Life’s Essential Trace Minerals


Minerals are our body’s basic building blocks. Without ALL of the minerals present in our diet, NONE of the functions of the body can occur properly.

Life’s Essential Trace Minerals provide our bodies & our pets’ bodies with minerals & trace elements required for proper functioning and optimum health.

Every gene in our body and our pets’ bodies requires its own specific trace mineral to function properly.  Since our food no longer gives us good quality trace minerals, our bodies lack these essential minerals and become malnourished.  And when our bodies, or the bodies of our pets, are malnourished, we more easily become diseased or ill.  So we have to take matters into our own hands to make sure we get the proper trace minerals needed for optimal health.




Life’s Essential Trace Minerals

Why do we need to supplement with minerals?

Minerals are our body’s basic building blocks. Without ALL of the minerals present in our diet, NONE of the functions of the body can occur properly.

Unfortunately, we are not receiving the minerals we need.  Our soils are now depleted of minerals, so our food contains much less nutrition than it used to. On top of this, we consume processed foods and are surrounded by toxins that are in so many of our foods. So we are not receiving all of the nutritional requirements our bodies need in order to thrive and flourish.

Good nutrition is vital for good health.  Our bodies cannot manufacture minerals and trace elements that are required for proper functioning, and when our bodies are depleted of these essential nutrients, the long-term effects may lead to conditions associated with inadequate nutrition, such as chronic disease and illness.

Comparison of Life’s Essential Trace Minerals to other mineral products:


The minerals in Life’s Essential Trace Minerals were discovered by an atomic scientist in Japan.  He was trying to find a way to remove the radioactive isotopes remaining in the waters around Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan after the two atomic bombs struck the cities in 1945.  Interestingly, he discovered theses minerals while he was taking time off from his research.  He found a very healthy tree that was growing out of a crack in a granite boulder and wondered how this was possible when there was no soil.


Life's Essential Trace Minerals

The scientist discovered that the rain water that filled the crack had dissolved some  black mica.  The mica then nourished a seedling inside the crack.  This seedling had been put there by a bird who dropped the seed there while it flew over.  The scientist took samples of the black mica and water to his lab to analyze them. To his dismay, he found this mineral water removed radioactive isotopes from water.  Plus, it contained some of the richest minerals he had ever seen.

When researching for the source of these minerals, he discovered they were in streaks of black mica contained in granite boulders that were blown out of a volcano.  He also found out that certain processes deep in the earth produced a very rich source of concentrated minerals in liquid form.  These liquid minerals were much more powerful than the mineral water sample he had taken to his lab when he had investigated the mysterious growing tree.

This concentrated mineral liquid was crystal clear and was created naturally in volcanic regions.  In ancient times it was named the “Golden Elixir” because of its beautiful golden color.  Alchemists used to try to turn lead into gold.  This “Golden Elixir” travels along with the volcano’s magma and gets spewed into lakes, rivers, aquifers, ponds and other bodies of water.  Amazingly, this results in the purification of these bodies of water.

This natural phenomenon (purifying earth’s waters from pollution) has been occurring ever since the earth was created.  Unfortunately, over the last 100 years, humans have polluted our earth so much that the normal process of keeping our waters pure is no longer enough.  There is just too much pollution in our earth’s waters for the naturally occurring “Golden Elixir” to purify them.

The scientist said that God and His Angels revealed to him the processes that occurred in the earth when this “Golden Elixir” is produced.  So that he could make this “Golden Elixir” in his lab, he invented and patented a process and machinery where he could reproduce the earth’s natural processes. He searched all over the world for 20 years, looking for the richest source of black mica to use when making this form of very concentrated minerals.  It turned out that the richest form was found in his own “back yard.”

