Animal Wash

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***Suffocates and Repels ticks, fleas, lice, mites, and mosquitoes.
***Heals hot spots.
***Relieves itching.
***Removes dander.
***Can also be used for human lice infestations.

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Jeani’s GreenMax Pro Animal Wash

GreenMaxPro Animal Wash

***Suffocates and Repels ticks, fleas, lice, mites, and mosquitoes.
***Heals hot spots.
***Relieves itching.
***Removes dander.
***Can also be used for human lice infestations.

GreenMax Pro Animal Wash is so effective because it balances the ph of the skin.

The Animal Wash is formulated with different proportions than the GreenMax Pro Cleaner Concentrate.  So the Animal Wash cannot be made from the Concentrate.
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18oz Bottle

GreenMax Pro Animal Wash Ingredients:

*Tea Tree
*Grapefruit Seed Extract

GreenMax Pro Animal Wash Testimonials:

Just great, Jeani!

Hope you’re selling gallons of your excellent green soup!  I’m so fond of it I wouldn’t like to take a shower without it.  It works all over, but in a funny way I think I like best the way it washes my hair (what’s left of it), leaving it clean as a whistle and yet never, ever dry.

My son likes it (he’s not a little guy but still living at home for the time being), but he felt it was too fluid to use.  I can see what he means, but I have a way of working with it.  I find it’s best for me to squirt some in my HAIR, first, and really work it into a lather; then, I ‘steal’ some from my head and use it on the rest of me.  If I run out of lather, I repeat the process.  I also like to just turn the shower off and ‘soap up’ (even though it isn’t soap, and that’s what I love about it) with Green Max, getting all the, er, important areas!  Then I just turn the shower back on and rinse off thoroughly, and I’m done.  Saves water, too, which is important now here in California as we’re having a horrible drought.   I also don’t waste my Green Max and it easily does the job.  Just pouring the Body Wash all over yourself is a waste of its effectiveness.  I probably don’t use much more than a tablespoonful or so, per trip to the shower.  If anybody ever complains (not that I would know) that the Body Wash is too thin, pass these suggestions on to them if you like.

BTW, I love the Pet Wash version, and use it on all three of our dogs.  I usually just take one into the shower with me and give him the works!  Their coats are always wonderfully clean and fresh-smelling with Green Max, and wind up feeling soft and moisturized.  There too, I like to get ’em wet, turn OFF the shower spray, and lather them up with a few good squirts of Green Max.  I REALLY work it in quite a bit.  I find that after working it for maybe a minute I begin to actually feel the grit deep in their coats starting to float outwards to the surface.  So it’s not a process you want to rush with.  I turn the shower back on (always just ‘warm’ for dogs) and get ’em thoroughly rinsed, and then towel ’em off before they escape!


HI Jeani,
I just wanted to tell you that I love your product!  the dog shampoo is DA-BOMB!  I had to put my old dog down this week, her last couple of months were so much more comfortable because your shampoo.

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