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Do you need help choosing a pet food that will keep your pet healthy and lessen the chances of costly vet visits?

Hello.  My name is Deena Caruso, and my husband, Bob, and I are avid animal lovers. We started our business, Healthy Food for Pets, after seeing the difference that high quality food made.  (See our story below.)   We decided to share pet care information and provide Life’s Abundance pet products after many weeks of research and seeing the difference it made in the health of our two dogs and cat.

Why Feed Life’s Abundance Pet Food to Your Pup or Kitty?

I spent months researching pet food ingredients, learning what pets must have to remain in optimal health – and learning what must not be included in pet food.  Below is a brief summary of what I have learned and why I feed Life’s Abundance pet food to my own pets and recommend it to others.

Ingredients in Pet Foods:

Unfortunately, most of the foods found in pet stores contain these ingredients that can cause health issues:  (byproducts, artificial flavors and colors, wheat and wheat gluten, corn and corn gluten, soy, genetically modified foods, and the list goes on and on.

Plus, foods found in stores are generally not fresh.  They are designed to last between 18 – 36 months (that is, between 1-1/2 – 3 years!!!)  I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t want to eat ANYTHING that is that old as I know there has to be chemical preservatives in it to make it last for that length of time.  And I don’t want my pets eating it either. How nutritious can it be?

In comparison, Life’s Abundance pet food is always very fresh because there is no middle man, and it is not sold through chain stores.  In fact, they make small frequent batches of food to ensure freshness.  Most food is delivered before the food is even 6 weeks old, and it is shipped directly to your door.  You can smell the freshness when you open the bag.

APHIS Certified:

Also, Life’s Abundance pet products only contain human quality ingredients.  They even have an APHIS (Aninal Plant Health Inspection Services – a division of the USDA) European certification.  Any pet food shipped to Europe has to have this certification that requires all ingredients to be of human grade/quality.  Life’s Abundance does not ship to Europe, but they go to this trouble of obtaining this certification to prove to customers the quality of ingredients.

 NO Recalls in the History of the Company

With all the pet food recalls over the past years and all of the dogs and cats that became ill or died, the fact that Life’s Abundance, which has been in business for over 25 years, has NEVER had a recall on any of their products proves just how safe it is.  With most other pet foods, once the product leaves the manufacturer, they have no control as to how safely the pet food is warehoused, if it is subjected to pesticides, rodents, and/or extreme heat.  The Petco warehouse problem in 2008 is the perfect example of what can go wrong.

Life’s Abundance, on the other hand, has several warehouses throughout the US.  All pest control is done outside the warehouses and products are shipped directly from these controlled warehouses to customer’s front doors.  This completely removes the risk from unknown warehouse conditions.

How Life’s Abundance Pet Food helped our pets:

One of our dogs, Larry, could barely stand at times due to severe arthritis caused by an ineffective knee surgery. A friend told us about the Agility Formula made by Life’s Abundance.  The improvements in Larry’s mobility were amazing. We were able to stop giving the Rimadyl pain medication, which was causing liver problems. Larry continued to improve and was able to run again.

Our other dog, Moe, and our cat, Curly, suffered from food allergies. We were constantly taking Moe to the vet due to his bleeding hot spots, and we were concerned about all of the antibiotics and steroid shots that he was receiving. Plus, after each round of antibiotics and steroid shots, he would improve for a short amount of time, and then the hot spots would return to an even more severe state than they had been before receiving these medical treatments.

We were also concerned about Curly, who had been losing her hair and was practically bald on one side of her body. After one month of eating Life’s Abundance healthy pet food free of harmful chemicals, Moe’s hot spots cleared up. Also, Curly’s hair slowly grew back within about three months.  Moe never had another episode of hot spots, and Curly’s coat continued to be healthy, shiny, and thick.

Final Thoughts

We at Healthy Food for Pets are passionate about pet health and are dedicated to offering only high-quality holistic pet care products that enhance the health of animals. In addition to Life’s Abundance pet food, we provide outstanding treats, supplements, herbal & homeopathic remedies, natural flea remedies, parasite prevention, probiotics & digestive enzymes, skin & coat products, grooming supplies, and much more! We strive to provide the very best customer service possible as we care about the health of your pet(s). Plus, we treat people how we want to be treated – with a personal touch.

In short, your pet’s health and well-being are our top priority!



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