Good morning and thank you.

I am so pleased with this product (Flea Free Food Supplement) for Frits... his fur is so shiny and healthy looking and he has lots of energy...

I will be looking at trying some treats or moist food as well next time around. I have also had my brother try the Flea Free for his dog as well and know he will too see good results of it.

Have a good day.

Hi Deena, how are you? I just have to take the time to tell you about Molly. She has been on Flea Free for about 5 weeks. We had a friend stop in last week and commented how good Molly looks and that her eyes don't look glassy any more. I didn't realize they did. We have a massage therapist for her. She was here today, absolutely could not believe the improvement in her ability to move so much better. I did not say anything previously that she looks like she's loosing weight and she noticed it right away. I changed her food to merick 3 months ago but since she's on Flea Free it seems like she's losing easier and so is our male, Dusty, who was starting to pork up. With one of the vets it has been a very soooore subject. I have had her on a diet for 2 years and she lost very little, now you see right away she is losing and I have to think Flea Free is part of this. I am so tickled. I also think I have a shop owner talked into being a distrubtor for you. Did I mention THERE'S NO FLEAS EITHER. The effect on Molly is so great i just had to write to you. THANK YOU. Please send me another bottle.

I have ordered Flea Free before, but I don't have my FRR#. I also wanted to say that Flea Free is the best product I've ever used with my cats. I have cats that stay indoors and out, and I've had problems with fleas in the house. Since I've been using Flea Free, I have not seen one flea inside. Thank you so much!!

...I tell everyone I know about Flea Free if they are having problems with fleas. The two things I like most about it are it really works and it is natural. It has also helped with ear mites, and my cats have a really shiny, soft coat.

Thanks so much,

Hi Deena,

I received everything the other day. Thanks for the trial size of shampoo - it smells wonderful. I almost want to use it on my hair!!!

...By the way, the baby doxie loves the rope toy you sent - that was really sweet - it has become her favorite.

The Flea Fre seems to be working already on the rotts...they are not scratching as much and we are not seeing fleas any more! Is that
possible it could be working so fast? If so, you have got yourself a product that is worth its weight in gold, and I will promote it to
every dog owner I can find!!!

Thanks for all your help,

Just a short note to say how pleased we are w/the results of your flea product.
2 of 3 cats took to it in their water w/out hesitation.
The other cat prefers it in his food. (or rather doesn't protest. Picky don't ya know.)
All in all, your product delivers as advertised.


I just wanted to tell you how much my 2 dogs love the DryWater food. I give it to them once a week and they just love it. Thank you for making such great food for my pets!

Hi Bob & Deena...As the Monkee's sang..."I'm a believer" that applies to me and Flint River Ranch dog food. My Shih Tzu..."Miss Kitty" should be named Miss Fussy Eater....until today !!! I couldn't wait to see if she would eat the kibble....She gave a big sniff and dug in..never stopping till it was all gone...She loves it !! TY 4 everything, Carol in Akron,Oh


I have a "bone" to pick with you and the shipment of dog treats that arrived last night. This was my first order and I had no idea what to expect. As soon as I opened the box a riot broke out and I was almost trampled to death by my four very large dogs and a Chihuahua! Seems your dog treats have a mind altering ingredient in them which causes mass hysteria among K9. My house turned into total chaos and I was forced to dole out treat after treat until I could catch my breath, regain my strength, get the treats into their container and close the lid!

May I suggest putting a warning label on future shipments of this product. Your customers should be made aware of the possible dangers they face once the package is opened!

Thank you for your time and consideration.


I am writing to you to say I am glad I ordered this Flint River Ranch dog food. I saw some letters about how their dogs really liked this food. Well to tell you the truth I thought that it wasnt true, but I have to say that my dogs just love the food. I have 2 chihuahuas and when I recieved the food my youngest one just acted like she was telling me hurry up and open it. I want some. haha, I just could not believe how they both just loved it, i mixed it with their other food and they scooted the old out of the way to get the new I was so amazed that they did that. I want to thank you and I will be ordering again from you soon.
Thank You Again

I wanted to let you know that I received the sample pack today. I can't believe how big it was, and the variety of products is outstanding! But, the best news is that Phoenix loves it! He would never eat "dry" food-if he did, we had to mix in other wet foods with it. I opened the lamb, millet and rice pack, and he gobbled it down! I could not believe my eyes! You can bet that I am going to order this food! I had tried something called "Spots Stew" which is an organic wet dog food. Phoenix was not impressed. This is great. I am keeping my fingers crossed that he will continue to eat this food. With his diabetes and colitis, this quality food will be better for him than what he is eating (or not eating, as he can be quite picky). Thank you so much.

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