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The Life Abundance Business is fueled by the company’s passion for helping families, including pets, live longer, happier, and healthier lives. You and your family are the top priority as they develop products, select ingredients, choose suppliers, and answer your questions. Here are the top 5 major reasons you should choose Life’s Abundance as your business opportunity for the safety and wellness of your pets and all the other pets out there:

  1. Authenticity: Life’s Abundance pet business doesn’t get into fads and marketing The formulas used to make pet food recipes are based on proven science and evolve only when research confirms that an adjustment will provide a nutritional benefit.
  2. Guaranteed Taurine: They guarantee minimum amounts of taurine in their dry dog foods. Though AAFCO does not require this nutrient, they have always considered it an important and beneficial supplement in our dog foods.
  3. Regular Testing: They regularly test all of their dry foods. Some tests are standard protocol, and some go above and beyond standard requirements. For example, after a 2018 FDA report indicated there may be a link between DCM and taurine deficiency, they re-tested taurine levels in all of their dry dog food diets. Then, later that year they re-tested Vitamin D after a series of recalls due to an excess of this nutrient. In all cases, they remain vigilant about the safety of their products.
  4. Proven Results: For more than two decades, pet families have trusted them to provide the best nutrition for their pets. Generations of dogs and cats have thrived on their products, and thousands of pet parents have shared their experiences.
  5. Quick Notification System: You will be thrilled with their Quick Notification System. Unlike most brands, because they have a direct relationship with customers, if there is ever an issue with a product, they will be able to notify consumers immediately. Life’s Abundance will contact you directly by email, phone, or mail rather than waiting to hear about a problem in the news, from a friend, or never hearing about it all. That’s a level of service you can’t get anywhere else.

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Final Thoughts: Why Choose Healthy Food for Pets?

Healthy Food for Pets, like the Life Abundance business, is passionate about pet health and is dedicated to offering only high-quality pet care products that enhance the health of animals. In addition to LA’s pet food, we provide outstanding treats, supplements, herbal & homeopathic remedies, natural flea remedies, parasite prevention, probiotics & digestive enzymes, skin & coat products, grooming supplies, and much more. Also, we strive to provide the very best customer service possible as we care about the health of your pet(s). Visit our website for more information.

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