The Surprising Truth About Meat Meal

The Surprising Truth About Meat Meal in Dog Food

When some people read that meat meal is an ingredient in dog food, they automatically believe it is low-quality and less nutritious than whole meat. But the truth is that meat meal can be much MORE nutritious than whole meat.

It all depends on the quality of the meat.

Let me explain.

Whole meat contains 70% water and ONLY 18% protein!  So when you read that chicken is one of the ingredients in dog food, 70% of that chicken is water and only 18% provides protein.

Meat meal, however, is 65% protein and only 10% water. It has 300% MORE protein than whole meat!

How Can Meat Meal Contain So Much Protein?

Meat meal is cooked until the excess water evaporates, and this leaves highly concentrated protein.

Does this mean that all meat meals are more healthy than whole meats?

That depends on the quality of the meat because any type of meat can only be as healthy as the ingredients used to make it. As long as a manufacturer uses high-quality, fresh meat, it is definitely more nutritious.

Avoid These Types of Meat Meal in Dog Food

Stay away from any foods containing the words, “by-product” in the ingredient list.

By-products are parts of an animal that we humans would NEVER eat and would NEVER feed
our animals if the animal parts were listed on the food label. These can include animal bones, heads, hooves, and other rather gross animal parts!

Choose These Healthy Meals

When manufacturers identify the type of animal used in their meat meal, it is likely to be a high-quality and healthy dog food. Look for the type of animal in the label:

  • Chicken meal.
  • Beef meal
  • Venison meal
  • Lamb meal
  • Duck meal

If you’re looking for a food containing only high-quality ingredients, try Life’s Abundance dog foods. High-quality chicken meal is a key ingredient in their foods.

You can compare Life’s Abundance with other dog foods by looking at this Dog Food Comparison Chart.

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