Hi Deena, how are you? I just have to take the time to tell you about Molly. She has been on Flea Free for about 5 weeks. We had a friend stop in last week and commented how good Molly looks and that her eyes don’t look glassy any more. I didn’t realize they did. We have a massage therapist for her. She was here today, absolutely could not believe the improvement in her ability to move so much better. I did not say anything previously that she looks like she’s loosing weight and she noticed it right away. I changed her food to merick 3 months ago but since she’s on Flea Free it seems like she’s losing easier and so is our male, Dusty, who was starting to pork up. With one of the vets it has been a very soooore subject. I have had her on a diet for 2 years and she lost very little, now you see right away she is losing and I have to think Flea Free is part of this. I am so tickled. I also think I have a shop owner talked into being a distrubtor for you. Did I mention THERE’S NO FLEAS EITHER. The effect on Molly is so great i just had to write to you. THANK YOU. Please send me another bottle.

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