After the Chernobyl disaster occurred, the Russian government asked the scientist to bring his concentrated minerals to Russia to help clean up their contaminated radioactive waters.  These minerals worked so well that he was offered $400,000,000.00 for the exclusive rights to his patents.  He turned them down because he believed God gave him the secrets of making this miraculous mineral product for ALL human beings on this planet, and he did not want any one country to have control. Also, Russia, China and other countries tried to reverse engineer the making of these minerals, but no one has ever been successful in doing so. These minerals will help all forms of life on this planet: humans, plants, and animals.

The scientist gave the minerals to a cancer surgeon, Dr. Hisatake Nojima, M.D.  Dr. Nojima gave the minerals to his patients and ended up writing a book, “Mineral Deficiency and Illnesses.”  In his book, (which you can read by clicking this link) he claimed, “Mineral deficiency has been the cause of all of these modern day diseases and life style illnesses!!”  And he told how he was able to help over 50,000 cancer patients achieve complete remission from their cancer by using a protocol developed using these trace minerals.  He also stated, “… the chief cause of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, stroke, cardiac infraction, atopy, hay fever, etc. was from the deficiency of minerals called trace minerals.  He also stated, “…that many of the world’s current population lack these trace minerals, which are in fact necessary for maintaining a healthy body, and therefore ‘are’ suffering from a form of malnutrition.”

He felt it was very hard for the medical community to believe and understand how the same protocol of using these minerals would allow the body to heal itself of so many different illnesses when compared to traditional medicine that requires specific drugs for each different illness.

We believe that it is NOT the minerals which do the actual healing, but instead it is the body itself that does the healing through its own immune system.  The trace minerals simply help to restore the immune system and allow it to then heal our bodies.

Comparing Other Trace Mineral Concentrates to Life’s Essential Trace Minerals:

There are many products being marketed as minerals. But not very many are truly bio-available ionic trace minerals as our Life’s Essential Trace Minerals are.

Dr. Nijima likes to call our minerals “gene minerals”.  This is due to the face that  every gene in our body requires its own specific trace mineral to function properly.  Since our food no longer gives us good quality trace minerals, our bodies lack these essential minerals and become malnourished.  And when our bodies, or the bodies of our pets, are malnourished, we more easily become diseased or ill.  So we have to take matters into our own hands to make sure we get the proper trace minerals needed for optimal health.

Many mineral products are made from finely grinding up mineral rocks.  Unfortunately, these are not bio-available and cannot be absorbed by the body. They simply pass right through the body without providing any benefit at all.

Other mineral products may have some bio-available trace minerals, but the quality may be inferior, and they may contain a fewer variety of minerals.  Our trace minerals contain 80 or more trace minerals of the highest quality.  Plus, they are in liquid form which makes it easier to be absorbed by our bodies.

Remarkable Cellular Hydration Effects:

A human double blind placebo clinical study was conducted.  Results showed that water treated with our minerals had a 32% cellular hydration.  Water without having our minerals added only had a 3% cellular hydration.  Shockingly, the popular hydration drink, Gatorade has a mere 8% cellular hydration rate.

It was also proven that water with our minerals added to it is absorbed into the body from 2 ½ to 4 times faster than water without our minerals.  This is because  water with our minerals added becomes structured water.

What is Structured Water?

Regular water is made up of many H2O molecules that are connected together in either long strings or clusters of molecules.  When our minerals are added to regular water, these long strings or large clusters of molecules become broken up into small groups of only 6 H2O molecules connected in a hexagonal, 6-sided shape. It is much easier for a small 6-sided molecular structure to enter the body than for a large 24, 32 or larger molecular structure to do so.

The mineral water produced from these trace minerals found by the atomic scientist in Japan is the only mineral water I know of that can transform regular water into structured water (also called hexagonal water).

When structuring occurs, toxins stored in liquid form inside these large clusters or strings of H2O molecules are released from containment. Due to the minerals added to the water, along with the oxygen that is created in the mineralized water, an agglutination process takes place.  The released toxins solidify into tiny specs. These specs then come together and form larger specs in a process called flocculation.  A chemical change then takes place that causes these larger specs to “burn up” and fall to the bottom in the form of ashes.  These ashes are now completely inert and are no longer harmful to the human body.

