Dear Deena,
I just wanted to let you know how much our dogs love this food!  We have two Scotties, ten year old Tosh and two year old Piper, and they were really struggling with allergies.  After gradually switching their food, their allergies have drastically improved - no more face rubbing or skin irritation!  Thanks a million.

Hi, Trish here with Cavé & Rocket... My dogs LOVE the Lamb & millet dog food.  I feed them an all natural diet. Last night we had lightly sauteed chicken necks, beef heart strips & meatballs with kelp, alfalfa, flax seed, & artemesia, & 1/2 bagel with cheese. I also always leave out a bowl of Flint River Ranch dog food, so they are never hungry. Borzoi are like cats, they only eat what they want so you don't have to worry about them overeating.  Well last night they just picked at their dinner so after about a half an hour I put the rest back into the fridge. Now bear in mind this is food that my friends comment about how good it smells. :)..After a little while I hear this crunch , crunch, and I go around the corner & here are both boyz with their heads in the dog food bowl eating like they hadn't eaten in days!!

What a testament to the taste of the Flint River Ranch!! Thank you so much for making it available.. I will be ordering another bag soon as I live in
South Florida & it is beginning to be hurricane season & I dont want to run out.. Take Care,

Hi Dee.......The Trout & Sweet Potato Wafers were delivered today. "Miss Kitty" my sweet Shih Tzu started wagging her tail and licking her chops even before I opened the wafers. She ate three in a row !! Then waited about 15 minutes and begged for another !! She has a particular way of asking to go outside and/or wanting a treat. I thought she wanted to go out....but No, she stopped at her treat station...for 1 more. Thanks for offering such healthy and yummy food and treats for our babies........

A friendly note to say the food arrived so very FAST!
My hearty eater did not have a chance on eating up all that was left of his food before my shipment arrived! (wink/smile)
Thanks again for your excellent customer service and look forward to many more years of doing business with you!


Deena, A huge thank you from a devoted Lab Mom and professional pet nanny! We have 3 labs and have tried every type of food out there! But poor choc. Mocha Soup, was allergic to everything and chewed her feet till they were raw! And then would scratch and be so lethargic! But upon receiving the Trout and Sweet Potato kibble, not only was Mocha happy, running around, but her feet are completely healed. Older, finicky sister Molly Tamale, actually pushed her sister out of the way to finish her bowl of Trout! Our pups that board with us crave that food and I will tell all their owners to order this for their babies! You have saved us $$$$$$ in vet bills. Such great service and such a fantastic product!

Dear Deena,
I just had to email you to let you know how pleased I am with the dog food I had ordered. My dogs have been getting recurring ear infections, so I decided to see if a change in diet would help. They usually let their food sit all day in their bowls until they are hungry enough to eat it. Well yesterday, I mixed half of the Life's Abundance food with their Purina and they gobbled it right up. They did the same thing this morning! I'm so glad we've finally found a food that they enjoy which also happens to be good for them. I am going to your website right now to order more. Thanks so much!


Hello, Deena,
Bailey and Beau are doing so good! I put them back on the Flint River and all the vomiting stopped almost immediately! We are so amazed at the improvement, and it is so good to see them both feeling normal again. Little Bailey has a sensitive tummy, like his mommy, so we are going to stick with this, no changing to so called prescription foods again.

Thank you for talking with me and sending the sample treat.


Please leave at front door...I wanted you to know that Figgy & Squeety are doing so much better on the flint river cat food. They always ate meow mix & threw up more than they digested...Because of all the hurricane action in south florida, I purchased another bag of Meow Mix and they proceeded to start throwing up here I am again...I hope never to have to switch back!!


Hello Dee,
Yes I have been using the Flea Free on my outside strays. I put some in the water because it is too hard to make sure they get it in their food, too many feed at once. And I can honestly say that not 1 of them has had a tick on them yet!!!! So I just ordered more for my sisters' critters. Thank you for the good things and food. My cats just LOVE it and of course my dog (Dozer) also loves the food and Jubilee biscuits.


I have a 8mth old puppy named Josie. My fiance and I adopted her back in September, here in Estero [10 miles north of NAPLES, FL]. During the month of October through November, she was on ADVANTIX, but received NO resistance to the ticks in our tropical-like climate. In one month's time we counted 18 ticks on her. Now we do live in a gated community in a new development, so I wasn't sure if it was due to hurricane Charley, the season, or to the fact that we are living in new construction. Either way, I was terribly upset that her ADVANTIX was not working, all.

We were referred to Flea Free by someone we ran into at an outdoor shopping complex. Since Josie has been on Flea Free and it has been a wonderful, healthy alternative for Josie that actually works without the harsh chemicals. We are very thankful your company allows us to order the product on-line. We certainly appreciate the convenience. Since our 'tick tragedy' we have told other pet owners of this product, and now we will have to let them know of your website.

Best Regards,

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