My puppy Buddy, Loves the adult and puppy kibble more then anything else we have given him in the past. Also he has a normal bowel movement and we are so happy that just within a weeks time he doesn't have anymore gas problems. Now the only problem we have is he makes a mess on the kitchen floor....god bless him. I will be ordering more in the future.

Hello!! Just wanted to Thank You for providing this Great food for my babygirl, Cardin. She just LOVES the dogfood! We have been purchasing Flint River for the past year and it has improved Cardins' health! We would and do HIGHLY recommend this dogfood to anyone who LOVES their pet!! Thank You!!

Taking the advice of a holistic veterinarian, we began feeding the Flint River Ranch food & treats to our two dogs and cat.

One of the dogs, Larry, could barely stand at times due to severe arthritis caused by an ineffective knee surgery. We gave him a few Jubilee Wafers each day, and after just a month, he was able to stand and move more freely again. He continued to improve, and we no longer needed to take him to the vet every two weeks to receive shots for the arthritis. We saw even further improvements since feeding him the Senior Plus dog food.

Our other dog, Moe, and our cat, Curly, suffered with food allergies. We were constantly taking Moe to the vet due to his bleeding hot spots, and we were concerned about all of the antibiotics and steroid shots that he was receiving. We were also concerned about Curly, who had been losing her hair and was practically bald on one side of her body. After one month of eating the Lamb, Millet & Rice dog food & the Lamb, Barley & Rice bone treats, Moe's hot spots disappeared. Also, Curly's hair slowly grew back within about 3 months after eating the Cat & Kitten food. She now has two sides of healthy fur, & Moe no longer suffers from hot spots. Needless to say, we love this food!

Henry my golden retriever is healthy today due to the sensitive dog food.  Before he was     covered  with sores and taking medication and shots without relief.  Now he is happy, active and no sores.

    When we first got Henry he was about 2 years old and weighed only 45 lbs.  We rescued him, you  could not tell he was a full blooded golden retriever.  The vet was not sure we would be able to  save him, but as you can see today he weighs about 100lbs and is a wonderful addition to our  family.

Deena, I have to tell you this! Just offered Ralph the Dog a store-bought treat someone gave me. He looked at it and walked away. Then I offered him a Flint River Ranch biscuit. That one he gladly took.  Took him to a new vet the other day who asked if he had had his teeth cleaned recently. I've never had them cleaned in the 3 years+ that I've had him. Don't look like they need it. What's more, no one can believe he's 14. Must be the food!

First, we want you to know that Sunshine has done wonderfully on the FRR cat food.  Like one of your testimonial cats, once we gave it to her, mixed in with her regular food, she picked out the FRR food and left the other food in the dish.  In fact, she likes it so much that we have to give it to her in small amounts, because she’ll usually eat every morsel put in front of her.  As long as we don’t give her too much at a time, she no longer throws up her food.  She used to throw up at least 1-2 times per week before.  And she has always been very picky about food, so we’re delighted all the way around – and so is Sunshine.  She seems to have more energy and I think she’s losing weight, too.  We’ll see next time she goes to the vet.
 Thanks for the thoughtful articles on things to consider before buying a cat or dog.  People often don’t realize that pets are members of the family and need love and attention just like children.  We’ve had 4 miniature dachshunds and 5 cats over the years.   They’ve been wonderful members of our family.
 Thanks again, for your care about pets.  You’re doing a great service – for people and their pets     

Hi Deena!
Time to order more  LAMB/Millet/RICE for my SASSY.  Of course, Like I told you before, all four of my babies love this food and
  prefer it to theirs.  The important part is that Sassy is no longer biting, itching or scratching at herself! Her hair is back on the 
  spots that she was chewing and she is doing terrific! She loves the LAMB/Millet/Rice and is healthy again thanks to this
 product! Thanks again for you quick service and delivery and for offering such a wonderful product!

Hi, Deena!   This is actually our second order of the Lamb, Millet, Rice Wafers.  I emailed you with our first order of the Fish & Chips food.  Our little Chloe has a severe case of colitis.  We were scared to death to give her new food, but she was having attacks every 3 weeks with Science Diet I/D.   The Fish & Chips food didn't work out because she still had attacks.  We have had her on the Lamb, Millet, & Rice food for almost 2 months, and she hasn't had any attacks or even any symptoms.  She loves the taste of the food, she loves the treats, she has energy again & is playful.  My husband and I are thrilled and so comfortable again.  Thank you for this product and thank you so much for the advice on how to introduce the new foods to her.  Your concern for her well being was very comforting.  We look forward to future certainly have another set of loyal customers in us!

Hi, Deena...
I just wanted to say "Thank you" for your newsletter.  I appreciate the time and effort that you put into producing it.  I always enjoy reading it!

We have been using exclusively the Flint River Trout and Potato (Fish & Chips) for just over a year for our Bullies and the improvement is phenomenal.
The biggest improvement has been our yellow Lab, Faith.  We spent four years of constant treatment with Panalog - Ottman with minimal improvement.  Her allergies were so bad that we had a Vet tell us we would have to get her ears amputated.   (That's when our frantic search brought us to Flint River Ranch).
After two weeks on Flint River she was a different dog.  After just one month her ears were healed, and her coat was soft and thick!
What a difference "True Quality" food makes.  We tell everyone about it, and recommend it to every dog owner we come in contact with.  I know that several people we have referred are now using Flint River.

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