First, we want you to know that Sunshine has done wonderfully on the FRR cat food.  Like one of your testimonial cats, once we gave it to her, mixed in with her regular food, she picked out the FRR food and left the other food in the dish.  In fact, she likes it so much that we have to give it to her in small amounts, because she’ll usually eat every morsel put in front of her.  As long as we don’t give her too much at a time, she no longer throws up her food.  She used to throw up at least 1-2 times per week before.  And she has always been very picky about food, so we’re delighted all the way around – and so is Sunshine.  She seems to have more energy and I think she’s losing weight, too.  We’ll see next time she goes to the vet.
 Thanks for the thoughtful articles on things to consider before buying a cat or dog.  People often don’t realize that pets are members of the family and need love and attention just like children.  We’ve had 4 miniature dachshunds and 5 cats over the years.   They’ve been wonderful members of our family.
 Thanks again, for your care about pets.  You’re doing a great service – for people and their pets     

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