Ucari Pet Intolerance Test Kit

Ucari Pet Intolerance Test Kit

Does your pet suffer from scratching and itchy skin, hot spots, paw biting, digestive problems, constipation or diarrhea? UCARI Pet Intolerance Test Kit tests for food and environmental sensitivities, as well as nutritional imbalances and skin sensitivities.Does he/she look tired and sluggish?

These are the most common symptoms of a food or environmental intolerance.

By identifying the exact items and ingredients that could be causing these symptoms, you can eliminate these foods and products from your pet’s diet, environment and skin care products.  Your dog or cat can then heal since their immune system will no longer react to these sensitivities.  Your cat or dog’s body can then heal itself and become symptom free.

Ucari Pet Intolerance Test Kit is the most comprehensive, all-inclusive intolerance testing kit for pets.  It gives pet owners the answers needed to help pets live their happiest, most active lifestyle.

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It includes not only testing for food sensitivities, but also includes environmental items, pet care product sensitivities and nutritional imbalances.

·        No Needles or Paw Pricks

·        No Vet Visits or Vet Fees

·        No Waiting Rooms

·        No Additional Costs

UCARI Pet Intolerance Test Kit tests for food and environmental sensitivities, as well as nutritional imbalances and skin sensitivities.

How Does Ucari Pet Sensitivity and Intolerance Testing Work?


Ucari Pet Intolerance Test uses bioresonance as a testing technology.  Bioresonance is a machine that measures the electromagnet signals that come from a hair sample.  It compares the signals to the frequencies of items in the  
machine’s database.

Ucari uses a hair sample rather than saliva or blood because it is easy and non-invasive to collect the sample. 
Plus, a hair sample is not affected by recently consumed foods, medications, etc.  And it is very easy to ship and store.

The hair sample covers over 1000 potential offenders.  It shows more than 350 potential food intolerances, over 300 environmental intolerances, more than 400 potential nutritional imbalances, and over 100 pet care product ingredient intolerances.

The food intolerance test results include proteins, dairy, grains, fruits & vegetables, and food additives. Environmental intolerance test results include plants & grass, pollens, heavy metals, and chemicals. Nutritional imbalances, it checks for Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and fatty acids are tested to find nutritional imbalances.  And ingredients found in products such as shampoos and conditioners are tested in the skin sensitivities area.

  •   Cutting-edge testing technology
  •   Free and fast test shipping
  •   Non-invasive sample collection
  •   No needles & no vet or lab visits
  •   Covers over 1000 offenders
  •   Test performed in a USA-based lab
  •   Fast turnaround time (24-48 hours)
  •   Personalized, color-coded results
  •   Actionable nutrition reboot
  •   Budget-friendly price tag
  •   No additional fees and costs
  •   Access to lifelong wellness tools

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Tells how UCARI Pet Intolerance Test Kit works.

Find Out What Intolerances Could be Causing Problems for your pet.

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