I am about to go to your website and check on the Peanut Treats, as my Bugsy loves the wafers you sell for his bad knees, but I wanted to ask a question.

Bugsy is my 6 yo chi who will walk and make outside, but when we had the fires here in CA I trained him back to paper so he didn't breath in the ashes in the air and on the ground. He always makes on his pp pads in the kitchen, but the minute I put down a throw rug in the kitchen, he will go over and mark it. Do you carry anything or know of anything that I can spray on the throw rug to keep him off of it? I have had to take it up and y floor is cold. LOL


PS...Thanks for your great Newsletters. I really enjoy reading them.

“I'll have to tell you. The dogfood came today and my Basset, Rosebud, is hooked! It actually caused a fight between her and her sister. I have been feeding "Professional" brand and I still have to play the game of what I should mix with it-hmmm, cottage cheese, or chicken that I would cook all night in the crockpot. Then, they still wouldn't clean their bowls. I have tried Solid Gold and they didn't think it was any better.

Thank you, I appreciate you taking the time and I would love some info.

“Hi Dee,
I need to order another 20 lb. bag of senior kibbles plus.

I might add that my dog's poops have never been so beautiful. She tends to have loose stools from time to time and has not had any problems since on Flint River!”

“Hi Deena,

It was nice speaking with you also. I meant to tell you that Ana just LOVES the dog bones. Sometimes she even wakes me up at 4 am because she has a "craving"!!!!! She doesn't over do it though!! And you were right about putting her old dog food next to the flint river dog food. She went right for the flint river---in fact I had put them in the same bowl and picked out the flint river and left the rest!.

Thanks and have a great holiday weekend.

“Thank You. The cats just love this food and

I do believe their health has improved as well.


You have been very helpful. I have been searching for food for 1 of my cats (have 2). This one in particular had 90% of his colon removed and I couldn't find food that agree'd with him. It has been years and Im so happy I found you...
Have a wonderful day.

Hello Deena,

My name is Donna Line.

I ordered for the first time a 3lb. bag of the Flint River Dry water for my dog " Moe",
I must say,,, I am shocked and impressed. Moe will not usually eat anything that hasn't come out of my oven. He has extreme food allergies and we have narrowed him down through blood tests that he can only eat chicken and turkey.

He can tolerate the ingredients in your food and he WILL eat it,, He loves it.

I look forward to hearing from you and would like to re-order,


Hello Dee,

A thank you from " Moe"

Your quick and courteous service is appreciated.

We have 5 dogs, so here goes: Gracie, Sept 4, 12 years old; Winnie, June 25, 11 years old; Jessie, March 12, 6 years old; Maggie, August 1, 5 years old; and Tucker, August 4, 2 years old. For Gracie, Winnie, and Maggie the dates are actually anniversary dates for when they came to live with us. They and Jessie are all rescue dogs, so we don't know actual birthdates, just the year in which they were born. We have documentation for Jess and Tucker. It doesn't matter, just so we celebrate.

They all continue to thrive on the new diet......Tucker's gut has never been better, and the old girls are bouncing around like youngsters. Also have noticed that Maggie, who has always been very hyper, has calmed down a bit. Tucker hasn't been to the vet since we changed to FRR; even though that's only been a couple of months, it's the longest vet-free interval since we got him at 9 months of age. I believe that since we changed his diet at such a young age, he will live longer than most Goldens and will be healthier his whole life. I'm so thrilled I found this dog food!

Thanks for your continued support and interest.

Order came TODAY..... That was FAST >>>>

If Lit'l Bit was a large dog, I would have been bowled over as I filled her
dish. I barely had it in her dish when she began to CHOW down.... Mixing
it didn't work. She just spit out the old and left it all over the

Thanks so much for making BOTH of us HAPPY :?)

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