that are constantly dying. It repairs the body.

After 3 weeks on stem cell nutrition, Wilson made considerable progress and as time went by his symptoms disappeared. He now can run around and does not show any signs of discomfort.

Ellie Morpeth, Cambridge, NZ

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"Dezi" - Broken leg


Initially the Vet wanted to amputate, not knowing that this dog’s paw would be restored in little over a month! Although the wound was still open, Joey could see the daily growth of new flesh. These products do not only help humans…

Joey Lubbe´s dog, Dezi, gets very protective whenever anyone visits them on the farm. One day she rushed to confront a vehicle driving into the farmyard when her right rear paw got caught under one of the wheels. Her leg was broken and it looked as if her paw was crushed.

Initially the Vet wanted to amputate her paw, but after keeping her at the clinic for 2 days, decided to try antibiotics. Her bandages were changed daily and antiseptic gel was applied every time.

The wound did not appear septic after Dezi had completed the antibiotic course, but there was no visible flesh between the bones and the muscles of her paw and the wound was still raw. Immediately after completing the antibiotic course, Joey began giving Dezi stem cell nutrition. Joey inspected the wound everyday as it was still raw and Dezi´s bandages still had to be replaced every day. This was when Joey noticed something incredible.

The healing process was so rapid that the daily new flesh growth between her toes could easily be seen. Not long after, the skin also closed up and her paw began to take on its original shape. After a little more than a month, Dezi´s paw was completely healed and she was herself once more. All thanks to stem cell nutrition.

Joey Lubbe


“Lucky” – Acute Pancreatis – Cancer.

I am a dog trainer and I practice Reiki healing on dogs. I recom-mend stem cell nutrition for serious health issues.

My dog Lucky, a Wheatonpoo, is almost seven years old. Recently, he was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis, which can be fatal. In the hospital, it is not unusual for dogs to go on a fast, then start showing improvement within four or five days. However, by day ten, Lucky still wouldn’t eat or drink. He remained in ICU receiving IV fluids. The doctors believed Lucky was running out of time and options.

When they put a feeding tube through Lucky’s nose, I asked them if they would try adding the stem cell nutrition. They agreed and mixed a quarter of a capsule with water and put it into his feeding tube.

The next morning, the doctor called and said that Lucky was standing up and barking as if to say, “I want to go home.” To me, it was the most incredible thing! My dog kept improving and after a few more days I took him home. His rapid recovery is phenomenal! He is healthy and his coat looks good. Everyone at the veterinary clinic takes stem cell nutrition now.

My other dog, Jaz, ten years old, was diagnosed with cancer. A week before surgery, I started giving her stem cell nutrition. The doctors expected her to take a good two weeks to recuperate, but after only a few days, she was running and jumping around like a puppy.

I’m convinced that the stem cell nutrition was the reason for her very quick and incredible recovery.

I’m so grateful that my dogs are healthy again.

Ali Isaacs

healthy natural food for dogs

Testimonials - Horses

Equine Fibromyalgia

I’m a long time breeder and licensed trainer of thoroughbred horses. I have also been involved in holistic health care for many years. One of my horses was diagnosed at three years old with equine fibromyal-gia syndrome, which is similar to human fibromyalgia.

She suffered with great pain and tiredness. Sensitivity to touch is one of the symptoms of fibromyalgia and she reacted to even a gentle touch as though she were being hit by a sledge hammer.

When anyone put a saddle on her and tried to ride, her pain was obviously unbearable.

I started putting stem cell nutrition in her grain, and within two to three days, I witnessed dramatic results. Suddenly, I could touch her anywhere without a problem. She also displayed much more energy and was playful with her companions.

