Just wanted to tell you that Tedi finished her science project. We were really amazed at the results. We used the 5 different sample types we had ordered from you plus their regular food. Two of our dogs (12 year old female Pomeranian and a 2 year old male Jack Russell Terrier mix) both preferred the Puppy/Adult Oven Baked Kibble mix. The other dog a 2 year old female Jack Russell terrier mix preferred the lamb flavored food from you. We had put the food on colored plates and set the plates on the floor in a row, then we let one dog out at a time to eat. They would smell each one and then go back to the one they wanted. We even mixed up the order in case they were remembering where it was. We did the experiment 7 times over a 2 week period and every time they each picked their favorite. They would go from plate to plate almost in the same order every time. Puppy/Adult, then senior plus, then lamb for the first 2 and lamb, puppy/adult and regular senior for the other one. It just blew us away that they really did have a preference. Any way, Friday is payday so I will be ordering from you then. I just wanted to let you know about the results of her science project. The science fair is Tuesday, so I let you know what happens then! By the way, I hope it is okay that she mentioned your name as her resource!!! She even put the Flint River Ranch packet on her board.

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