I specialize in treating the so called "chronic incurable diseases" of Western medicine and many of my patients are considered to be dying when they come to me. One of the first changes in their life style is to have all of my patients eating a wholesome, human quality food. In order for a patient to be cured of these "incurable" diseases they must become healthy. Without a good wholesome diet the rest of the therapy can not be successful. I can not recommend any other food other than the Flint River Ranch food.

I have now raised three ... puppies to the age of six months with nicely controlled growth rates, beautiful coat and condition, and to this point, excellent overall health and soundness. I cannot claim this for the "premium puppy foods" I have used in the past. ...I feel very fortunate to have such an excellent line of pet foods available for myself and my clients, as I firmly believe it is the first and most important part of a preventative or restorative health program.

As you know, I have been retailing FRR in my clinic for several months now. I have had only positive results. The food is so palatable, I have yet to have any pet refuse to eat it. The clients are seeing noticeable improvement in their pets' skin, haircoat and general level of vitality. I have a three-year old Westie that suffers from atopy and allergies in general. Her owner commented just today that she has never seen Maddie's hair look so good! I agree! Another patient was in the clinic almost every other month with chronic yeast or staph. When I saw him last week, his ears were clean and healthy. The owner reports no changes other than feeding Flint River! I also have a couple of FUS cats now on FRR instead of Feline C/D. So far so good! Only a couple of years ago I was one of the top retailers of Hills Science Diet in the metro Atlanta area. I felt comfortable feeding and recommending these products to my clients. Now, however, I am seeing the results of feeding a high quality ALL NATURAL food. Those artificial ingredients and preservatives truly do (directly or indirectly) cause a host of problems. I'll never again recommend any food that is not totally natural.

If you only knew what I know about the FLINT RIVER RANCH pet food and business, you would not hesitate for a minute to become involved with this company. The veterinarians, dog & cat fanciers, groomers, other pet professionals and pet lovers who have joined this company deserve a lot of credit for breaking ties with the major pet food companies to recommend a holistic pet food like FLINT RIVER RANCH. Over time they will be rewarded with an additional residual, retirement income.

Dachshund - We have always fed the best food we could afford and we were feeding Laddie an all-natural food when he had a serious back problem. We compared the old food with Flint River Ranch and decided to switch. Laddie liked the oven-baked kibble better and it sure smelled better. It took less of it to satisfy his big appetite and he enjoyed the taste more. We liked the variety of ingredients in Flint River Ranch.

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