Eve-Marie Lucerne


Equine Fibromyalgia


The first photo is the horse owned by Dee Smith from Kentucky that got its hind leg caught in an eight foot watering trough and had it hanging on its leg ALL night long. You can imagine how that horse must have kicked and run trying to get rid of that awesome metal hanging on its leg. It is obvious what damage has been done. The VET said to Dee that there was nothing that could be done for her horse. She refused to let the VET put the horse down. She did her own method of doctoring until stem cell nutrition came along and once she put the horse on it you can see what happened. Realize there was NO surgery and NO stitches done to this horse. The Adult Stem Cells knew exactly what to do to make it ALL normal once again.


Is Your Horse Bleeding After a Run? Read What Cori Has To Say About Her Horse

My name is Cori, I have been riding barrel horses for 20 years. I have seen many equine products that claim many things, but failed to produce results. Recently I was introduced to stem cell nutrition. My 12 year old gelding JCS Choice is a bleeder, but after 3 weeks of using the product he no longer bleeds!

Stem cell nutrition has also improved his overall health giving him more energy and power. I am very excited about the results.


"Shadow" - Problem Feet

StemEnhance, when ingested, stimulates the release of stem cells from within the body. I have always liked the idea of healing naturally. Here’s what I’ve seen for results with my horses. I started feeding it to Kat a couple of months ago. He had just come off a two month rest after a terrible winter run of rodeos. We had fallen hard at Den-ver, and then he went down again at Ft. Worth. After that, he wasn’t right for the next couple of rodeos, so I laid him off.

The main problems that he was showing were rough, inconsistent turns, and breathing very labored after I would run or even practice at a 3/4 speed. He had bled several times after a competition as well.

Kat was on stem cell nutrition for about 3 weeks before I really tested him out in a run. I first noticed his turns were feeling amazing. He was using his body like he did before this winter. Secondly, his wind was very good. I could make a run, and he would not show any exertion whatsoever! I am 100% positive that he hasn’t bled – although I haven’t scoped him to see. He went on to win 4 first place checks at Pro Rodeos, and we hit a barrel to win one more. I competed at 7 rodeos altogether on him this summer.

I also put my horse Shadow on the products, as well as Wittle. They both were amazingly strong – although Shadow’s feet continued to give me problems at the end of his shoeing’s.

Recently, I have put my futurity colts on the product. Nestle had pulled back and strained her hocks. They had inflammation in them, and looked bad. I had the vet drain them and work on them. Then I wrapped and sweated them for a few days. I have continued with the product, and feel like it is helping her to finish the healing process. I didn’t have a lot of time to lay her off, and had to run her a few times to get ready for the futurities in Rapid City and Gillette. I am so glad that her hocks look good, and feel like the product has contributed to her wellness.

I recommend stem cell nutrition to anyone whose horse has a soft tissue type of injury – but this is just from my personal and recent experiences. I will continue to post here about any future experience that I may have with this product.

Molly Powell


“Roll The Stone” - Gastric Ulcers

I ride a great mare named Roll The Stone. This mare has taken me to many 1D wins and she has more heart then any horse I have ever had the chance to ride. Be-cause of her having so much heart and so much love for her job she was still running for me when she had “Gastric Ulcers in her small intestine”.

I knew something was up when she was just not herself, she was just standing around and not wanting to fire as hard as she was, but she still gave it her all in the amount of Gastric pain she was in. and that is when I gave her StemEnhance and in one week she was almost back to her old self, and the gastric ulcers where gone, I started her on the product on a Saturday and on the following Sunday I took her to a barrel race and she ran the second fastest time of the day. WOW! In just one week you can make such a difference in your horse’s health.

Lydia Culp


“Tiger” Spider Web Fractures

Teresa Wicker’s horse, Tiger received a clean bill of health from the vet’s in Gainesville! He suffered a broken neck last year right before NBHA State Finals 2008, and has had stall rest since then. She put him on adult stem cell nutrition back in August, had a couple set backs, was x-rayed three months ago, and all the spiderweb fractures around main fracture were fused together. She just had him x-rayed last week, and the break is totally fused together!! She is now able to slowly bring him back in shape! Thank God, and StemEnhance!”

