5 years ago we moved cross country from California to Florida. It was a huge

“Pets have always been my passion! I have shared my life and my home with animals since childhood, and I can’t imagine having it any other way. So it’s no wonder I opened one of the most successful dog and cat boarding, grooming and daycare shops on Long Island and loved every minute of it.  I made a wonderful income and was planning on expanding to do dog training.

I was introduced to Life’s Abundance in 2001 and thought it could be a wonderful compliment to what I was already doing. Introducing healthy, safe foods, treats and supplements to pet parents became an easy extension to what I was already doing. I watched so many animals discontinue medications, stop itching and scratching and many who had chronic ear infections never did again! I was more excited than ever and started introducing the business to pet parents and other pet professionals.

I closed my shop one year after I joined Life’s Abundance.  I love what I do and work from the comfort of my home full-time, surrounded by the animals I love so dearly. I recommend what I feel are the greatest products in the world and help people all over the country to earn an income that can change their lives forever. I work (if you can call it work!) with the best people in the world, I meet wonderful new people every day and teach them how to have fun in this business. If you love animals, it’s so easy to talk to other animal lovers, so join Life’s Abundance today and build an ongoing income that could change your life forever as it did mine.”

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