I know I have mentioned this before, but this food is wonderful. I try to impress upon peole at work how good this food is for their dogs. Some people just find it easier to go to the store and buy Alpo.

We have a 15 month old cockapoo and it was difficult at times to get him to eat. We were feeding him what I thought was high quality food from another company.

I happened to be looking for nutritional food for dogs and I came across Flint River.

Bailey, our dog loves this food. He knows when we go to the cuppard to get it’s time to chow down. Even though he is young and energetic your food seems to put a little more bounce in his leaps. I try to tell as many people I can about the benefits of Flint River. In all my years (50) have I never seen a better food for my dogs.

I wish people would realize that the poor quality of food they get from a grocery store only yeilds to problems down the line with potential illness.

With much thanks,

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