K. Boyette, Florida


Older Thoroughbreds and Sick Donkey

Eve-Marie keeps nine horses, “all older thoroughbreds,” and was eager to try the stem cell enhancer. She shared her product with a few large commercial thoroughbred farms, veterinari-ans and other “horse people” she knows, and has been pleased with the consistently excellent results she has seen and others have reported to her. “This product will help so many animals,” she says, adding, “People and animals are more alike than we are different. So it makes sense that a stem cell enhancer for animals will promote their health, too.”

Eve-Marie’s pet product trials showed dramatic results. “For several horses facing serious phys-ical challenges, cases where the animals have had to be put down, we saw a return to quality of life. This did not happen before StemEnhance.” Eve-Marie says that this turnaround was quick, less than two weeks in many cases and that the subject horse were back to health and enjoying pasture life within a month.

One of the unofficial trial subjects for StemEnhance was a 30 year old donkey who was “in bad shape,” Eve-Marie reports. “He had chronic respiratory difficulty and could move about only haltingly.” His owner had StemEnhance to help with her own serious health challenges and shared it with the donkey. “The donkey’s owner says this is the first winter she wasn’t sick, and her donkey is walking all around, feeling great and enjoying life again.”

Eve-Marie Lucerne, Florida


“Spook” - Increased Energy

I started Spook on stem cell nutrition, and within six days, he made an amazing turnaround. His coat had shine, his eyes were bright, his energy increased, he was breathing with ease,
and incredibly he was playing with the other horses.

Donna D., Alberta


Improvement in Mood, Skin, Foot & Hip Discomforts

Sara tried the product on her two horses and her 80-pound mixed-breed dog. She noted significant improvement in the health and quality of life for all three animals during the time of the trials. For J.J., Sara’s 18- year old quarter horse, the product brought about improvements in his overall mood, appear-ance and alertness quickly.

For Hank, the product was a balm for the skin problems resulting from his allergy to fly bites. “His skin condition improved dramatically.” Sara reports, noting that before the product the horse had scratched and bitten himself into open wounds; after the product, the scratching and biting dropped off to almost nothing. Sara also noticed an increase in Hank’s energy and liveliness in the first week on the product.

The horse’s foot and hip discomforts also responded well, leading to a noticeable increase in his mobility and an overall improvement in his quality of life throughout the two-month study. Sara gave the product to her dog Roxy, who had suffered for two years with ear problems that led to scratching, often until her skin was raw. Vet-recommended remedies had been “temporary, quick-fixes,” Sara says, but the discom-fort always returned “with a vengeance.”

Sara gave Roxy two tabs of the product a day for two months, noting “this is the only supplement she was getting.. Roxy’s problem with her ears definitely improved, the hair has grown back on her head and ears, and the ear problem has not recurred,” adding that Roxy is “happier and engaging, more playful,”

Sara Vaughan, California


“Jackson” - Major Flesh Wound

On the 11th of May this year I returned home to find my thorough-bred gelding had a large and gaping wound on his left side, a result of him having collided with a fence post. Naturally the vet was called and the appropriate suturing and antibiotics attended to.

The wound measured approx. 30cm long, 4.5 cm wide and 3cm deep. With antibiotics and analgesia on board he felt well enough to roll, rupturing the majority of his sutures. This time there was not enough tissue left to re-suture, however a soft drain was inserted to assist with the considerable build up of exudates.

Treatment basically involved keeping the wound as clean and well protected as possible. In spite of my best efforts the wound, by day 5 had become a river of pus.

I discussed the situation with Rob Henigan at my feed supply store and he had suggested the use of stem cell nutrition, a product he had mentioned previously when my pony mare foundered. At this point I was ready to try anything.

I commenced with the recommended. By day 11, I could see a significant difference in the wound. There was much less exudates and there was clear re-granulation of healthy tissue around the margin of the wound. I continued to keep the wound as clean as possible and debride the necrosed tissue. Having never had a horse with such an ugly injury I expected the injury to take months to heal.

