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Laminine helps regenerate and repair aging, unhealthy or damaged cells. Nourishes the body’s stem cells which can then restore cells and organs back to their original healthy state

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What is Laminine?

Laminine is a totally unique product that can help reverse the degenerative decline of aging. It helps REGENERATE AGING CELLS while completely nourishing unhealthy cells, supporting their restoration to their original state.

Our bodies and the bodies of our pets have their own repair mechanism, the physical ability to REGENERATE CELLS, REPLACING our OWN DAMAGED CELLS. This repair mechanism is alive and well when we and our pets were younger, but falters as we age. LAMININE® UNLEASHES THIS POWERFUL REPAIR MECHANISM INSIDE ALL OF US, including our pets. It not only helps to keep our entire family healthy, but also helps them become physically, mentally and emotionally stronger.

It has three food ingredients that provide a full chain of 22 amino acids essential for cellular health:

Marine Protein Extracts

Plant Protein Extracts

An extract from a fertilized egg from an organically raised hen, taken at the exact hour on the ninth day of incubation, when the life creating potential inside the egg is at its maximum, just before the Stem Cells of the egg begin to form beaks, bones and feathers.

Why does Laminine work in the body? Why are people and animals getting such amazing results?

These are results that can be within days. People and pets that were depressed are no longer depressed. They sleep better. They have more energy. Their intestines work better. They digest better. Pain is reduced. A Broad Array of Benefits occur.

So, in a sense this operates as an Adaptogen. Laminine is not specific for any one problem. It’s pretty much good for all problems. The question is why? Why is it helping with so many different problems?

Here’s how it works.

Have you ever wondered how a child, a puppy, or a kitten physically develops at a dramatic rate? How does a young person exert so much energy and recover almost instantly? How is a child able to learn so quickly and how can they remember the so many details?

The answer lies in a compound that is essential in supporting embryonic development called Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF).

While FGF is readily available in the human placenta, its availability diminishes over time, and essentially vanishes as we age. Our bodies and the bodies of our pets become incapable of producing their own FGF, so it must be derived from the food supply.

All natural LAMININE® IS THE ONLY KNOWN SOURCE OF FGF in adults. The protein extract ingredients found in Laminine provide humans and our pets with these Fibroblast Growth Factors.

Fibroblast Growth Factor molecules act as signal molecules, or Protein chains that inform or tell dormant stem cells to reactivate in the body. Its Instructions are like a software program that instruct the stem cells that are dormant in the body, the stem cells that are attached to damaged areas in your body. If you have an injury in your shoulder, there are dormant stem cells attached there. Or if there is liver damage, there are dormant stem cells found in the liver. These stem cells are anywhere there has been some damage or degeneration. This not only includes physical trauma, it could also be damage due to gradual chemical or toxin damage to tissues. Anywhere you find those damaged tissues, you find stem cells.

Research credits FGF with improving neuron functions in the brain, increasing amino acids and peptides in the cells and assigning the proper STEM CELLS to RESTORE the BODY’S ORGANS BACK TO THEIR ORIGINAL STATE.

In layman terms, FGF REPROGRAMS ADULT STEM CELLS and amino acids in the body, which make up natural repair tools, to travel to the areas that need it most. Once there, these repair tools have the ability to integrate themselves with that particular body part. Their mission then becomes to REPAIR AND REGENERATE THE STEM CELLS AND TISSUE IN THAT LOCATION, WHEREVER IT IS IN THE BODY.

As long as the FGF is there, the body’s repair mechanisms can be instructed to facilitate the repair of whatever part of the body that needs the most rehabilitation. This explains why Laminine® has demonstrated a wide range of benefits for different people and animals in varying parts of the body.

But as we and our pets age, those stem cells become dormant. They are not active. They are no longer receiving instructions on what to do. These growth factors that are found in the fertile chicken egg that is about to become a full-blown chick are the instructions. There is an enormous amount of energy and information in these nucleic acids. So when you or your pets take Laminine, you are activating stem cells to repair and regenerate. It can be any area of the body. If there has been an injury; if there is exhaustion and the adrenals and thyroid are weak; if the immune system is weak; if there are skin or eyesight problems. Virtually any area in the body that needs help will be benefitted by taking Laminine.

If your pets (or you!) have health issues, arthritis pain, hip issues, lack of energy, depression, etc., try giving Laminine and see the difference it makes!

List of some of the Benefits Laminine provides:

Energy and Physical Strength

• Improves stamina and energy
• Enjoy faster post workout recovery
• Enhances muscle tone and strength
• Increases libido/sexual desire

Mental and Emotional Boost

• Stimulates natural DHEA production
• Aids in brain function and activity
• Improves focus
• Enhances overall sense of wellbeing

Sleep and Skin Improvement

• Promotes a more restful sleep
• Moderates the stress response
• Builds collagen for healthier skin
• Reduces signs of normal aging

Stress and Strain Relief

• Maintains healthy cortisol levels
• Regulates serotonin levels
• Reduces signs of mental stress
• Supports emotional balance

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30 Capsule Bottle


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