Hi, Trish here with Cavé & Rocket… My dogs LOVE the Lamb & millet dog food.  I feed them an all natural diet. Last night we had lightly sauteed chicken necks, beef heart strips & meatballs with kelp, alfalfa, flax seed, & artemesia, & 1/2 bagel with cheese. I also always leave out a bowl of Flint River Ranch dog food, so they are never hungry. Borzoi are like cats, they only eat what they want so you don’t have to worry about them overeating.  Well last night they just picked at their dinner so after about a half an hour I put the rest back into the fridge. Now bear in mind this is food that my friends comment about how good it smells. :)..After a little while I hear this crunch , crunch, and I go around the corner & here are both boyz with their heads in the dog food bowl eating like they hadn’t eaten in days!!

What a testament to the taste of the Flint River Ranch!! Thank you so much for making it available.. I will be ordering another bag soon as I live in
South Florida & it is beginning to be hurricane season & I dont want to run out.. Take Care,

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