Hi, Deena!   This is actually our second order of the Lamb, Millet, Rice Wafers.  I emailed you with our first order of the Fish & Chips food.  Our little Chloe has a severe case of colitis.  We were scared to death to give her new food, but she was having attacks every 3 weeks with Science Diet I/D.   The Fish & Chips food didn’t work out because she still had attacks.  We have had her on the Lamb, Millet, & Rice food for almost 2 months, and she hasn’t had any attacks or even any symptoms.  She loves the taste of the food, she loves the treats, she has energy again & is playful.  My husband and I are thrilled and so comfortable again.  Thank you for this product and thank you so much for the advice on how to introduce the new foods to her.  Your concern for her well being was very comforting.  We look forward to future contact…you certainly have another set of loyal customers in us!

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