We have been using exclusively the Flint River Trout and Potato (Fish & Chips) for just over a year for our Bullies and the improvement is phenomenal.
The biggest improvement has been our yellow Lab, Faith.  We spent four years of constant treatment with Panalog – Ottman with minimal improvement.  Her allergies were so bad that we had a Vet tell us we would have to get her ears amputated.   (That’s when our frantic search brought us to Flint River Ranch).
After two weeks on Flint River she was a different dog.  After just one month her ears were healed, and her coat was soft and thick!
What a difference “True Quality” food makes.  We tell everyone about it, and recommend it to every dog owner we come in contact with.  I know that several people we have referred are now using Flint River.

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