Hi Bob & Deena,

Thanks for the senior plus dog food. Schatzi LOVES it. I found your web site when searching for information on finicky dogs. Schatzi wasn’t usually a finicky eater, but she wasn’t eating her (formerly) regular dog food, even when I tried adding canned food and then baby food. But I haven’t had problems getting her to eat with the Flint River Ranch food. I like the fact that it’s made without fillers or by-products. I became very indignant when the mad-cow episode in Washington started, and the Dept. of Agriculture (or whoever it was) stated that ill animals would henceforth not be added to the human food chain, but they could be used for pet food. As if pets aren’t important! Anyway, I’d like to sign up for the automatic shipment program. What information do you need?

Thanks for your help

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