Dogs may not be as complex as humans, but they surely have a set of emotions unmatched in other animals. Dogs have an innate quality to react to humans in certain situations. They may not have a sense of higher emotions such as contempt or spite, shame and revenge, but are expressive in their unique ways.

Dogs are the most trusted of pets and it is but natural to talk about their body language when they are happy or sad, relieved or frustrated. Fear also is an apparent emotion that is seen a lot in dogs. They react to cuddles and grooming etiquette taught by their owners.

Dog body language
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How these animals react is often directly related to what they see in the household they are in. Of course it is not true that pets will show direct emotion so nakedly, but you will observe certain tendencies that indicate their special feelings easily.

Here are certain typical denominators that can be observed wordlessly and convey a lot about the state of a pet’s mind.

1. If your dog wags his tail and licks your face and hand, he or she is happy to have you near it. Canine joy is best shown when a dog wags his tail from side to side or even in circles. If the mouth is a little open and your dog is showing some teeth, it could be really happy.

2. If the gaze is intensely focused and piercing, your dog may be perking up its attention radar. It is probably showing some alertness with its ears erect. If it stands in an upright position and on all fours, it surely is anxious about something strange, maybe a presence of someone unknown or even a smell and a noise. The tail also gets rigid and becomes stationery.

Dog Behaviour
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3. If your dog is excited, it will shift all its weight to its rear legs and allow the dog to be ready to dive at you the instant it sees you. This is commonly seen in dogs who have not seen their owners in a while or is just plain excited at the bringing in of food. Tail and held up high and all ears up, a dog often jump on you if you have its favorite toy – this explains friendship and friendly affection.

4. If a dog sways on its body from one side to another, it may be in a really bouncy mood. Playfulness in dogs is best expressed when a dog is all energetic and stretches from one side to another. Nuzzling from ear to ear, dogs also give on a chase for its master. This is indicative of its willingness to play.

5. Finally, if a dog is hiding behind a desk or even cowering under its master, it may be afraid of something. These animals shrink in size when they are scared.

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