This same process that happens to water outside the body, also happens inside the body when we or are pets swallow this mineralized water.  Thus, our drinking water becomes purified, and our bodies and our pets’ bodies are detoxified (or rid of toxins) by this same structured water.  In addition, drinking this structured water also causes increased conductivity, so electrical communication that takes place within the body is much better.

I know of no other mineral product that can do what our mineral product can do.


Drinking Water Directions (Treated Water):

Add 1 teaspoon of Life’s Essential Trace Minerals to 1 gallon (128 fl. oz.) of water.  If using tap wat

er and it is not very pure, then add up to 2 teaspoons of Life’s Essential Trace Minerals to 1 gallon of water.  Shake or stir for 30 seconds to thoroughly mix the solution. If the tap water has been treated with chlorine, let sit at least over-night (24 hours is best) with the container uncovered to allow the chlorine gas to escape off the top. Otherwise, you will have a heavy chlorine smell when opening the covered top.  You will probably notice a yellow precipitate on the bottom of the water container.  This is normal as the water treated by the Life’s Essential Trace Minerals causes most of the heavy metals, mercury, fluoride, bacteria, e. coli, coliforms and other harmful contaminates to solidify and fall to the bottom.  These are inert substances that are no longer water soluble and are thus harmless.  If swallowed, they will just past right on through the body as they can no longer be absorbed by the body.

Add 5 drops of Life’s Essential Trace Minerals to 8 fl. oz. of water or 8 drops to 12 fl. oz. of water. You may also add like amounts to juices, tea, smoothies or other water based drinks.

Booster Drink Directions – (Boosters are an off label use. Seek medical advice for concerns.)

The amount of Life’s Essential Trace Minerals used in making a Booster Drink is determined by the body weight of the person drinking the Booster.  Use 1 teaspoon per hundred pounds of body weight mixed in 8 to 12 fl. oz. of treated water.  For example, a person weighing 100 lbs would mix 1 teaspoon of Life’s Essential Trace Minerals into 8 to 12 fl. oz. of treated water.  A person weighing 150 lbs would mix 1.5 teaspoons of Life’s Essential Trace Minerals in 8 to 12 fl. oz. of treated water.  A 200 lb person would mix 2 teaspoons of Life’s Essential Trace Minerals into 8 to 12 fl. oz. of treated water, and so on.  Some people think the Booster Drink tastes a little sour like lemons, but most have no problem at all swallowing them right down.  The more water you use in making it, the less it will taste like lemons.

The Booster Drink should be taken first thing in the morning before drinking or eating anything at all.  It should be immediately followed by drinking as much treated water as you can comfortably drink (8, 10 or 12 fl. oz. or more).  Also, drink as much treated water as you can throughout the day as well.  Your goal should be to drink up to 1 gallon of treated water per day.  The Booster Drink may be taken as long as you want to kick-start your results.  Most people take them for 1 or 2 weeks or even up to 30 days.  Some people even take them a second time in the day.  If you take a second one in one day, be sure to take it 2 hours or more before bedtime so you can have enough time to drink plenty of treated w

ater afterwards to flush it through your body.  Drinking this much water will cause you to go to the bathroom more often, which is a very good thing.  The more you go, the more toxins are removed from your body.  It is recommended not to eat anything and not to drink anything (other than the treated water) for at least 15 minutes following your drinking the Booster Drink.

Just remember that your body may go through a detoxification so you could feel bad before you feel better.  Most people feel better right away, but it’s possible that you could develop a headache.  So if you feel discomfort, reduce the amount of Life’s Essential Trace Minerals in the Booster Drink or stop them altogether, but keep on drinking the treated water if possible.  The more you drink, the faster your results will become evident.

Note: If you are on any medications. make sure to take your Booster Drink at least 15 minutes prior to taking your medication.