I have been amazed at how rapidly the wound has healed, with no evidence of scaring and full coat regrowth. Rob offered to keep a pictorial record of just how well things were progressing so you can see how rapidly healing progressed. Today, there is a tiny remnant of scab and a small amount of residual swelling. Jackson is back to full steam ahead with a beautiful coat and energy to burn.

I also tried stem cell nutrition with my pony mare when she showed signs of foundering again. The first bout lasted for weeks and she was in dreadful pain. This time with the help of the product and cutting out the greens, she was walking without distress within 3 days.

I would most certainly recommend stem cell nutrition to horse owners who have had similar illness or injury with their horses, and would use it as frontline treatment in the event of any future episodes.

Leanne McClymont. Bathurst, NSW, Australia.

After 41 days

"Annie” - Acute Laminitis

ANNIE was diagnosed with acute laminitis over three years ago. It had taken about 2 years and multiple vets trying to find out what was the problem. Her case is very rare because her laminitis is predominantly in her hind feet, not her front which is normally the case.

A specialist vet from Brisbane told us that in his 30 years of being a vet he had only ever seen this problem 3 times (Annie being the 3rd). As you can imagine we were devastated. Three days after the diagnoses I was to leave the country for 2 weeks. The specialist remarked that he didn´t expect Annie to be around when I returned.

She had been on very strong medication to relieve the pain; with that and the special shoes that she had to wear she was one very unhappy horse. We had to resign ourselves to the heart breaking fact that our beloved Annie, the sweetest girl who loves human companionship and was such a big part of our family was more than likely only to be with us now for a very short time.

While living in the United States, Ian Davies had heard that stem cell nutrition had been used on horses with amazing results. So both he and Dyan Hamburger offered to sponsor Annie as a case study.

Annie was given stem cell nutrition every day. Now I can happily say, that 2 years on from meeting Ian and Dyan, we still have our beautiful girl Annie, and her laminitis is nowhere to be seen.

Sue. Queensland, Australia.


“Little Joe” Under weight, Breathing Problems, lethargic and Inactive

Little Joe is a small 18-year-old quarter horse that Judy Fisher bought when he was nearly 400 pounds underweight. “You could count his ribs,” Judy says, remembering, “and his backbone stuck up like a ridge all along his back. He was very, very thin!” Little Joe also suffered from breathing problems that kept him lethargic and inactive. Vet recommended remedies were unsuccessful in changing Little Joe’s physical problems, and the vet told Judy he didn’t expect Little Joe to live through the winter.

Judy began giving the horse StemEnhance with his feed and grain twice a day.

Within a couple of weeks, Judy was surprised to see Little Joe beginning to gain weight and to run, buck, snort and kick. His breathing was no longer laboured and his skin and coat were improving. Within six weeks, Little Joe’s overall appearance had changed dramatically. He had put on almost 300 pounds.

“When his former owner came to visit,” Judy says, “he didn’t recognize Little Joe. That’s how different he looked! ”Judy credits stem cell nutrition for the new life in her horse. She says, “Little Joe has regained his health and vitality in only a few weeks with this amazing product.

Judy Fisher, West Virginia


Mare with problem leg

Farrier and Natural Hoof practitioner Stephen Dick received some of the product from Eve-Marie, and had good results with the two horses he selected.. For a 12-year-old quarter horse stallion, the stem cell nutri-tion product brought dramatic results. “This horse used to lie down twenty-two hours of the day, because he suffered discomfort whenever he stood,” Steve reports, continuing, “After a couple of weeks with the product, he was getting up and moving around, showing no discomfort.”

For a high-spirited mare with a problem leg, the product brought about a whole new lease on life, Steve says. “This horse had been in a stall for eight months. After about six weeks taking the product with her grain, her condition had improved and she was out of the stall, walking around in the pasture again.”

Steve says that the mare’s owner was so impressed with the results her horse received with the equine product that she began taking StemEnhance herself for an inflammatory problem that had kept her in misery for a long time. Within weeks, the owner’s discomfort was gone.

Stephen Dick, Florida

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