We have 5 dogs, so here goes: Gracie, Sept 4, 12 years old; Winnie, June 25, 11 years old; Jessie, March 12, 6 years old; Maggie, August 1, 5 years old; and Tucker, August 4, 2 years old. For Gracie, Winnie, and Maggie the dates are actually anniversary dates for when they came to live with us. They and Jessie are all rescue dogs, so we don’t know actual birthdates, just the year in which they were born. We have documentation for Jess and Tucker. It doesn’t matter, just so we celebrate.

They all continue to thrive on the new diet……Tucker’s gut has never been better, and the old girls are bouncing around like youngsters. Also have noticed that Maggie, who has always been very hyper, has calmed down a bit. Tucker hasn’t been to the vet since we changed to FRR; even though that’s only been a couple of months, it’s the longest vet-free interval since we got him at 9 months of age. I believe that since we changed his diet at such a young age, he will live longer than most Goldens and will be healthier his whole life. I’m so thrilled I found this dog food!

Thanks for your continued support and interest.

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