Preparing Food with Super Mineral Water

When cleaning fruits or vegetables before eating, use Life’s Essential Trace Minerals treated drinking water to soak/wash/rinse your food before using them in your food preparation. This will insure that they will be as free of contaminates as possible.  You can also use the treated drinking water in place of regular water when making soups or other dishes requiring the addition of water.


Treating Burns, Sunburn, Bee Stings, Insect Bites, Cuts and Bruises with Life’s Essential Trace Minerals

If you encounter any of the above maladies, you can dab some Life’s Essential Trace Minerals full strength on the area. For severe burns and open wounds, you will want to dilute the Life’s Essential Trace Minerals or even just use the treated drinking water to soothe the area.  Some burning sensations may occur, especially on the more severe wounds as they are more tender.  The burning sensations will go away shortly.  Note: the misting bottle spray may also be used as a natural sun screen product and as an insect repellent.

Hydrating Your Skin

Purchase a spray or misting bottle. Use distilled water for your hyd

rating mist … 5 drops minerals per 8 oz of distilled water.  Spray on your body and especially on your face, neck and chest and directly on skin problem areas. Helps with blemishes, and can be sprayed directly in or around your eyes for eye issues. Do not dry off.  Let the water absorb and evaporate into your skin.

Hot Tub Water Treatment

Depending on the size of your hot tub, add 1 teaspoon of Life’s Essential Trace Minerals for every gallon of water in your hot tub, just as you would when making treated drinking water.  Turn on your hot tub and let run for 1 minute to mix your Life’s Essential Trace Minerals throughout your hot tub pump and piping.  If possible, leave the cover off your hot tub for 24 hours to allow any residual chlorine to be removed by escaping into the air in a gas form.  It may not be pleasant to use the hot tub during this time since the smell could be unpleasant.  Do not add any other typical hot tub water treatment as it will no longer be necessary.  This Life’s Essential Trace Minerals treatment of your hot tub water will last for up to 8 months, keeping your hot tub water clean and free of contaminants without the use of any harsh chemicals. Now every time you use your hot tub, it will leave your skin feeling silky smooth and will speed up the process of clearing your skin of unwanted blemishes.

Bath Tub Water Treatment

Depending on the size of your bath tub, add 3 to 5 Tablespoons (9 to 15 teaspoons) of Life’s Essential Trace Minerals to your bath water.  Thoroughly stir the water with your hand before stepping into the tub.  Have a paper or plastic cup handy so you can use it to pour the bath water over the parts of your body that are not under the water.  This way, you do not have to fill the tub all the way up, thus saving hot water and energy.  It is best if you can plan your bath time so that you can spend ½ hour or more just soaking and relaxing in the bath tub.  You will find that taking a bath in the Life’s Essential Trace Minerals treated bath water will leave your skin feeling silky smooth and will speed up the process of clearing your skin of unwanted blemishes.

Showering Use of Super Mineral Water

Especially if the water you are showering with has been treated with chlorine or even fluoride, you may wish to help neutralize the bad effects on your skin by using Life’s Essential Trace Minerals in the following way: Purchase a spray or misting bottle (plastic) and put in some of the Life’s Essential Trace Minerals treated drinking water. You may wish to add 2 or 3 more drops of Life’s Essential Trace Minerals to make it a little more concentrated.  Following your regular shower, stay in the shower and use your wrung out washcloth to remove most of the drops of water left on your skin.  Before toweling dry, spray or mist your body all over with your plastic spray/mist bottle.  Use your hands to rub this moisture all over your skin.  This will help to rid your skin of the residual chlorine or fluoride and will assist the skin in clearing up any unwanted blemishes.  Now you can towel dry feeling truly clean and refreshed.

Hydrating and Watering your House Plants:

In a spray bottle, add 5 drops per 8 oz of water.  Spray the leaves and stems of your house plants.

Water with Life’s Essential Trace Minerals a couple of times a month.  Your plants will flourish.


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