I have a 8mth old puppy named Josie. My fiance and I adopted her back in September, here in Estero [10 miles north of NAPLES, FL]. During the month of October through November, she was on ADVANTIX, but received NO resistance to the ticks in our tropical-like climate. In one month’s time we counted 18 ticks on her. Now we do live in a gated community in a new development, so I wasn’t sure if it was due to hurricane Charley, the season, or to the fact that we are living in new construction. Either way, I was terribly upset that her ADVANTIX was not working,…at all.

We were referred to Flea Free by someone we ran into at an outdoor shopping complex. Since Josie has been on Flea Free and it has been a wonderful, healthy alternative for Josie that actually works without the harsh chemicals. We are very thankful your company allows us to order the product on-line. We certainly appreciate the convenience. Since our ‘tick tragedy’ we have told other pet owners of this product, and now we will have to let them know of your website.

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