I had to pet, sit for my daughter for a week while they went on vacation. They had a 13 year old Pit Bull, with health issues he could barely walk very wobbly. So I only had 1 week to prove to my daughter this would probably help him. I gave him 10 drops morning and night. (I let it soak in on a little piece of bread). Day 2 he ran up the hill and back down…. to my surprise so I called my daughter asking if he has run at all… her comment, “Run, he can hardly Walk.” He ran several times that week. Also, when he lays down, he is up every few minutes circling before laying down, he just could not get comfortable so when he laid down he stopped getting up every few minutes and was flat out snoring. The CBD did not save his life but made him more comfortable .. He did make it to his 14th birthday and died shortly after.

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